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The student six order from the drive-thru. Smolder wanted a burger, but everyone else agreed on tacos.

If this performs well, I will write a stoner chapter.

Inspired by the weird anomaly that is semillon.

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smolder my food vacuum queen :twilightsmile: :heart:

the ending is SO COMFY good job

oh and my mcdonald's order is a jr. chicken, a mcdouble and a medium coke

“Diet Dr. Pepper. Yona trying to watch figure.”


You really captured them nicely. I hope getting the window replaced isn't too pricey. n_n

Hoping for the stoner chapter!

Guess Smolder is a fan of plastic.

Also I logged into this website to just comment here. You're welcome!

Very hard to pick a favorite, but Yona ordering made me laugh.

You missed the opportunity to make a grand theft auto reference.

I don't know how you managed to make a fast food order the most mind-bending, stressful puzzle on the planet, but by god you did.

I'm glad you liked it!

jr. chicken, a mcdouble and a medium coke

This is definitely the diet of somebody who went to college.

I'm pretty sure Gallus would neglect to get the window fix and would probably just use the ol' duct tape and garbage bag method.

Also, hi! I still remember when you did the Seattle's Angels podcast!

As of now, I have watched this three times.

Slave's Freedom when.

I thought about making the reference, but I decided it wouldn't fit. I'm kinda biased against reference humor tbh.

Work at Burger King for a year and you will know how I did it.

Long as it keeps the rain out!

And thank you! I still miss SA. :twilightsmile:


Was Cheese Sandwich in town, mayhaps?

Drive Throughs (I refuse to dignify the "thru" bastardization) are a pain in the ass, and it's good some states are talking about banning them for all the idling emissions.

Also, to hell with Arbys for only having the drive through open during most of 2020-2021, but not allowing walk-ups to the drive through window.

fantastic story! i wish chalupas were real

suck my balls thru my jorts

Reading the Student Six fuck around supplies blood to my kidneys. Thank you for your service

well, this certainly exists
can't say i like or dislike this, as that implies there's something to like or dislike; that implies i have any feelings towards this fic
congrats, you wrote the equivalent of eating a stale tortilla

Wait why.. why did Smolder eat the toy?! Yes yes Dragons are geovores but I gotta imagine plastic tastes awful! It was diffent but I have to say the casual swewring from Smolder feels, pointlessly tacked on.


I have to say the casual swewring from Smolder feels, pointlessly tacked on

That's because Smolder is the type of person to pointlessly swear a lot. That's just how I write her.

Not sure if you're joking because chalupas do, in fact, exist. They're basically tacos without walls to keep the food in, and they're terrifying. They're edible disks with shit stacked on top, destined to make a mess in a single bite.

Fuck it! I'm gonna write a sequel. :)

Not gonna lie. I loved it. The dialog was great and the accurate portrayal of six teens ordering fast food was excellent. Now let's see this stoned fic!

Oh, and ¼ Pounder w/ cheese, large fries and orange pop.

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Great story, but I'm a little disappointed no one asked for the big smoke order.

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