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Well, after nearly four years on this site, as well as other fanfiction reading on other sites, and countless ideas running through my head, I've finally decided to write a fanfic of my own.

I am a shameless Twilestia shipper, but I will read pretty much any pairing. I also gobble up platonic/familial Twilestia stories, because I just love seeing the two of them interact. My largest and "stickiest" idea, which may or may not ever get written, is one where Twilight goes to confess her love to Celestia, only for Celestia to reveal that she is, in fact, Twilight's biological mother. It's based on a movie, which probably gave it some of it's sticking power. (Not Star Wars.)


Somehow this happened... · 7:01am Sep 2nd, 2015

I am shocked. And really excited.

Full disclosure, that was probably scrolled down. But still.

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Thank you for the favorite on my story Apples, Bat Ponies, and Secrets! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

887284 I really enjoyed the story! I love me some Twilestia. :trollestia::twilightsmile:

Dear chartreusephlox,

Thank you for playing a game of Chess with me. I'm glad we both had fun, no matter who the winner was, and I hope that we can sit down for another game sometime soon.

~ KR

(Thanks for the fave!)

339031 I try, I really do.

337338 Bahahaha :rainbowlaugh: You're awesome.

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