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An informational pamphlet provided free of charge to all citizes of Equestria who may be considering breeding with a member of a different sentient species, to let them know their options.

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Hah, nice lil' read.
Great job.

Interesting. Sensibly explained. But why can Advocates only do so once?

And I always wonder about what other sentient species exist in the world of MLP. Goats were seen talking in the Sisterhooves Social episode and other writers operate on the assumption that other four legged-hoofed creatures (deer, pronghorns, antelopes, etc.) are capable of speech and intelligence.

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Well. I, and my Zebra partner, found that very informative. :raritywink:

Seriously, great work. I would have never imagened to see something like this. Inventive, and informative! :raritystarry:

Granted, it had issues. :twilightsheepish: Just a few spelling errors, nothing major. And seeing as i'm lacking my sonic fine-tooth comb at this second, I can't find any except the Polygamy spelling issue. It's to be excepted though, great work still!

Look forward to more!

-The Librarian

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Epic heacannon is epic

#7 · Dec 26th, 2011 · · ·

87919 * headcannon


Plygamy is the general term for multiple spouses, literally meaning "Many marriages." There are more specialized terms. "Polygyny" means "Many women" while "polyandry" means "many men." More or less. I was showing the specificities of the named cultures.


It's a cutoff mechanism, to prevent "professional advocates" from doing so for potentially immporal or unethical purposes.


World building is one of my passions. And when I find an absent bit, I fill it. Mostly because I wanted to have the potential of Braeburn and Little Strongheart having children.

You used the term Sentient instead of Sapient.



I know. Technically it should have been both. Can you be sapient without being sentient?

This is a very informative piece about how your version of the world works, though your rules do kind of screw over Spike if he had any chance at all.

Sapient just seems like a strange word to apply to ponies and the other races, though as far as I know, you can be sentient without being sapient, but not vice versa.

This was wonderful to read and slots in beautifully with other fanon works. Section one has a typo in that it says hybritization instead of hybridization.

Definitely a worthwhile read and lovely stuff. do you think you'll update it if and when we discover other sentient species?:pinkiesmile:


I considered it, but I've referenced these numbers and rules in other stories (And that sort of makes me sad, because there's a big elephant in the room: Filly Foolers and reproduction. The clear implicating Is artficial insemination, but I wish I could will myself to just handwave "magic babies; it totally happens."

470213 *nods sympathetically* Would it be worth perhaps doing a story about filly-foolers and more clearly iron out how it all works? Or just do one story and have an alt ending? :twilightsheepish:


There's nothing much to alter. Either Filly Foolers have always needs unicorns to futa one of the ladies or not every Filly Fooler couple has children that are blood related to both (Not every lady has brothers.)

Very interesting idea and well written.

that was very informative. :pinkiesmile:


I love to build worlds and that requires a lot of details like this.

What a coincidence, I love very detailed, and usually, fairly complex worlds in the stories I read.

This is world building at its best. Despite the "pamphlet's" age in the fandom, I'd consider it nearly canon in the approach and attitude to a very non-canon subject. Well done and good show, GL!

So thanks for that.


Thank you very much!

I wish I could make an updated version but the format is no longer allowed; this is merely grandfathered in. I need to add Changelings, modify dragons to give the possibility of mare/dragon relations. Plus a big list of the hybrids that are actually extant. Some are possible but just never happened.

Excellent world-building.


Many thanks. I enjoy world building quite a bit.

As do I. My only problem is keeping my muse going long enough to expand. I do have an Idea how to cheat a little in that regard though. I'll basically make all of my works, fanfiction and original, a giant, world hopping crossover due to reality jumping magic found by an MLP OC of mine.

This is a great idea, very much in line with Equestrian cultural values and the existence of the various sapient species. The only problem that jumps out at me is the use of "filly fooler" and "colt cuddler" in an official document. I understand that "gay" and/or "lesbian" may not make sense to use in an Equestrian setting, but "fillyfooler" and "colt-cuddler" have always struck me as sounding much more like slurs than generally accepted terms for those of homosexual preference. If you need alternative terminology, you could always simply use "homosexual" ("homosexuals", "sapients in a homosexual relationship", etc.)- it sounds about as formal as "polygyny" or "polyandry" and is technically correct regardless of species.


Official documentations, in my headcanon, have at least some connection to the common language where the less formal term is simply used all the time, without malice. It's that sort of things, where the government doesn't just drop dry technical terms as though they are completely separate from the population.

2750696 This isn't just the less formal term, though- in my experience of the term's use in fiction, saying "fillyfooler" isn't like saying "lesbian", it's like saying "dyke". Same with "colt-cuddler"- it's not pony-speak for "gay man", it's pony-speak for "faggot". These are slurs.


Not in this universe. Proof is shown when Granny Smith says it with pride about Applejack (mare/mare pairs are respected.) The Colt Cuddler term has bee. Redeemed as seen by the government's "Cuddle Up!" campaign (See "Pony PSAs and Ad Spots.")

88871 No, but an animal can be sentient without being sapient. As in, all animals that are between sponges and us.

Sentient: One who feels.
Sapient: One who knows. Mostly, that applies to abstract thought and higher cognitive phenomena.

Author Interviewer

This wasn't as gross as I thought it would be. :V

Look forward to my review in the next few days.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That is a major pet peeve of mine, and you are awesome for correcting it before I had to.


Thank you so much! I consider this compliment especially meaningful considering the age of the work and the lack of certain other things like a list of hybrids and the inclusion of Changelings.

After reading the comments, I must say that I am happy to see someone who is actively communicating with the fanbase on such an old work of theirs.


I'm always glad to talk to fans, no matter the age of the work.

And that is something you don't normally see with other authors, but it is good to see one like yourself doing it.

On a side note, is there any chance that we may see an addition of changelings to this in the future?


The is grandfathered in; the format is now against posting rules. I'm not sure if I can make such extensive changes. if i can I will, even if few will notice it.

Comment posted by gwarrior2013 deleted Sep 16th, 2013

Q. I am a female pony currently engaged in a relationship with a male dragon. Can I apply for Hybridization?

A. Because of medical complications involved in the later birth process, females of all non-dragon species are discouraged from engaging in Hybridization with dragons.

Aaaaaaand you lost a fav and like right there.

That's probably because dragons are reptiles and lay eggs. It might be like trying to pass a bowling ball, and if you survive, you goota wait for it to hatch. Just thinking.

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