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This story is a sequel to Magic of Love

Twilight is planning something big for her marefriend, and is keeping it a secret from everypony. In the process, Fluttershy starts to wonder if the unicorn's feelings are true. Meanwhile, an old enemy starts to plot her vengeance! Hope you enjoy!
Contains Femslash, you been warned! ^_^

Original pic belongs to IraeCoal, here's her dA, make sure to check her out, you won't regret it!

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 462 )

Oh no D;

Bad Twily's parents. :fluttercry::fluttershysad:

1901817 Just what this story needed, more villains! :applecry:


In all seriousness... I'm interested to see where this goes!

The first part was great, and this seems to be as well :twilightsmile::heart::yay:

1901897 We are just started, enjoy the ride my friend! :pinkiehappy:

:pinkiehappy:yay! I was so happy to see you posted the sequel--especially so soon!

And question answered, indeed. Can't wait for more:yay:

It was your first story that first hooked me into fimfiction, just by the by:twilightsheepish:

1901998 Really? Thanks a lot, I'm glad I made you stay! :raritystarry:
It was my first fic ever with this show, I'm so glad to hear that it was successful! :twilightblush:

Love your story. Can't wait to see where this is going :twilightsmile:


@MysteriousStranger ... Just a suggestion: It might be a better, or at least clearer, title if you changed it to: Magic of Love, Part 2: A Bell's Sonata.

Shame on me for taking so long to read this, and shame on Twilight's parents for not accepting their daughter's relationship!

Can't wait for more ^^

So far is seen interesting, i feel sorry for Twilight for having so egocentrics parents.
This one will also go to my favorites.

A sequel so fast, I am surprised and happy :twilightsmile:

1902524 I did that on purpose, I'm spoofinf a title from a movie, can you guess which one? :twilightsmile:

So fast. Thank you for the sequel. Let's see where this is going.... :yay:

I hate to say I called it on Twi's parents, but I did.:fluttercry:

1905344 Twenty second reply? Holy fuck.

1905352 I just logged in, and as soon as I saw your comment on my previous story I got another notification from you :twilightsmile:

Yeah Twilight, when are you going to propose to her? :raritywink: Thanks for a new chapter. And what are you apologizing for? You are releasing new chapters in such short timedistances and thats awesome from you. :twilightsmile:

1910091 Thank you, I just thought that I took more than the normal with this one :fluttershysad:


Sorry to keep us waiting? I should be the one to say that for my fic .-.

Anyways, great chapter! Adorable, and waiting eagerly for more.

Hehe, talk of marriage is always fun ^w^ I can't wait to see how Twilight's gonna react

Gah I can already envision whats gonna happen! :rainbowkiss:
There will be romance! :raritystarry: :pinkiehappy: :heart:
Sadness! :raritycry: :raritydespair: :twilightoops: :fluttercry:
Drama! :moustache:
But in all seriousness good chapter. Can't wait for the next one.

Why are you apologizing? Was a good chapter, it was worth the waiting.

It's me that's taking so long, not you. You shouldn't apologize. :rainbowlaugh:
In all seriousness though, this was a good chapter. That ending was definitely the way to go, and I loved it! Although, make sure you capitalize the chapter's title like you did at the beginning of the chapter, instead of having it all lowercase.

"A Marvelous Night and a Surprise Morning."

Good job. :pinkiehappy:

i was finishing reading your last chapter and i ended up seeing this one go up O.o

Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

1912468 Yeah, editor and I are working hard! :twilightsheepish:

Another chapter already?

There's been so much TwiShy this year so far... Not that there's a problem with it or anything, but wow... So much TwiShy :twilightsmile::heart::yay:

Great chapter though! And poor Flutts...

1912505 Nice way to start the year I guess! :pinkiehappy:


Best way to start the year :yay:


1912534 Keep reading if you want to know how it get solved... If I make it get solved... :pinkiecrazy:

Quick question. Where did you find that picture? It is absolutely amazing with them kissing and their mane's styled up like that. :pinkiehappy:

1912613 Don't worry, I guess I should put it more clear :moustache:

Yeah you should mention it in your summary. This one author did the same thing without mentioning/ giving credit to the author and i think he/she was suspended for a couple of days and had to discard the picture. Just letting you know cause I don't want to see you gone. :pinkiesad2: You're a good writer.

1912641 Okey Dokey Lokey, I'll do it right now! :pinkiehappy:
And that made my day, thank you! :raritystarry:

Another chapter huh? My goodness you two are working fast. Also...I forsee possible tragedy ahead :rainbowderp:

1913109 I'm not a master of drama like you but I'll do my best! :twilightsheepish:

I wouldn't say I was a master, but thanks nonetheless :twilightsheepish:

1913124 Seriously, I'm reading "Despite All Odds" and all I can say is... Wow! :rainbowderp:

Yup. And, please, thank you:twilightblush:


Coincedentally enough, however, the first story I saw, but didn't read at the time, was one by BlueDragonIsAwesome:rainbowlaugh:.

Sorry it took me a while to resopnd.

well, well, well, well well, well, well well well, Fluttershy gets curiouser and curiouser as the relationship goes on. I wonder when she'll ever have peace?:fluttercry:

1915053 Don't worry about that :raritywink:
Maybe you can read the stories from dragon? :twilightsmile:

Fluttershy why do you allways jump to conclusions? Don't you trust Twi :twilightblush:?

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