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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5


A simple glimpse into Big Macintosh growing up, growing old, and moving forward.


This story was written for a contest in the Quills and Sofa's Speed Writing group. Stop in some time and check us out! (unless the blinds are pulled then you need the secret phrase to get a peek)
Contest #74: Dictionary of Thoughts #1 - 9/15/20
Prompt: Pleasure
Quote: "The seeds of repentance are sown in youth by pleasure, but the harvest is reaped in age by suffering."
It got 1st place, so woo!

Special thanks to Holt and Wish for pre-reading and editing, as well as the others in the contest for the kind words.
Art is by sb. Watch your filters, content warning on a lot of their newer art. Used without permission so any issues yell at me.

CONTENT WARNING! Involves season 9, for you people who can't handle the truth.

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Helpful hint. Next time, don't write about Season 9, especially not Twilight's new predicament.

And then, one day, Father and Mother didn’t come home. The Everfree was unforgiving when it was hungry, and only small traces of their wagon were found inside those cursed woods.

So... Is the implication that they died on the pie-delivering route shown in "Somepony to Watch Over Me"?

Also, I like the idea of ponies inventing TVs post-series... And more importantly, how beautifully you covered so many years in a short amount of words.

Glad i talked to my folks today. I'd have rung them up after this.

Or at the very least mark stories that are set in season 9. I personally don't like season 9 and prefer to not read stories about it.

I enjoyed the story, but I am kind of baffled by why it's tagged "Tragedy". Are the tag and the quote in the description meant to set up an expectation in the reader that things will go particularly badly, so that the reader is then pleasantly surprised?
Well, it did work in my case, if so. :) (Though, to be clear, I think the story would have worked fine for me without that too.)

I don't see the issue with writing about S9? And as far as I know it's not a requirement to tag what seasons it is set before/after, unless there's a specific reason such as alternate universe stories. So, as such, "a helpful hint" to not do something, isn't very helpful... or a hint.


So... Is the implication that they died on the pie-delivering route shown in "Somepony to Watch Over Me"?

I wanted it sort of open to the idea of that, or really any other reason why they'd travel out there. Also, thanks, glad you liked the TV idea and such.

It's very easy to take them for granted...

The fact Fimmy Fic has not seen the need to have a "Season X" filter on the site indicates that it's not been an issue. However, adding such tags would not be an issue, but by now most have seen the finale/S9, so all bets are off.


but I am kind of baffled by why it's tagged "Tragedy".

So this might be mis-tagging on my end. I don't write the genera often, but I thought it was correct. Should I just change it out for Romance? Or drop it outright?

I'm afraid I'm not sure, but it seems, at least to me now (though, disclaimer, I'm in a hurry and somewhat hungry) that the story would work fine with just Slice of Life and Sad. (On my end, the genre's a minority of what I read.)
What made you think the Tragedy tag would be appropriate, if you don't mind me asking? A philosophical viewpoint?

10626859 I think Mixmaster is a troll. They have a reputation here and on Equestria Daily.


What made you think the Tragedy tag would be appropriate, if you don't mind me asking? A philosophical viewpoint?

Honestly, I just figured the mention of so many bad things, but I'm horrible at tags so I think I'll just drop it. Thanks for the input.

Honestly, I knew that, but I wasn't looking at their name at the time so I responded. That being said, I still stand by what I said so they can suck an egg for all I care. Anyway, thanks for the comment, and reminding me to pay better attention lol.

That is understandable, but most people having seen the series finale doesn't mean that everyone liked it. I come to ponies for escapism, and in that escapism, I have my own headcannons that didn't really comply with the end of the show. I'm not trying to push that on everyone else, it's just that I don't want to see or acknowledge any of it, and if there was a tag on stories that are based off season 9, then that would make it easier for me to avoid them. Kind of like how there is a tag for Equestria Girls.

I didn't mean to derail your comment section. Sorry about that.

Helpful hint: Don't complain about a story just because it's set during or after Season 9. Try judging it by its own merits.

He never truly understood what his father always meant about Big Mac and his sisters all being a blessing until he and Belle had their first foal. Any after that were simply expected, the very idea of losing one was never in his mind. Pleasurable to make them, and a pleasure to have them in their lives.

I don’t get it.

They would never try for a fourth, as the pain of losing Annie was too great on both of them. Even greater than when they lost Granny Smith shortly after their first foal’s birth. She knew he’d be a strong colt like his father, and his grandfather, and his great grandfather.

Wait, who’s his great grandfather?

Like he had, oh so many years ago. Like his own father had when he was a young colt with Big Mac’s grandpappy, who the only memory he had was the smell of his bourbon barrel cologne that was still in the bathroom cupboard to this day.

His grandpappy was that pear guy, right?

Big Macintosh Apple had had a lot of pleasure in his life. Growing, working, loving, all in his time of youth. He was still a hard worker. Day in, day out. Big Sugar, his colt, now a fine young stallion, stayed on the farm to work. Their daughter, Lasso, traveled with Apple Bloom, helping ponies with their cutie marks and destinies all around Equestria, and beyond.

That’s interesting

Once a stallion, twice a colt as the old saying goes.

What does that mean?

It would only be another year, and Sugar Mac would bury his father beside his mother. Pappy Mac had told them about how they never found their grandparents, what had become of them. This was a blessing, that they were able to say goodbye, and lay them to rest.

Who’s Sugar Mac?

Except that Equestria Girls is kind of its separate thing. They're not gonna split up the seasons into individual tags because they're all under the same show.

I understand people not liking particular aspects of the show, I mean, we have a lot of people who protest S3 and alicorn Twilight. But to me, all that's doing is hurting people's creativity and imagination, just saying "wow I don't like this so I'm gonna ignore the rest of the show". Personally, I'm not a fan of the student six, but I still recognize they exist, I mean, what else should I do? Be dumb and blind and ignore them, even when they're in my face? Ignorance can only go so far, and then you have to face up to reality.

But whatever, is what it is. I'm not telling people what they should or shouldn't like, just that when someone says I should tag something so insignificant at this point it really peeves me off. :fluttercry: I'm sorry Flutters...

Ah, righto, and you're welcome. :)
(But yeah, they didn't feel like the right... kind of bad things for Tragedy, and/or the way they were presented didn't match, I think. I'm not sure how to describe it either, exactly; sorry.)

Comment posted by Enonnnymous deleted March 17th


I don’t get it.

Some people take having children for granted, so it was always a "blessing" that you were able to have a child, and it survived long enough to grow up.

Wait, who’s his great grandfather?

I dunno. It's just in reference to family.

His grandpappy was that pear guy, right?

It depends on which one is being talked about. I left it loose ended so you could decide if it was Grand Pear or maybe Granny's departed husband who's never been named.

That’s interesting

I'm glad you thought so.

What does that mean?

It's a pony-ism of the expression "once a man, twice a child", which implies how helpless and watched over children would be, then they'd grow up and be an adult, but then as they aged into their twilight years they once again needed help and watching over.

Who’s Sugar Mac?

He is, apparently according to the MLP Wiki, the name of Big Mac and Sugar Belle's son from the S9 finalle.

I understand you weren't attacking, so all is okay. I was actually more peeved off (why am I spoilering that word?) at other stuff, and seeing the comments about marking or warning about spoilers or even stuff that's happened over a year ago in the show. I will, however, keep that in mind that there is a large base of people who are against S9, much like the S3 people, so for the future I'll try to remember to tag as such (if it's heavily implied).

How many children do they have? When I was reading the story I think I counted 3.

Canon wise in the show, we are only shown one. I added two more, although one of them died at birth.

Ohh. Also, how were you able to cover that up?

Above the comment box, where you type, is a list of options for said text. One is SP, for spoiler. Make sure whatever you want covered is between the brackets and bam!

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