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TwiShy, AppleDash and Rarixie lover and writer. Also a gamer. Something else you need to know is that I'm strongly against Alicorn Twilight.



A year has passed since the events of "Magic Duel" and Trixie's career isn't going very well. She decides to swallow her pride and return to the place where she was first humiliated: Ponyville. Rarity, known for her generosity, decides to let her stay in her boutique. They don't get along at first, but after some time, Trixie starts to feel something she never has before.

This fic isn't part of the Magic of Love Trilogy.

Inspired by YourBronyGod's fic, The Great And The Generous.

Sequel is up!

Original pic belongs to SuperFluttershy100

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 585 )

So far Hooves, this is really great! I love how you went back to show us how she became so mean again. I thought that was awesome. I like it so far and can't wait to read the rest!

:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:.5/5 (so far)

3332544 Thank you! :raritystarry:
A little backstory doesn't hurt anypony... well, just Trixie. :twilightsheepish:

3332553 Yeah. Poor Trixie. Plus, potatoes hurt. Seriously. I was pelted by one once. Don't ask.

Hm, a Rarity and Trixie ship fic. I'll admit, even though I've heard of much weirder shippings, this one takes the cake since I actually read through the first chapter and the description. I am, however, curious to see how this unfolds and where it will inevitably lead to. It did have a few grammar mistakes here and there, but, in the end, it was pretty good.

~Formal Document

A little bit more of an explanation as to why Trixie goes back to Ponyville couldn't hurt. Why is that the only place she can still go to exactly? If she has been chased out of town in every single city in Equestria (which is already unlikely enough), how is Ponyville different?

Dunno what femslash is, but I'll read this anyway. :pinkiehappy:

Unless it's something nasty and ugly... What is femslash?:unsuresweetie:

3333274 3333233 Love between female characters, it can be +18 or not, in this case, it won't contain anything over the top sexual content, I don't like that :pinkiesmile:

3332815 That is true, but Twilight forgave her and saved her from the Alicorn Amulet, something inside told her that she would find help in that particular town :twilightsmile:

3333619 It was my brother who threw it at me, but I was okay. I got my revenge. :pinkiecrazy:

3333789 The :twilightoops: meant, to me, that I had to clear the air. :pinkiehappy:


Maybe you can work that in the story somehow. In my opinion (which is of course just an opinion) it would benefit the story.

3334117 Probably, thanks for the tip! I may or may not include it, but thanks anyway! :ajsmug:

Favorite pony being shipped with Trixie? :trixieshiftright:
Sure, I'll bite. Lets see where this couple goes :raritywink:

This looks to be a promising one. I'll bite. Good luck :)

Pretty good. A tad short for a first chapter, but overall, I enjoyed it.

Whee! :D

This has potential. I hope you write often, and longer chapters as well.

What is...:rainbowhuh:

I don't even...:rainbowderp:


Why must odd ships always sound so enticing to read? Now I'm going to have to read this through as it comes out.:raritydespair: Woe is me.:rainbowlaugh:

3335919 3336158 My first chapters are almost always short, the second one will be longer, I promise! :pinkiehappy:

3337033 It better be better, longer, faster and stronger.

[color=red ]or y̡o̼̳͈̫ư ca͆̊̄̅̑͡n̶̿ s̫͚̥͓̽͒́i̢̬͔̗̊̑̑ͬ́t o̶̞͖̼̝͖̎ͧ͐͛͂n̗̳͉̦̎̈̾͆͛͛̎͡ t̢͏̸̲̯͈̮ḩ͏͏̹̜̹̠͈̗̖͙͙̬ͅs ch́ͤ̍ͨ͐̚҉̴̕a̓̃̃͌ͯ̍͘͟iͫ̕͠͡r and tͨ̄ͩ̑́h̡ͦ̌̾̑ͤ͗ͧ́i̶͊́̓̐͛̏̆́͝nk about Wͭ̏̾ͬ̃̏̓͗҉Hͮͫ͗̓ͫ͗͑́͡Aͨ̃̈ͯ͝T͐̇̒ͪ͊ͦ̌́̕ ̶̶̓̊͜Yͪͮ̅͗͌̿̌͗͟͢Ơ̷̍̓͌̎Ů͑ͨ̄̐ͤͥ̓͡'V̶̵̠̟̣̦͙͇͎̓͘E̸̬̩͚̠ͣ͠ ̵̜̀̍͜D̵̛̠̘͙̠̣̻ͧͩO̞ͥ͆̚ͅN̰̼̘̩̗̟̝͂ͯ͋͂͡E̬̱͍͔̥̘̭̦͑̊ͥ͞

I have no doubt. Just remember: follow what your head tells you and what your heart feels.

3341810 I know that, just wait for the next chapter, OK?

Can't say I've read many Trixie/Rarity stories (romantic or otherwise), I'll give it a go.:derpytongue2:

Huh. Missed this somehow when it was first published. Whatever. Enjoyable as always.

I hope the next chapter doesn't have as many errors as this one.

...So, TwiShy?
You should probably mention all the pairings in the fic in the description, for people who don't like TwiShy or whatever else is coming up next. I guess it's okay if it's supposed to be a huge twist or whatever, but generally, this'll save you a lot of complaints.

3441116 Well, some of my other fics are focused on TwiShy, I mention it on my description and most of my followers are because of that, I took it for granted that it was evident since they are main characters as well, sorry :twilightsheepish:

Had 10 mins to kill, aaaaaannnnnd it's gone, and worth it! This story'll be interesting, I can tell!

ah ha i knew you wouldn't levee twishy out of this :yay: :twilightsmile:
Looks good so far, actually makes me feel pity for Trixie, huu i apparently have that feeling, who knew :twilightsheepish:

3442395 I would never leave TwiShy out of this! :twilightsmile:
Feeling pity for Trixie? That means I'm doing a good job, you will want to hug her later on! :pinkiehappy:

3442944 If i wanted to hug her at the end of Magic of love then this will make me fall in love with her (maybe) :ajsmug:
i can also see you butting Appledash in this somewhere, just a little mention that there are together,:twilightsmile:

I like what I've read so far:raritywink:
TwiShy seems to be making an appearance here. Curious to see if there will be any other pairings.

3443030 I could do that, but I won't. Too many shippings might ruin the story :twilightsmile:

3444147 I will spoil this... nope. Just Rarixie and TwiShy :raritywink:

I'm a big fan of the little bit of Sweetie Belle in this story. I love her anyways. So, woohoo! On top of that, I do like how Trixie slips with the "pretty mare" bit. :twilightsheepish:
The TwiShy is adorable as well.
Can't wait to read more Hooves!

3444811 Thanks Feathers, there will be more Sweetie Belle! :scootangel:
Note: Trixie is mocking her with that :trixieshiftleft:
Long live TwiShy! :yay:

3444936 Dang. Still. It was a slip in my mind. ^^

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