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The young six scrape together enough bits to rent a cottage in the woods for their spring break, bringing their bond as friends even closer!

A writing exercise that turned into a fluff piece for my friend Semillion! Big thanks to them for introducing me to this squad of rascals in the first place.

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“Fuck trains,” Gallus said. The rest of the winged creatures echoed the statement.

Gallus, Silverstream, Ocellus, and Smolder NOT Trainpilled⁉️

Are Yona and Sandbar DOWN wit tha PUBLIC TRANSIT⁉️

This is pure poetry, you definitely evoke the feelings of reckless youth without saying 'They were young and stupid and high on youth and other substances.' This is what writers mean when they say "Show, don't tell," you definitely showed us the bonds of love and friendship between them. Just excellent work all around, fantastic!

Obviously there was no sexual/romantic overtones or any drug use, but this sort of reminded me of the weekend trips to a cabin the boy scouts group I was in went to every so often. I both miss and don't miss those times, because, yeah, it was fun, but...man, were we all stupid idiots back then. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a nice fic of just six friends goofing off and being friends with each other. :twilightsmile:


I will draw all four of the train-haters kissing a train in ms paint if you can find me a canon pic of any of them in a train car.

i've never actually watched the show, so this took digging


it's from the first scene of "Best Gift Ever," the christmas special between seasons 8 and 9

The nostalgia is strong, WOW! Beautiful little set of vignettes filled with some great characterization and amazing atmosphere. This was a treat, thanks for writing it!


Here they are smooching a train and loving public transit on my Twitter


Howdy, hi~!

This was super fun. Really nailed the feeling of a cabin adventure while young. It just hit the absolute perfect note on the atmosphere and vibe of spring break. Everyone was greatly characterized and I love the banter between them all. You really hit the head on the nail with this one.

Thank you very much for the read~!

Dan #11 · Aug 7th, 2022 · · 1 ·

The MN State Fair is almost here, and it's the only redeeming aspect to August- the absolute worst month, and the only time people pretend to like pickle beer.

And this year, they're adding pickle pizza to add to the perversity.



There's nothing adventurous about a cabin with plumbing. Even a rundown one.

I wonder how those kids would handle canoeing and portaging between campsites and digging holes to shit in and risking wolf spider bites on the ass. But then, Yona probably wouldn't fit in a canoe, and make friends with the spiders.

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