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It's 'Hearts and Hooves Day' at Twilight's School of Friendship and the rest of Ponyville. The Young Student Six decide to try and celebrate this pony holiday with each others. This leads the young six (Silverstream,Yona, Sandbar, Gallus, Ocellus, and Smolder) to different adventures and high-jinxs together. Yona and Sandbar's family meet each other at the bowling alley where things get out of control. Silverstream recruits Gallus to help her solve a mystery. Ocellus and Smolder try their hand at causing some mischief. While Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash are back to challenging each other. Hoping that they can all make it through the day.

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Great work so far. Keep it coming!

Really? You couldn't just combined this and chapter 2 together?

one reason I wanted to keep it separate, was because I wanted to introduce each of the Student Six with each chime of the bell tower. I might have also been drunk... or high.... or both; part of my writing method. Besides, Joe Hill's opening chapter to Horns was like two sentences. I guess writers write to what feels right

Than maybe it would have been best to change the title from Chapter 1 to Prologue

Sorry, but cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Aww this was an adorable time for Smolder & Ocellus, great work there!πŸ˜€πŸ’–

Well, it's over. But all good things must come to an end.

Loved it from the beginning right down to the end, and it felt like an actual episode. Great job having all of the story arcs intertwine with one another. Look forward to seeing more stories from you!

have to agree, but i also feel that there was so much more that could have been done with the concept

I guess. I wouldn't have minded some more.

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The sun slowly rises on the town of Ponyville. Every pony, either unicorn, pegasuses, or earth ponies still sleep comfortably in their beds. The first few rays of light start at the top of Princess Twilight's castle. The crystal formed castle absorbs and reflects the rays outward, making everything sparkle and shine.


I love the ending part though, I was thinking of the Three Stooges gag; you know, the one they said: β€œβ€You missed me. Eehh!” *splat*

That’ll be hilarious.

I thank you for your comment and input. If you like messed up, out of place comedy? You might enjoy the new story I'm writing: The Princesses' Brother.

I’ll look forward to that.

Love ya from the Philippines!


And then it begins.

Young Six start their respective H&H day.

Least they are not asking their respective girlfriend some sugar.

Fluttershy does it again!

Sandbar is a lucky pony.

Ocellus is going to learn the hard way.

They do make the cute couple.

You know about Spike and Gabby's fast relationship growing?

Thank you so much for all the good comments.

I agree. Renaming it to Prologue makes a lot of sense.

Well today is Hearts and Hooves Day and something tells me this day is going to get very busy and crazy

Well it looks like the day and starting to begin and I do like the way how the kids are getting ready for the holidays of their own ways so this will be very interesting how these kids are going to do for the Hearts and Hooves Day

"What?!" Gallus said, wanting to sound shocked and surprised. "What makes you think I have any intentions on asking Silverstream out on a date, or whatever? We're just terrific friends. That's all it is."

Of course try to play cool huh gallus lol

"Gotcha." Sandbar said. Brushing his teeth till foaming out the mouth. Sandbar spits in the sink and rinses his mouth out. "I have a feeling that everything is going to go great today."

Ohhh when you say something like that that means things are going to get very crazy this Hearts and Hooves Day

So it looks like the kids are getting ready for Hearts and Hooves Day of course silverstream is pretty excited to celebrate this holiday yona and sandbar are spending together with each other and even having their parents meet each other hopefully this will go well for them and apparently smolder and Ocellus don't have any special today well maybe soon and gallus has started to get nervous to ask silverstream to be his special some creature which little does he not know silverstream actually also have a feeling for him as well well then this should be very interesting Hearts and Hooves Day and Valentine's Day story for them 😊

"Oh, no," said Rainbow Dash, looking at the gift she has received. The contents contained inside the gift box was a chocolate sculpture of Zephyr Breeze. The pegasus, known as Zephyr Breeze, otherwise known as Fluttershy's little brother, was the most egotistical and flying pony that Rainbow Dash has ever known, other than herself. And the fact Zephyr was really into her, despite so many times she's had to explain that she shows no interest, only makes things worse.

Oh my God are you freaking serious with this of course he's going to be there for Celestia sake this is going to be a long day for Rainbow Dash :facehoof:

Rainbow Dash turns back to her students who had all seen what just happened. "Okay," Rainbow said, wanting everyone to get back to classroom business. "We're going to do some light practice drills today. Are there any questions?" The entire class raised there hooves or claws. Rainbow could tell what they wanted to ask. "A question that does not involve me pushing a certain pony out the window?" Every single student dropped there hoof or claw.

Ok that was pretty funny πŸ˜„

Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash both look at each other with great disappointment. Both were letting out a great sigh of sadness, they slump down in defeat. Because just like with the Teacher of the Month award, Fluttershy was the actual winner.

And she's not even competing for an attention and she still wins because she's the best lol

Well then Applejack and Rainbow dash are at it again with this competition again so they wanted to see who's going to get the most Hearts and Hooves Day cards from their students and it looks like Rainbow Dash is having her own problem dealing with uhh Zephyr Breeze and of course as Hearts and Hooves Day he will try to talk smooth with her I swear to Celestia I'm going to smacked him in the face sooner or later but I was pretty funny saying rainbow Just pushed him out of the window but in the end of the day of the class of course Fluttershy despite that she did not compete wins again

While talking, a small red cupcake, with an actual tiny parachute, parachuted right between the three. Without thinking, Yona bites the whole tasty treat and swallows. She smiles and says, "cupcake have perfect timing." Soon after, Yona goes back to charging through the students and out the door. Sandbar figures he will have to meet with her later at the train station.

What in the world did the cupcake came from anyway lol that was pretty random πŸ˜…

Nevermind I found out it was silverstream sending out all the cupcakes down lol

"It's just..." Ocellus started to say, stopping herself. She was afraid to speak her truth, and how silly and embarrassing it would all sound. "The truth is," Ocellus said. "I always thought Sandbar would ask me to be his special somepony, or whatever."

Awww man that kind of breaks my heart for her truth be told I've always thought that Sandbar and Ocellus are so cute together before the episode she all yak which I like that episode kind of blew up my shipping 😒 and to be honest I know how that feels to like somebody but instead they like that person instead of you and it hurts

A fellow Three Stooges fan awesome and I love that running gag

So it looks like everybody is going to be very busy today so Sandbar is helping gallus out with outfit to look good so he can see silverstream then after that he went to the train station to meet up with yona meanwhile Ocellus and smolder are talkin about how Ocellus actually has a crush on Sandbar which ouch she really wanted to tell him the truth about how she feels about her but after hearing that sandbar bar actually has a crush on yona a kind of broke her heart which again I know how that feels so Smolder tells her that they can spend the day even they are single they don't need to have Hearts and Hooves Day to have fun what's that the pretty good positive way meanwhile gallus felt even nervous when he got to the door but when silverstream spoke out Gallus ran away and he felt pretty bad to doing that but then silverstream found him and told him about she found a cake by her door which little does she know it was gallus but she thought it was a secret admirer which she's close as she expected but not knowing but she wants to find this creature With a Little Help from gallus meanwhile sandbar finally reach to the train station and just in time yonas family arrive and they look intimidating as before specially to sandbar good luck trying to get on their good side buddy lol they should be very good

Smolder asks Ocellus what she thought about ice skating? Unicorns in Ponyville cast a twenty-four-hour icing spell over the lake for Hearts and Hooves Day. The idea of ice skating sounded like a simple and relaxing activity though Ocellus brought up the idea of going to a Hardball Roller match.

Hey I remember Apple Bloom tried that during season 1 when she was trying to get her cutie mark and there was a story of friends forever about Babs Seed and Rarity kind of did something like that as well

"Why don't we head inside?" suggested Sandbar. "Inside, you'll my Uncle Lewbosike, my Uncle Donny, and my Uncle Walter. Just to clarify, my Uncle Lewbosike is my actual uncle and goes by 'The Dude,' my Uncle Donny and Walter are more like great friends of the family." Sandbar starts to lead them inside when he stops and turns around. "Oh," said Sandbar. "Just as a warning, whatever you do, don't bring up the war around Walter."

Ohh so you're having Sandbar relative to be the the dudes huh to be honest I can see that given how Lewbosike acts I can actually imagine them being related

"Smolder," said Ocellus in a high whisper. "I know I said we would spend the day together and do lots of different things, but I've been asked to be his special some-pony. I couldn't help but jump at the opportunity. I mean, it's something I've wanted to be. A special Somepony to someone. Sandbar didn't ask me, but he did?"

Ohh Ocellus I know you're desperate to find somebody but this guy is not worth it he was being mean to smolder and if he finds out who you are I'm sure he's going to be mean to you as well if not worse

Oh boy things are going to get very complicated especially smolder and Ocellus speaking of them they were walking to sugarcube corner to get some cupcakes and of course they had to take one samples which of course they tricked Pinkie Pie which that was pretty funny but then suddenly she accidentally bump into this male Pony and he come on over and asking her to go on a date with him not only that he kind of insulted smolder which that was not cool but Ocellus wants to go on this date because so never have this chance ever again which again you made plans with smolder how can you do that so they had a little argument and she just decided just to go with this unknown Pony leaving smolder behind which again ouch but meanwhile Sandbar and yona and her folks Finally checked out the town and they went to the bowling alley to meet up with sandbars uncles the Lewbosike dudes which we will expect to hear there profanity and everything and yeah just like in the movie lol

So Smolder was alone after being abandoned but then silverstream and gallus showed up and told her that they were looking for a secret admirer which of course Gallus put them and a wild goose chase for nothing but then smolder told them that Ocellus is with this jerk pony and then they told her to go after her and with that that she did Ocellus trying to make small conversation with high bar but unfortunately it did not go very well but smolder showed up and highbar is continuing insulting her and even the town so Ocellus had enough of him showing her true form and of course he did not take it too well insulting both of them so Ocellus transform into Ursa Minor and scare him off which that was pretty awesome but then shortly she apologized for her action but smolder forgive her and now they can spend the rest of the day with each other rolling Derby and watching the fireworks what's this was pretty nice I like that

Wow this was a really nice story so Sandbar and Yona are having a little complicated with the Lewbosike and the dudes and yonas parents are having a very have a competition so they decided just to go and head to the treehouse meanwhile gallus and silverstream still looking for the secret admirer but turn out to be a dead end but seeing silverstream so sad he admits that he was the secret admirer At first she was upset but then realize that he was just scared that he will get rejected and everything and understandable how his lifestyle is and silverstream forgave him and also taking him to see her secret view points they even go swimming to the ocean transform them into Sea Ponies and then after that they went flying to the clouds and sharing a moment with each other which it was so romantic meanwhile somewhere nearby to the treehouse smolder and Ocellus are talking how much they had fun with each other despite that mean Pony came around and destruct everything they have planned but it came out pretty well and they had a pretty good time with each other even smolder gave a little kiss on Ocellus which again so adorable and they went when inside but it looks like gallus and silverstream beat them to their and shortly yona and sandbar showed up as well and they were sharing a cake with each other but things escalated when silver stream through a cake on Gallus which at escalated to a food fight where it's it was pretty fun and funny and one person mentioned it did remind me of The Three Stooges once I think about it when they did the food fight but then the fireworks begin ending Hearts and Hooves Day this was a really nice story to see how the young six going through and everything it's always nice to see these kids keep up the good work

That was the magic word Silverstream was hoping Gallus would say. Silverstream takes the half-eaten slice of cake in her hand and mushes it onto the side of Gallus's face. "There," said Silverstream. "Now it's better."

Seeing Gallus with cake on his face causes Smolder to go into a laughing fit. Gallus reaches in the pastry box and grabs a chunk of the cake, then slaps it across Smolder's forehead. Gallus laughs at Smolder's new look, and Ocellus can't help but giggle. Smolder takes the remainder of her cake and plops in down on Ocellus's head. In reaction, Ocellus throws her slice, missing Smolder, Gallus, and Silverstream, but hits Yona on the side of her face. Sandbar bursts out in laughter to which Yona responses by smushing her cake across his forehead. His laughter stopped, and Yona's began. Sandbar, taking horrible aim, throw his cake only to hit Silverstream on the side of the head.

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