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When Celestia and Luna took over the sun and moon, they came with manuals.

Now, as they browse the manuals, they find 'extra settings'.

Now, what do they do—

screams are heard in the distance

Written by iAmSiNnEr. Inspired by Shrink Laureate. Not to be taken seriously.

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Xalok #1 · Jan 23rd, 2022 · · 1 ·

God damnit Celestia look at what you have done, You made a perfectly good Moon horse into a Tarror of the night, Sure she was a Bit greedy but hey what can you do

👏👏jolly good show

And this is why you don't give them control over celestial bodies until they have some appreciation for how actions have consequences.

So really, there's an argument for never giving them control in the first place. :raritywink:

Not to be taken seriously.

I feel like I'm seeing that in your story descriptions more and more lately. :rainbowlaugh:

This was a good story, got a good chuckle from it

When I saw the cover art, I thought of the game OneShot.

Sin, you have the weirdest mind..... I love that. Keep it up.

“Luna, I swear to Faust I will take this scroll and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine—"

:trollestia:: "Technically it's even my decision where it shines and where not."

“I want thirteen hours!” Luna retorted.

Maybe compromise and give thirteen for both of you?

Nice story!
I enjoyed reading it.

So going by this story, the nightmare transformation isn't from a compromised mental state, or a parasite. They could do it because it'd be funny.

Hopefully Celestia never finds the Daybreaker setting

That's what the solar eclipse thing was


How about 12 each in spring and fall, 14 hours of day and 10 hours night in the summer and vice versa in winter?

What other reason could there be? :trollestia:

Howdy, hi!

This was exactly what I was expecting when you brought up the idea in the chat with Shrink. Absolute, goofy fun. I love all of the silly ideas present, good short comedy from the king of shitposting.

Thanks for the read, Sin!

Updated the link, thanks!

...why do I get the feeling that the creation of the sun and moon was done by committee with entirely too much free time on their hands? :rainbowlaugh:

They could have gone for 8 hours of each.

But that way lies Chaos, Discord, and Pinkie Pie hiding in your drawers. :pinkiecrazy:


"Tia... what, pray tell, is this daylight saving nonsense I've been hearing about?"

"That one's not on me. Common ponies came up with that idea, and I can't dictate how they set their clocks or when they decide to get out of bed."


Well, yes. I am the shitposter, after all.

I swear I've had this exact same conversation with my parents about the T.V. remote.

“At least it’s not as bad as mine,” Luna offered. “Mine has a send a piece of the moon hurtling to the planet, killing the entire planet’s population by throwing it off the gravitational field of the sun.”

Extinction event: ⬇↘➡🅱

Star Trek has 26 hour days, so that’s perfect !

11130504 Bajor has 26 hours in a day. I'm reasonably certain humans in that universe still use 24 (unless they happen to also live on DS9 or Bajor).

shrink, I blame you.

That's fair. I'm pleased to have inspired this monstrosity.

“I think that was Father,” Celestia peered at the scroll. “He did love his cake.”

So that's where Cakestia got her love for cakes from!

Absolutely brilliant stuff as always and this one is just so flippin' amazing! Especially with Celestia's reactions, oh man it was hard not to laugh! Great stuff! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just HAD to make a reading of this chaotically funny fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/fNjDU0BbU-A

Ehh, a bit too random for my taste

screams are heard in the distance

”Oh, and an option to turn the moon blue or red.”

So— so, you could say that she can Paint the Moon Red?

This is fantastic work overall. I love the justification given for Nightmare Moon at the end, and I also love some of the labels on the settings.

:rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::unsuresweetie::applejackconfused:What did I just read...

you've just received your experience of iamsinner shitposts

Oh ok, I had heard it enough times to conclude that it was the Federation’s attempt to standardise hours per day for all planets.
I do seem to remember Major Kira saying it most of all, so that makes sense.

The most fearsome wars start over the remote.

Now this was just fun XD

What happens if they punch the Konami code into the remote?

they become the sun and moon themselves :)

It would be hilarious if you finally answered the question of why Luna wants to paint the moon red.

Well that was hilarious

“Mine included turning the moon to cheese,” Luna rolled her eyes. “What was the point of that? Oh, and an option to turn the moon blue or red.”

“...blue or red. Not even yellow?”

Actually, the moon can yellow. It looks like Luna and Celestia's parents forgot to include that color mode in the remote.

Wow, so funny, clever and exciting!

Why did I ever think coming back to read this was a good idea.

because you know you love it

You know me too well >:(

Greetings. Your reading has been completed and can be found below. I hope you enjoy.

And all of this is probably hehe ramblibnd of a drunk Celestia during retirement.

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