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TwiShy, AppleDash and Rarixie lover and writer. Also a gamer. Something else you need to know is that I'm strongly against Alicorn Twilight.


Edit 10-30-18: Added an AU tag. This is because of the Dazzlings being reformed between the event of Rainbow Rocks and this story :scootangel:

On the next day after the end of the Friendship Games, Twilight starts the slow healing process from her corruption. Unsure if the students she met at Canterlot High are her friends or not, she seeks to spend the weekend reading with the company of her beloved dog, Spike. However, her plans are interrupted when the unexpected happens. Twilight meets someone who appears to know her and is not a pleasant encounter.

This is a story I have been planning for a while and I'm really excited to finally be writting this strange pairing! :pinkiehappy:
I hope you enjoy this story! I'm putting my heart into it :twilightsmile:
Special thanks to:
Zalla661: He not only edits the chapters, but he also provided me with a cover for this story! :scootangel:
Windsor: My brother in arms. He provides ideas and suggestions :pinkiesmile:

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Ooo, a siren ship I've never seen before! :raritystarry:

I'm... a bit lukewarm so far (Sorry, hard to say how excited I am for an Aria story when there's been hardly any Aria in it so far :twilightsheepish:), but I did like that Aria's shown to be scary, and I'm curious to see where you'll go with it from here.

9252436 Yeah, this ship is quite rare. Which is why it caught my attention. It's my duty to give this ship love! :rainbowkiss:

Yeah, I know, but they have never met before, so, we have to start somewhere, right? :twilightblush:
Don't worry. The next chapter will be from Aria's point of view :raritywink:

I wasn’t able to play with him for long before my thoughts went back to my dream. Why did I have it? Is it possible that it’s connected to what happened yesterday? I never had a dream like that before until then, after all. I’m not sure. There isn’t much of my dream to analyze. All I remember if fog and darkness. There was something I stepped on, but I woke up before seeing what it was. There was something familiar about that object… but, what?

Typo here.

Congratulations, you are the first ever Sci-TwiBlaze in Uncommon Dazzling Ships.

9252512 Thank you! I just corrected it :twilightblush:

Yes, thank you! :twilightsmile:
I wanted to place the story in the correct folder, but I saw no folder with Sci-TwixAria, and it wouldn't have been right to place it on the Pony Twilight folder :twilightsmile:

That's because no one ever ships these two. We're the first ones! :scootangel:

9252543 Well, that's true. Like I sad, fanarts are really rare :duck:

ohhhh, an interesting ship, I'm gonna enjoy this :pinkiehappy:

A SparkleBlaze paring story eh?

This is actually pretty refreshing to read a paring story that was never done before. Plus you wrote other great stories before, so I like to see where this goes!

I'll be tracking this! :twilightsmile:

9252632 Thanks! That means a lot! :pinkiehappy:
This is my mission. To explore what no man has experimented with, and try to give them more love, even if it's just a little :rainbowdetermined2:
Just like I did with Rarixie :twilightsmile:

It's nice to see returning readers. :scootangel:

Yes, it's finally here :rainbowkiss:

9253044 After having planned it for months, it's finally time! :pinkiehappy:

Indeed, I have been looking forward when this story would be finally posted :pinkiehappy: And truth be told, after reading the comments and seeing the like counter, I have to say that I am very happy with how people are receiving this story -or at very least it's very unusual ship- so far :pinkiesmile:

Fingers crossed that this story becomes a success :twilightsmile:

9253061 Thank you! I was shocked by how well received it was as well :pinkiesmile:

I'm hoping for the best too. This shall be our masterpiece! :rainbowdetermined2:

You and MS sure got this story down so far. ^^ I can't wait to see the other ideas you two come up with.

We will do our best to not disappoint you or the readers :twilightsmile:

You guys haven't failed me yet. :rainbowkiss: Buuuut, maybe you can harass MS for more SunTrix? :trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

9255150 You know, I can easily uncover the censor bar :moustache:

LOL! :rainbowlaugh:
Okay, I will see what I can do :trollestia:

Hmm... I hesitate to criticize the characterization of the sirens, because so much of it has to be invented, but I'm rather put off by how nice Aria is here. That bit where she decided to let Twilight have the book just didn't feel at all like her to me--this is the same person who looked happiest when trying to brainwash students into adoring her, but suddenly she feels bad about taking a book someone else wanted? I like the idea of Aria and Twilight bonding over a shared love for science fiction and stuff, but this just doesn't feel much like Aria to me so far.

On a more technical note, I saw this happening a few times throughout the story:

“You don’t even know me? Do you think I’m some kind of fool?! You know perfectly who I am! Don’t play innocent with me!” Twilight Sparkle backed away, shaking from the angry girl. So pathetic. What happened to her?

The dialogue here was often super confusing to read because having Twilight do a thing after dialogue immediately makes me assume that she was the one who was speaking. So in that paragraph I quoted, the context made it clear that Aria was the one talking, but it took a moment for me to realize that because the narration went straight to Twilight doing a thing. Slapping a dialogue tag on should clear it up, though.

Funny that you mention it. Both MS and I missed an important thing aside form this. We forgot the AU tag atop of this slight over sight. Thanks for pointing it out for us.:scootangel: I don't speak for MS but I too have reservations about a friendly off the bat Aria, but hey you know its fun to read regardless right? :scootangel:

Yeah, the dialogue should be fixed. I'll take better care for that in the future. :scootangel: If you ever see anything else that's hard to understand or out of place please let us know. :scootangel:

9262171 I understand your comment. Like my editor said, we forgot adding the AU tag :twilightblush:
Thank you for bringing it up. I do hope that, regardless, you are able to enjoy this story. This won't be the only time Aria will be shown to have a nicer side :trixieshiftright:

About that dialogue you pointed out... yeah, I can see why people might get confused :facehoof:

That actually went pretty well. I'm curious to see more between the two of them.

I'm actually surprised that Adagio made Aria go to the park to see Sci-Twi and Sonata being nice to her, considering that the Dazzlings had a not-so-great history with the Rainbooms.

9262352 I added a new tag. The Dazzlings pretty much got reformed off screen. Aria was the only one who was still bitter with them, until Sonata made her change her mind. In the chapter, it's mentioned that the amulets made them dependent of magic. Once destroyed, they could consume regular food and have normal lives. :pinkiesmile:

I mean, I don't have any problem with Aria having a nicer side. I've written her as having one, and I think a nice moment from her can really stand out when done right. But here, when she's nice right away to a stranger, it makes her feel less like she's basically gruff and angry with a hidden, rarely-seen nice side--which I'm alright with--and more like she's fundamentally nice and just a little gruff and abrasive about it.

And I get it, I guess? If she's reformed by this point, then, sure, okay, maybe she can be nicer. That wasn't clear to me from reading the story at first, though; there is that bit about how they had to adapt to different food, but that, to me, didn't immediately connect to them having 'reformed.' I think I still wouldn't agree with this kind of characterization for a post-reformation Aria, but that's getting more into headcanon territory.

But... sorry, having the sirens reformed offscreen like this kinda kills my interest in the story. Not saying it's a bad choice--I think with the sirens, consistency within the story is almost as important as consistency with canon, if not more important, so you can probably make it work from here on out--but it does make me think we've got very different ideas of how Aria should be. And that's fine. If this is how you see Aria and how you like writing her, then I hope this story goes well. But it's not sounding like my kind of thing, sorry :twilightsheepish:

9263084 It's okay. Again, I understand what you say. I suppose I was focused on making the ship work, and I forgot about elaborating the Dazzlings' reformation. I do intend to explain it better later on, but for now, Aria will be behaving similarly to how she did in this chapter. I hoped explaining that the amulets made them dependent on magic and the curse being lifted after they got destroyed would be enough explanation for now. Then again, I know I can't please everybody.

The problem is, I just wrote a fic which consisted on 40 chapters and it took me more than a year to finish it. I wanted my next big project not to last that long because I have more stories I want to write. By having the Dazzlings reformed off screen, I saved a lot of chapters. I have read a fic where the Dazzlings returned as nice people and the Rainbooms had their reservations, but accepted them rather quickly. I saw no one commenting negatively on that. Probably because the fic was so well written. I know I'm not perfect and, like I said, I can't please everybody. So, if this story isn't for you, I won't be mad. You were kind to me and were honest about your thoughts without being hostile. That's good enough for me :ajsmug:

Just wanted to say I've enjoyed the first two chapters and I can't wait to see where this goes. Also, the fact that Aria and the rest are nicer in this story certainly makes sense to me, I've always thought that feeding off negative emotions might have influenced them so, combined with a broken curse, it just seemed right. Still, I hope that even with sci-twi influencing her Aria dosn't get too much nicer, I can't imagination her ever loosing all her sharp edges.

9264897 I'm glad you're enjoying it :twilightsmile:
Don't worry, Aria won't be doing charity nor will achieve world peace. She will keep being badass and edgy, but with a soft side :scootangel:


The problem is, I just wrote a fic which consisted on 40 chapters and it took me more than a year to finish it. I wanted my next big project not to last that long because I have more stories I want to write. By having the Dazzlings reformed off screen, I saved a lot of chapters.

Yep, can definitely see the appeal!

It doesn't surprise me that other people didn't complain much about it with that other story. My own belief has pretty always been that the Dazzlings are at their most interesting when they're not better, nicer people, but I think I'm usually in the minority there. I am really happy to see someone starting another long story about them, though (There can never be enough!), so I really hope that this keeps going, and I might give it a second chance when it's finished.

9266451 That other story I mentioned is partly why I'm writting this one. It's the reason why I got fond with nicer Dazzlings and the reason I wanted to try it myself, although with a different siren. It doesn't mean that I'll write Aria like a role model, though. She will keep her personality, her main traits, she will still be aggressive. But she will also have moments where she just opens herself when she's all alone with Sci-Twi. That's what I'm focusing on. Instead of writting a redemtion arc, I'll write an already "good" Aria struggling to open up to someone. After all, as far as we know, she has never had any friend nor talked to anybody outside her sisters.
So, I respect your views. We all have our tastes and favorites :twilightsmile:

Pleae let it be Princess Twilight. Please let it be Princess Twilight!!!!

9272521 It shall be revealed soon :twilightblush:
Anyway, like I said, Sunset's shipping won't make an impact on the overall story :twilightsmile:

The finished version of this chapter didn't turn out so different from it's prototype, but I ain't conplaining, seeing Sci-Twi being welcomed at CHS is always nice, 'till this day I wish we got some more on-screen moments of either Sunset or Sci-Twi bonding with the rest of the Main 7 :trixieshiftleft:

Sure, we get that with the webseries, but each episode is at most 4 or 5 minutes long :raritydespair: That's barely enough time :raritydespair:

I wonder what other movies Aria and Sci-Twi will watch on that VHS, btw :ajsmug:

9272622 So many friends, so little time. You're right, 4-5 minutes isn't much :twilightoops:

There's plenty of VHS' movies to choose from! :raritystarry:


So many friends, so little time. You're right, 4-5 minutes isn't much :twilightoops:

Exactly the reason why I am glad that fanfics like this one -and "Mysteries of Love"- exist :twilightsmile:

great chapter, I loved watching Aria's interactions with Twilight, they were a wonderful mix of sweetness and irritability. Can't wait to find out who asked Sunset out, while Sunlight and Sundagio are uselessly my favorite Sunset pairings, I'm kind of hoping it will turn out to be the human version of Chrysalis. After all, it would probably be helpful for Twilight to have a friend to talk to about dating someone who is something less than a goody two shoes, and of course the fact she's always good for some oh my god no humor would only make it more enjoyable.

“Yeah, she’s quite friendly. Although, it has her fault that they were sent to detention.”

You mean, "was"?

Anyway, another great chapter! The Rainbooms are nice to Sci-Twi, Sci-Twi bonding with Aria and now they're both going to Crystal Prep to get Twilight's things the next day. I hope the Shadow Bolts don't try anything bad to Sci-Twi! :twilightangry2:

Someone asking Sunset out eh? I have three guesses who that could've been, but I'll wait and see. :twilightsmile:

9272652 Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. Seriously, thank you for reading :raritystarry:

I'll try not to give clues about Sunset's date, because I know that if I give just a single one, I'll blow it up. But, fear not! You'll all have your answer soon enough :raritywink:

9272656 Yes, I meant that. Sorry! :facehoof:
Thank you for pointing it out. I do try to revise what I write more than once, but there's always something that escapes my eye :twilightblush:

Stay tuned to get your answers! :rainbowkiss:

No problem! I just wanted to help out! :pinkiesmile:

Looking forward for your next chapter! :twilightsmile:

And so it slowly begins :raritystarry:

And Sunny got a secret admirerer? I wonder who it is... I NEED INFORMATION TO FUNCTION! :trixieshiftright:

Looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

9272750 Slowly but surely :raritywink:

You may be surprised. You may not. Still, don't worry, I'll be sure to keep you entertained with the main story :rainbowkiss:

I have a idea of who I hope and think it will be, but maybe I'm wrong. You now who I'm talking about

“The name’s Rainbow Dash, or Awesome Dash for short.” The girl smirked while everyone glared at her. I thought it was funny.

I still get a kick out of that every time I read it. Only the nerd would find it funny. :rainbowlaugh: While everyone else who knows Rainbow just glares at her. Worst influence ever. :pinkiecrazy:

“It’s more like, early to rise, early to bed makes a person healthy but socially dead.” The athletic girl crossed her arms and frowned, causing Rarity to groan.

“I forgot with who I was talking to.” Rarity sighed.

I rest my case. . . :trollestia:

I also remembered the word I was going to use for Scitwi on the VCR. She had a nerdgasm.

9276596 What can I say? Gotta love Rainbow Dash :rainbowkiss:

Nerdgasm! :pinkiecrazy:

I really like the story here especially Aria her interactions with Twilight are adorable:heart::pinkiehappy::twilightsheepish::twilightblush::heart:

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