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This group absolutely does NOT condone in ANY implications or fashions the avocation or acting of taking out petty frustrations against people's and/or their stories on FiMFiction. If anything, you may as well turn around and go jerk yourself in the corner if that's what you came for.

In fact, this group is more so dedicated to the actual channel than it is the hating and explaining why we hate a certain thing. I mean, just look at his videos:

Be smart when using this group, and be sure to follow site rules regarding this group's purpose. I cannot stress that enough. Please, fuck, I am begging you on my knees, do not make threads titled "I hate Regidar" or "I hate Fallout: Equestria." I swear to Poultron's dead soul I will lock and pin your thread for all to see so I can get it through your thick skulls that this group does not condone the hating of FiMFiction users and their stories (in contrast, I don't give a shit if you make a thread titled "I hate Tupac"), but more so, do not make threads that racially or sexually discriminate. Hell, if you need a reference on how to use this group, just consult "I Hate Everything"'s YouTube channel, the man has some solid opinions and backs them up pretty well. Even then, he doesn't really hate the things he talks about, it seems, he just slightly dislikes them. Well, slightly, as in a lot.

If you're too lazy to put that into perspective, think of us like Rage Reviews, but for anything the site will allow us to rage over. Don't be stupid, don't be a bigot, and keep the Muslim jokes at a low please.

So, the Harams are:

Don't be an elitist, bigoted, racist cunt.

And our Halals are:

Take heed everything I just fucking said.

If you made it through all that, you get a big ass

Lol roflcopter jk don't hate me plz.

But seriously... you may speak about what kinds of users or stories you do not like, as long as you don't attack any specific stories.

For example: I hate anthro.

I hate when stories make use of the delicate and unclear AU tag to excuse when nonsensical bullshit is happening.


I hate IT WHEN (when speaking of users, say "I hate it when") users use pony generator OCs as avatars.

Surprisingly enough, one of these is actually my opinion. Have fun guessing which, though it's pretty obvious.:heart:

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401560 because IHE has a great youtube channel :raritywink:

Wow. This is kinda legit. Why the hell not? Click that "join" button anyways. I like IHE's channel. Most of his videos are interesting. :twilightsmile:

Yes, you do, my little Sugar Rump~:pinkiecrazy:

well, I get a big ass, folks.

Ladies and gentlemen.I hate this group.That is all.:trollestia:

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