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>Magic powered flight.
>More control over offensive magic than the ELEMENT of Magic who is also an alicorn.
>Master of time travel and cutie mark magic.
>Twilight admits to her being more powerful than her.

>Breaks out of crystal prison almost instantly when Twilight barely pulled it off.

Is Starlight Glimmer the most magically powerful being in Equestria?

This group is dedicated to stories where Starlight shows off her superior magical power. Will create more folders as stories come in.

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This group looks amazingly fun! OP Starlight and a good intro page! I'm sold! As long as we agree Trixie is still best pony I'm all for this!

409897 I submitted the two part story of how Starlight went to being an innocent filly in the start of the first one to ruling EVERYTHING at the end of the second one.

408495 Well, that's embarrassing. I assumed that the main folder was an automatic thing. Submit your story.

Will we ever be able to submit stories on here because I have two stories where Starlight is far more powerful than Twily.

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