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Codex Ex Equus

The writing account of Deus Ex Equus.


A collection of short, random stories. Most of these were comic ideas that, for various reasons, I've decided not to make into comics, but the idea was too good to just abandon.

A Real Princess: The ending to A Canterlot Wedding, re-imagined with Cadance acting more like a real-life princess rather than a perfect magical pony princess.

Sniper: Celestia raises the sun at the Summer Sun Festival, unaware of the pony standing on a distant rooftop...

Flutterdrunk: Twilight discovers the consequences of getting Fluttershy drunk.

A Night With the Moon: Nightmare Moon turns out to be more prepared for the Mane Six's attempt to retrieve the Elements than Twilight had though. Twilight is not prepared for what happens next.

Fish Food: Sunset Shimmer enacts her terrible revenge upon the Sirens.

Edit 11/28/15: Aaaaand I'm now out of character slots to add. I threw the 'other' tag on there, but just assume it's every character ever.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 36 )

dude this is GOLD! if you expanded on this or made more i could see this short/shorts becoming super popular!
(also drunk fluttershy is epic:yay:)

Yeah, her hoofs.

... Damn. Flutterdrunk is hella scary, yo! D:

Can we have more of this arc? Maybe something dealing with the repercussions and a few flashbacks to how exactly everything came about?

Awesome this deserves a comi c AND a spinoff pleeeeeaase

Ghahahah, awesome. XD


That is a good scene.

And thats how the Animal Kingdom was made

When trolling is done right...

6971335 It usually gets followed by rolling. Mostly on the floor while laughing :pinkiehappy:

I demand a spinoff

A sequel/spin-off/whatever would be nice, although I suppose leaving it as-is is O.K. too.

I think this could have worked really well as a comic, just need to accentuate the facial expressions of the ponies unfortunate enough to hear the ramblings of a pony with mad princess disease.

Short, and packed a compelling punch.

I really don't think you needed to explain it, that joke with Pinkie Pie really worked ("Give it to her good, Twilight" made me laugh out lout) but it was interesting to see where the idea came from.

This ending's a lot more memorable than the original version, though that one works this one's more striking and amusing. Of course, you could probably just combine them by putting "The moon moved out from in front of the sun, slowly sliding back beneath the horizon, and sunlight once again washed over Equestria." either in front of or behind the Pinkie Pie scene.

And it turns out that only Discord is immune to The Stare.

Given that Chrysalis fooled everyone who had actually spent time around Cadance in the last 10 years and only failed to live up to Twilight's romanticized childhood image, I maintain that this is only a slight exaggeration of how she would have acted if she wasn't locked up and then too busy fighting changelings to actually develop any character (we don't actually see her being nice until the Crystal Empire arc, once her wedding stress is over with).

Princess of Friendship with Benefits: Origins.

I was expecting the sun to blind him.

Give it to her good!

oh she is, pinkie, she sure is

Celestia did something:trollestia:

I take it they have been reading Shakespeare in school at about this point.

Oh. You meant that kind of princess. Carry on, then.

Oh god, my sides have gone to the moon!

And this reminds us all that Sunset use to be a villain, even without her magic she is a force to be reckoned with. :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset Shimmer, Queen of Pranks.

My headcanon is that this didn't change the elements of harmony being rediscovered because the others managed to clear the rubble and the all discovered "The Magic of Friendship" together.

Also i had been reading your stories and following you for awhile and only now just realized that you were deuss Equuis, one of my favorite artists. No wonder inloved your stories so much.

My only Question is as followed:HOW?!


I made one, it's sort of a pre- sequel to this very story, it is called The Drunken Takeover of Equestra

Here's a link to it if you want to check it out:https://www.fimfiction.net/story/381900/the-drunken-takeover-of-equestra

Annnnd... that's worse. I'm surprised and concerned that Pinkie was the one to not figure it out, though.

Oh, that's evil and clever.

... I don't even want to know.

Somehow, I think this is hilarious. I ship this one.

.....Flutters......drunk.........subjugates three Princess and a Changeling Queen. D....Did she do this alone or did she enact her prowess as the Beastmistress?

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