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Writing wrongs.


Gallbar: Sandbar anxiously reveals his true feelings for Gallus.
Smolcellus: Smolder and Ocellus realize they go together like bacon and eggs.
Yonastream: This ship makes no sense, and they know it.

This was written for someone who shall remain anonymous, but needless to say, they really enjoy shipping. I hope y'all do too!

Chapters (4)
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*Reads story*

Damn! This was intense.


This wasn't Porn but it'll do

Haven't read this yet, but as soon as I saw this story pop up in new stories, I figured it had to be by you, and as a result of something I saw last night. I was not wrong, gave me a laugh just seeing it.

Edit: Glorious.


...Sandbar, something you want to tell us?


Oh god I love these two


Paaaaair the spaaaaares


So who cursed them?



He forgot. Maybe

Chapter 1: 1337 words
Chapter 2: 666 words
Chapter 3 420 words
Chapter 4: 69 words

I see you.

Oh hey, I remember where this came from. Can't believe a few comments there spawned this glorious masterpiece


You know, I was expecting amazing, but I wasn't expecting it to be this amazing. Wonderful.

I will say that spite and a desire to giggle at people who are upset is often my greatest motivator.

Also, wait, did you ship them based off of whose eyes are meeting whose in the screencap?!

Haha, no, it just happened to be a really fitting image that is also an actual screencap from the show. I based them on just two ships I like (Gallbar and Smolcellus), and the other ship with the leftovers that doesn't make any sense.

This. This I like.

This story made my day way better, Thanks much.

That is awesome to hear, I'm always super happy to brighten someone's day with some silly stuff like this.

I'm late to the party but HECK YEAH this is my kind of story. So glad you shared it!

This is the perfect ending. Funny and sort of twisted, but sweet.

I'm a big fan of your work, so that really means a lot. I did want to make it a mix of silly and sweet. A joke story that also shows that I really do like cute student six ships. I'm really glad you liked it :heart:

Chapter 2 is 666 words, 3 is 420, and 4 is 69 words. Nice.

Yeah and 1 is 1337 AKA LEET in gamerspeak.

This is not a silly story at all and it really made my day many times better. I just decided to take a break from your story when I read the review college-paper.org reviews revision as I needed at least some help to improve my work. But you to some extent inspired me to suffer over my assignment on my own for some time, although I certainly do not refuse to work with College-paper, but my motivation has increased. Thank you very much.

Whether the chapter word counts were either on purpose or accidental, this story is an awesomely done sin.

And by awesomely done sin, I mean I love this story.

And it's word count.

Why the hell are the chapter word counts like that? Lmao.

Also, "Leet," huh? Yeah, I guess Gallbar is pretty leet.

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:I DIED AT THE END

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