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In retirement, Luna and Celestia now live at Silver Shores.

Up till now, Celestia has refused to allow Luna to read her diary.

One day, Luna suddenly announces that she will be going on vacation.

The next day, Celestia finds an adorable midnight blue kitten by her door.

Surely the two events aren't related?

An entry in the A Thousand Words Contest under Fluff.

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Xalok #2 · May 11th, 2022 · · 1 ·

Yeah that sounds about right

i love kitten luna

That was great.

Revenge is a dish best served covered in fur.

The ending wrapped back to the starting concept quite nicely! :pinkiehappy:

Check, and mate!

Oh, and Featured in May for Tag-A-Long's Book Club

Sneaky Luna is best Luna.:rainbowlaugh:

Dear Diary,

Today, Lulu and I made a nice eggplant parmagiana together, and it turned out far better than last time! Applying a second coating of eggwash and breading protected the spongey interior of the eggplant from absorbing too much oil far better

We then curled up by the fireplace together for a little after-lunch nap. Luna fell asleep against my side fairly quickly, though I wish she hadn't. She had a bit of a gas attack while she slept, and it was terrible. Like, really, REALLY bad. Two hundred years ago, I personally assisted my guards in the slaying and subsequent disposal of a hydra, and its carcass rotting in the swamp in the searing heat of my summer sun did not smell half this bad.

And of course I couldn't just leave because Lulu fell asleep on my wing. I tried to cast a barrier around my snout for protection but that just trapped the stank in because I never learned air-filtration spells. It was torturous. I mean seriously, has Luna been eating animal flesh when I'm not looking? Dear Faust, the smell.

Of course I would never tell her about it because it would embarrass her terribly, but you can keep a secret, diary. So there it is. My sister Luna made the worst fart in the history of farts, probably ever. I really hope she never reads this, but I had to vent.

Signed, Celestia.

What would you do to get a Klondike bar?...
Or in this case read Celestia's personal diary?
Can't stop laughing, I loved it!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Whether five, fifteen, or fifteen hundred, siblings gonna sibling. Delightful bit of fluff. Thank you for it, and best of luck in the judging.

"Tia, I'm going on vacation for a week."

"Why so sudden?"

"I just felt like it, Sister."

hehe, that is the most suspicious way Luna could have "gone on vacation"!

She harrumphed. "I so wanted to make you wake up in the morning. Oh well. Pancakes for one today, it seems."

aww, nice to see Celestia continuing her breakfast-making for them both, i always loved that bit of her character

She apparently was not. Or hearing things. She seemed to be sane. A midnight blue kitten lay in a basket by the doorstep, looking up at her with those-

Why do they have such wide and adorable eyes?!

aww! that would be what Luna looks like if she transformed into a cat somehow!

Using her magic, she levitated the basket over to the counter, before pouring a bowl of milk out.

"Here you go, little one," she cooed. "Breakfast."

aww, and if i'm right this is Celestia making breakfast for Luna again, unknowingly this time. cute!

It then did a series of jumps from the ground and onto stools, before it made its way onto the table beside Luna's recliner. It tilted its head at the comfortable-looking couch, before jumping on it and lounging on the recliner, making itself at home.

hehe, of course she would feel at home in Luna's recliner! and augh, cat parkour is always so cute to watch

"I know!" Celestia perked up. "I'll call you Moony! Since you look like Luna, and act a bit like her, I'll call you Moony! She'd love that!"

love it

The kitten yawned, but there was a glint of something in its eyes. Maybe it was agreement or consent?

okay now i am expecting a subversion where the reader expects this to be Luna in disguise, but her plans are actually something a lot more direct and stupid that gets revealed later.

or, Luna is just really great at acting like a cat! that would be a fun bit of irony, if she were really good at acting when Celestia, who really wants to be good at acting, is very bad at acting

"I should write about you in my diary," Celestia murmured. "You'd make a great addition, Moony."

"Mrow?" Moony turned to look up at her with those big, curious and adorable eyes.

"My diary," she said with a smile. "I write about everything I experience or do in there. You're going to be no exception, Moony. Keeping a kitten, well, that's one of the things I always wanted to do once I retired. I guess I got my wish. Wait here, Moony," she gently slipped the kitten onto the recliner. "I'll grab my diary."

aww, and this is why the plan would work! anypony would casually speak of their own secrets if only a cat were the intended audience

"I told you I'd read your diary somehow," Luna said with a smirk. "Even if it meant becoming a kitten for a while. I must say, your pets are very enjoyable. Shall we do this again someday?"

hahaha gottem! big L for Celestia!

very cute sibling fluff that is also somehow kitty fluff, which really maximizes the fluff in this thing. great work!

And with this delicious little one-shot, you have earned your 598th follower!

Seriously, though. I just binge-read your entire ‘Twilight blows up villains’ series and they are such a treat. I’ll be checking out all your stories soon.

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