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If Dr. Phil pays money to see furries pee, would it be philanthropy?


This story is a sequel to Thy Little Filly Twi'

'I'm a simple filly with a family that gives no cares in how this world should be ran. I'll tell you how it should be ran. With a whip.'

Story will be getting a proper rewrite soon.

Chapters (3)
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This egg is getting a little cramped inside , I'm waiting to become an added ingredient for some cake, omelet or some other meal for the nobles.
I guess that's what they do with prisoners in this land seen it with the smaller eggs 'crack' sizzle and it's all over but the toast.
Feels like I've been here for hundreds of years seeing - hearing - thinking.........Oh gosh here they come those crazy bird horses with those pointy things stuck in their heads. Ouchy that must hurt to have a pointy thing like that, Here I go I'm so fried. . . .Oh wait?
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzz
What am I ? That pantry even as dangerous as it was, was warm . Now they have me sitting in a bed of straw on a rolling table ,

How dumb is that? An egg on a rolling table ? You got to be the dumbest cake eating moron to have a fragile egg on a stupid table that rolls!

and that closet has a cold draft,,,,yuck.....Stupid school examination room that's what they call it, I call it the room of pain, these little hooligans
keep zapping me with magic and that hurts ! I can't wait till I get out of this egg to dish it out instead of taking it .

Oh another student. . Purple yeah another dud at least she isn't harmful . . .A cutie with a dorky mane cut.....Oh she failed. Well she tried
hard enough just didn't have the JUiCe!

Wow I can see way out I'm giant Ha ha ha I'm free! Oh look a white cutie next to a big rock I can see forever WoW Oh damn I'm shrinking

still free Oh it's little purple she sure looks happy . . Is she my mommy? wait till she smells my poop...Oh I got a tail wow it can reach my mouth
nom nom nom nom nom, I'm free.......

.... I don't normally read fics with only one chapter that are marked incomplete, but I'll make an exception because of the prequel to this.

Great fic so funny :derpytongue2::heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

6517881 This makes make confident as a young writer.:rainbowkiss:

6518319 You just wait for the later chapters.:coolphoto:

6518552 Wait, what? You're a new writer?

6518681 Sort of yes, but basically no. I've had writers block since I joined this site nearly two years ago. By young writer, I meant that I'm a young person who writes.

My god, what a demon filly!:rainbowlaugh:

"I spit on your grave!"

What sort of adorable hell spawn is this you've concocted?:scootangel:

I just realized how intelligent this filly is.

Curious, what made you decide to write filly Twilight as this, I guess deranged filly? Funny as it is I can't help but wonder...

Also I found a small error you made.

She didn’t even care! I got her attention by crawling over to her and speaking, but out came a bunch of gibberish. While I spoke, she had a stupefying grin and kept giggling. You dreadful mare. Though she was weird, I was amazed by her confidence. So I made her my ally. She’s not a friend, for I should not make any.

It sounds like Starstudded is a filly but you have Twi call her a mare? is she a foal or a grown mare?:rainbowhuh:

6543861 She's a grown mare disguised as a mare. Change has been made. Thanks for the let-me-know.

6544514 Ok, sorry. I was just confused.:scootangel:

i love this it reminds me of stewie griffin so much lol :rainbowlaugh:

6524975 again stewie griffin would totally say that

I can only imagine the conversations she would have with the Doctor :pinkiehappy:

I like to imagine that Trixie has her own secret diary, though hers is much more upbeat and optimistic :scootangel:

Does Twilight not know the difference between reptiles and mammals?

8134200 Well she's hardly a baby so...

Oh, this little Twilight is adorably naive. Whales are reptiles? Interesting. :rainbowlaugh: She will make a great biologist someday.

I can’t imagine how horrific it would be to be aware that one is inside a womb. No wonder she sounds like she wants to commit genocide.

Where’s the rest?

Buy me dinner first.

Bitch are you a praying mantis

Yes, give me head.

I think I’d rather skip to the part where I die m8

Okay, give me head.

Nah just kill me pls

Okay, head. Now.

Y’know what? I’m the mantis in this relationship now.

Good, I get to give head.

Bruh at least salt yourself and get on a silver platter before I pick your brains smh

I've sat on the same silver platter for seven years. You just haven't reached for the fork and knife.

Bonesaw > knives

Leather bindings > Handcuffs

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