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The official group for the Daisy Chain Shipping Project.

All are welcome to join and read as they please, if you wish to join the official roster of writers, send me a message and I'll get back to ya. If you wish to find out how exactly the ships are determined in Daisy Chain, check out the thread titled: Shipping with Daisy Chain. I'll also make a thread for introducing yourself (non writers included) and just general communication.

Official Roster Of Writers in order of joining (writing order changes each round): (Updated Round 2)


Official rules for all writers:
No foalcon
No incest
No clop
Each story must be between 1000 and 5000 words,
and of course, have fun! :twilightsmile:

For rules and writing order on the individual rounds of Daisy Chain see threads called 'Shipping with Daisy Chain, Round (X)'

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368885 Actually ward I've been thinking the same thing, I think I'll discuss it with Crows and then we'll put it to a vote. So at some point I'll send you and the other writers a message with some info as well as a few options people can vote for, and we'll go from there

So I've been thinking what happens when no one new joins the writers list, I was thinking that we start again.

the idea being that you randomise the writers and heres the next twist. You use another group of Mane six. i.e the villainous six or the Manehatten six. Just an idea, open to thoughts

So I've put a thread into the forum, you should all read it!

THIS! COMPLICATES! EVERYTHING! :twilightangry2: :pinkiecrazy:

368211 I don't think there's any one place that has all the non mane 6 ponies, however here's a link to a list of a fair few background ponies.

We've decided to exclude older ponies (e.g. granny smith), however I will accept Celestia and Luna because they still have young bodies (god I hope that doesn't sound too creepy :rainbowlaugh:), really there more ageless than aged, so that's why we accept them.

Another thing to keep in mind is: the 'non mane 6 pony' doesn't necessarily need to be a pony, as in we will allow griffins, changelings, and discord

Does anyone have a list of all the non mane six ponies (wanted for research purposes)?

Also aside from foalcon, is there an issue with using a pony and an elderly pony? I.e large age differences?

368111 no problem, mate :twilightsmile: now we just need to see who it is you're shipping :trixieshiftleft:

368105 that would be great thanks

368026 So far I made the cover art for Part 1 and 3, so if you want I can make yours when it's your turn :twilightsmile:

Who does cover art? I'll need help when it comes to my turn as I can't draw or animate...

365812 well you're the one who did an awesome job on the banner and icon, so awesome :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by therealguy_ deleted Jun 27th, 2014

:pinkiehappy:WHOP WHOP:pinkiehappy:

Awesome job, Fim! :yay:

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