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Celestia had a vision, of two beings, one of darkness, one of light. They claimed that they would reclaim Equestria and return it to dust. The next day, a small creature appears, frightened, scared, and afraid of her very touch. A child. A child who may herald the end, or save Equestia from its demise.

Isaac has been in the basement as long as he can remember. So many times has he descended through this purgatory of death and murder, god and demons, so many things that hurt, burned and killed.
Then one day it stopped. A secret room that opened the chest he had known so long, and he was free. He could leave the Basement.
He didn't see anything else that followed him out.
He didn't expect the world to have changed so much in his absence.
And he never could've imagined they'd all be ponies.

And ponies never imagined that simple children could ever save them from the forces of evil.

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Character list will be updated as necessary, those not immediately listed are:
- King Sombra
- Twilight
- Spike

Characters from the Binding of Isaac are under Other, as you'd expect.
Correct me if I get an item's effect or description wrong!
Correct me if I get grammar or spelling incorrect, I'll fix them as I'm aware of them!

Cover art is by me.

Huge thank you to TrueGentleman, who has taken it upon him to aid me in the editing of this story! (Stopped as of 18 onward)

Appreciation for HydraLightning, proofreader from CH3+.

And a special thanks to awesomesauce4 for inspiring me to start on this! Here's their story!
|The Unbinding|

Chapters (22)

Spoilers for Xenoblade: Chronicles ahead

Upon the defeat of the god, Zanza, Shulk wished for a world without gods. His wish came true. All trace of Zanza's and Meyneth's existences were erased from his world as it was reborn.

But the power of the two gods could not be erased as easily.

Zanza, with the power of two gods at his disposal, as he was purged from the universe of his creation, fell through the gaps between universes, landing at last in one where he would finally come to. A world where he could start again. Where he could begin anew his reign as a god, create life subservient to him, against the will of that world's leaders, without his full strength-

What do you mean 'without full strength?' No matter. I still wield the power of both of the original Monados. They shall fall, as Meyneth had so easily-
Where. Are. My. Monados?!

Er, that is, he must reclaim the powers that are so rightfully his, even if he must work with the mortals that live there in order to do so.

'Ah, the sweet irony of quickening the End with kindness.'

Edited by ZeroChill, who has his own exceptional Xenoblade story!

Also, New Dawn! They're a good person for fact checkery too!

The cover art (taken from a wiki, if anyone knows the original source, let me know) depicts Zanza Monado-less and without wings and halo.

If you've not played Xenoblade: Chronicles, I highly recommend it. Lengthy game with amazing story.

Chapters (6)

Twilight summons another human.
It's a corpse. Again.
That's it, really.

Put it in whatever folders of whatever groups you deem appropriate. Or don't. I don't really mind either way.
But, I do like feedback for whatever reason. Comment! Like! Dislike! Write hateful things to me! It'll satisfy my slightly-off emotions or whatever!
(A parody sort of thing, with no real original as a backup. Making fun of 'Twilight teleported/summoned the human' trope. I thought it was funny. You probably won't.)
((Probably a one shot. Probably.))

Chapters (2)
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