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When he really stopped and thought about it, Gallus was lucky to have a group of friends that admired and appreciated him in the innocent, wholesome way that they did.

Course, that didn’t stop them from admiring and appreciating him in other ways.

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I’m reminded of a line from…gosh, probably a fair number of stories, where someone in a relationship will remark (after seeing someone hot) to their significant other:

“I promised to be faithful - not blind.”

Plus a similar joke from Friends when Ross and his ex-wife-due-to-being-a-lesbian Carol were at an airport waiting for Carol’s partner. A hot woman walks by, and Ross and Carol both turn to stare as she does. Then when they catch one another they both cover the same way. “Nice luggage”.

nice story
but when's The More Things Change getting an update

Yona merely nodded. “Black.”

Gallus nodded, keeping track of the orders in his head. “You want any sugar packets with that?”

Yona suddenly got a dour look on her face as she leaned forward, putting her face right up to Gallus.

“Black.” Yona repeated.

“Got it, black.” Gallus said, finally getting the picture.

Yona would get along with Captain Janeway, then.

I'm not the ogling sort, personally, so I'm a poor judge on the subject of butts...but I appreciated this fic nonetheless. :twilightsmile:

Ocellus looked up from her book again. “I pity your poor dentist.”

For what fucking teeth?

Exactly. Poor pony won't know what to do with a beak.

...That and the response from the author that they forgot to make as an actual reply.

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So now we know the real reason Twi made him guard captain. So he could stand in front of her, facing away, all day long...

This story is WAY too hilarious :rainbowlaugh: The part with Silverstream's order and Smolder telling her to just do cocaine, that especially killed me!!
I can't blame any of them for admiring Gallus' butt so much. He DOES have a very nice ass :twilightsheepish:

this is LITERALLY perfect


i love you

Sandbar merely nodded again. “One time after dodgeball practice, I gave him a good spank in the locker room. Just your traditional male-bonding ritual after working up a sweat, no homo whatsoever.”

Uh huh. Sure, buddy.

Love this story nearly as much as Gallus's friends love his backside.

i'm not gonna stop asking about this btw
it's been two years now
i need my fix

Ocellus looked up from her book again. “I pity your poor dentist.”

“I don’t have a dentist.” Silverstream admitted.

And that's why lol

I think two words can summarize this story: 'Dat ass.:rainbowlaugh:

That and "I don't need teeth because I have a beak, and I'm actually weirded out by having both".

What the actual hell did I just read? :rainbowlaugh:

Poor birdboy doesn’t even know he’s being leered at is the best part.

Genuinely, you have no idea how much I appreciate that coming from you. Honestly, your Student Six fics are some of my favorite.

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