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My Chemical Reaction - MysteriousStranger

Still recovering from the Midnight Sparkle incident, Twilight seeks to distract herself with a new book she

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Elementary Reaction

Twilight's P.O.V.

This was it. Monday and my first day as a Canterlot High School student. I’m so nervous! Will I fit in? Will people be afraid of me after what happened last week? Something I could see when I was here last time is that the ambience in this school wasn’t as bad as in the Crystal Prep Academy. At least the halls looked less intimidating, and barren.

I have made sure to be prepared. I woke up early and had a decent breakfast. I also packed my bag with all the books I needed yesterday, paper, extra pencils, and extra extra paper for surprise drafts! I was ready.

I stood still in front of my new school when I arrived. I had a few minutes to spare. “Calm down, Twilight. Maybe… maybe they won’t be mad at me. The school’s still standing, right? I mean, the school’s mascot is still destroyed, but no one got hurt. Just… breathe.” I took a deep breath before climbing the steps and walking in. The students were walking to their lockers or just talking. No one noticed me. So far, so good. Everything was going well until I bumped into someone.

“Hey, watch it! Oh… it’s you.” I looked at the person I accidentally crashed into. It was the girl I met last Saturday morning, Trixie.

“Oh, I’m sorry, Trixie. I was distracted. I’m trying to fit in.”

“Right, it’s your first day.” Trixie turned her head to one of the hallways. “The Principal’s office is across that hall. You should go there first.”

“Y-Yes! That’s a good idea. Thank you.”

Trixie raised a hand, smiling proudly. “Of course. Now, you’re standing in the middle of the corridor, so…”

“S-Sorry!” I moved aside and she started to walk around. “See you.”

Trixie waved a hand without turning around. “Yeah, yeah.” The encounter wasn’t friendly, but it wasn’t aggressive either. I think. She did help me after all. Speaking of which, I should go to report to the Principal’s office.

“I wouldn’t get to close to her if I were you. She’s a bad influence.” I glanced towards where the voice came from to find a familiar face. A girl with a rainbow-colored hair, was leaning against the wall and had her arms crossed over her chest.

“Ah wouldn’t say yer a good influence either, Rainbow.” A blonde girl with a stetson showed up, followed by 4 other girls. These were the people who were nice to me after the Friendship Games. I smiled and waved at them. I was about to greet them, when one of them rushed to hug me extremely tight.

“Yay! Twilight’s here! Welcome!” This girl was suffocating me. Luckily, one of her friends intervened.

“Pinkie, give her some space. She just got here.” I remember her. She’s the one who saved me when I was that… monster. Sunset Shimmer. She walked towards me as her friend released me from the hug. When she was right in front of me, she raised at hand at me, wanting me to shake mine with hers. “We’re happy to have you around, Twilight.” I made her go crazy when I manipulated all the magic I gathered. She yelled at me. I got her stressed. And yet, she’s here, welcoming me. I hesitated, but in the end, I shook hands with her.

“Thank you. I-I’m sorry for everything. It won’t happen again.”

“We have already forgiven you.” Sunset Shimmer released my hand, still smiling. “Why don’t we forget what happened and start from zero?”

“R-Really?” I grinned. “I-I would love that!”

“Cool! We’ll start by giving you a quick tour of the school.” The athletic girl was the one to speak this time.

“Yes-“ the student with amethyst hair walked towards me. “-because although you have been here last week, you probably didn’t pay much attention to your surroundings.”

“That’s true, I hardly remember where anything is.” I said. “But I should probably see the Principal first.”

“We already took care of it.” Sunset Shimmer spoke again. “We asked her to allow us to help you to settle in. Your locker is close to ours.”

“We also have your schedule. Here it is.” The girl with amethyst hair said as she gave me a piece of paper. “Remember to inform Principal Celestia when you choose your extra-curricular subjects.”

“Thank you, uhh… I’m sorry, you seem to remember my name, but I forgot yours.”

“That’s quite alright, darling. A proper introduction is due, then. I’m Rarity.”

“I’m Pinkie Pie!”

“Ah’m Applejack.”

“U-Umm… I’m Fluttershy…”

“The name’s Rainbow Dash, or Awesome Dash for short.” The girl smirked while everyone glared at her. I thought it was a little funny.

“I’m Sunset Shimmer, and don’t hesitate to come to any of us if you need help or if you just want to talk.”

“Yeah, consider us your friends.” Rainbow Dash said. She and everyone else were smiling at me.

“M-My friends…? R-Really?” everyone nodded. I can't believe it... They... They actually wanted to be my friends? Is this real? Or is it a dream? No, it’s not. This was real. I’m sure of it. I opened my mouth to speak, but I yawned instead.

“Rough night?” Sunset Shimmer chuckled.

“Not really... I woke up early than usual today for the excitement of my first day.”

“I can’t blame you. Mornings are made to sleep.” Rainbow Dash chuckled. “Mornings are meant to be spent in bed.”

“Wakin’ up early is rewardin’, sugarcube. Trust me, ah know what ah’m talkin’ ‘bout.” Applejack said.

“Yes- “Rarity joined the conversation. “-remember, Rainbow, early to bed, early to wake makes a lady smart, pretty and great.”

“It’s more like, early to rise, early to bed makes a person healthy but socially dead.” The athletic girl crossed her arms and frowned, causing Rarity to groan.

“I forgot with who I was talking to.” Rarity sighed.

“Why don’t we start with the tour now so we’re done before the first class starts?” Sunset Shimmer spoke again, smiling nervously. I think she was trying to prevent an argument.

“Good idea. We ain't got much time.” Applejack said with a smug. My new friends surrounded me and walked me through the corridors. I paid attention to everything they told me during the tour to be able to navigate the school without getting lost.

The morning was going smoothly. I had no problem to adapt to my classes. I gave a good first impression to my new teachers. They already love me. I’m also able to walk around without getting bullied at all. I love this school!

I was now in English class. Rainbow Dash was sitting next to me. I was listening to the teacher, Miss Cheerilee and taking notes, until my phone started to ring. It took me completely by surprise. I gasped while the entire class stared at me. I picked up my phone, but I panicked and dropped it. “S-Sorry! I’m so sorry!” I took my phone and dismissed the call before turning it off.

“What was that? You left an ex behind at the CPA?” Rainbow Dash commented with a smirk.

“N-No! It’s nothing like that!” My entire body was heating up. I can’t believe I forgot to silence my phone. How embarrassing!

“Please, turn off your phone during class.” Miss Cheerilee scolded me.

“I’m really sorry. It won’t happen again.” My first day couldn’t be perfect now. I can’t believe I received a phone call during class the one day I forgot to silence it.

I had no other misfortune during the rest of the classes. I pulled out my phone while I was walking out the school to check who called me. The number wasn’t registered, and by the looks of it, the number came from a house. Whoever the caller was, they tried again a few times more before stopping. I was curious, so I called the number after arriving to the corner of the block. I waited until the person on the other side answered, although aggressive.

“I don’t want to be bothered. Who is this?” I recognized the voice. A smile instantly appeared on my face.

“Aria? Were you the one to call me earlier today?”

“Oh, Twilight. Hello.” Her voice softened. “Yes, I called, but you hung up on me.”

“You called me while I was in class. I almost got in trouble. I’m sorry, but I’m done with school for the day. I’m free to talk.”

“School, right… umm… I was just wondering when we can meet up again. I must read more of that book.”

“I see…” My smile faded. I started to wonder if she only wanted to read instead of forming a friendship. But it was too soon to get to conclusions. “Why don’t we see each other this Thursday after school? Where do you want to meet? I chose last time.”

“I really don’t go out much. Uhh… meet me at the bookstore where we met. My home is a couple of blocks away from there. Maybe we can hangout at my place?”

Her home? I regained my smile. She wouldn’t invite me over to where she lives if she only cared about the book, right? “I’ll be looking forward to it. You can show me your VCR later.”

“Sure, why not? As long as you don’t disarm it, tech guru.”

I giggled. “I promise, I’ll only take a look at it. I’ll leave my screwdriver at home.”

“Yes, do that. Uhh…” There was a short silence. I gave her time to say whatever she had in mind. “I suppose we can watch a movie afterwards. Or T.V. if you prefer to.”

I wanted to squeal, but I repressed it. I was dying to see an actual movie in VHS! “A movie is not a bad idea.”

“Cool. Until Thursday, then.”

“Goodbye, Aria. It was nice to talk to you.”

“Yeah…” she hung up, leaving me with a big smile on my face. She didn’t invite me over just because she wanted to read. It looks like she’s interested in a friendship as well. I saved her number just as someone approached me.

“What’s that? You gave your ex a call?” I recognized that voice. I turned around to find Rainbow Dash and the rest of my friends beside her. She chuckled before placing an arm on my shoulder. “Just joking, Twilight.”

“Hey, everyone. What’s up?” I greeted them as I pulled my phone away.

“We’re going to a place called Sugarcube Corner to hang out. Do you want to come?” Sunset smiled as she spoke.

“I work there!” Pinkie Pie said with excitement. It seems like she’s usually in a good mood.

“Umm… sure! Just let me text my parents to tell them I’ll be home later.”

“Sure thing.” Rainbow Dash said. I walked with my new friends as I wrote my parents the text message. I still need to assimilate that this is happening. I was convinced friendship wasn’t for me. It’s not normal that I’m wrong about anything, but this time, I’m glad that I was mistaken.

Thursday finally came. With my purse in hand, I once again headed towards the bookstore I met Aria for our meeting. This time, I took the bus. I got blisters after last time, and I don’t want to go through that again.

I arrived to the bookstore with some minutes to spare. Aria didn’t specify if we would meet inside or outside, so I waited for her by the door. To kill time, I took a look at the books being shown on the other side of the window. I couldn’t stop smiling. This has been the best week of my life. I have made six new friends this week. They’re wonderful and so nice to me. I’m just so happy! But I have spent a lot of time with them the past days. This is the second time I’m meeting with Aria Blaze. We had a good time last Sunday, but I’m not sure if we’re friends yet. I didn’t move my eyes from the books being exhibited behind a glass, until I heard the shop’s door opening and a familiar voice.

“Well, hello there.” I turned my head towards where the voice came from and saw Aria, smirking and with her arms crossed.

“Oh! I didn’t notice you inside. I’m so sorry! I’m…”

Aria raised her hand to stop me. “It's cool. I arrived ten minutes ago to not be late like last time.”

“I see.” I regained the smile I momentarily lost. “It’s good to see you again. I have actually been looking forward to this day.”

“Really?” Aria raised an eyebrow. “Why is that?”

“We had a great time last Sunday. I was hoping we could do it more often. You seem nice.”

“Nice?” Aria chuckled darkly. My smile faded again. “Trust me, I’m not nice. I warned you last time that I'm not a good person.”

“I still disagree.” I beamed again. “You felt bad for yelling at me and you apologized. When we debated the book, I could see you were enjoying it, plus, you called me to meet again, which means that you had a good time too."

Aria frowned then looked away. She appeared to be thinking what to say. After a few seconds, she spoke without looking at me. “Y-Yes… I had fun… you’re… interesting…” she looked at me again. “Come on, I’ll take you to my place.” She said, as she placed her hands in her pockets.

“Okay.” I followed Aria, being careful not to get too close to her. I avoided looking directly at her as well. She didn’t like when I showered her with questions last time, so I’ll behave better.

The walk to Aria's house was relatively quiet. From our first meeting I could tell Aria wasn't much of a talker, where's I tend to ramble.

Her walk though was filled with confidence and purpose. I could see she was a no nonsense person who knew what she wanted and how to get it. From the way she spoke to the clothes she wore she was nothing if not confident in herself. I have to admit, I'm a bit envious. I wish I had half the courage she showed in the short time I knew her.

“We’re here.” I took a look at Aria’s house. It was a quaint little single story home with a small concrete path to the front door and a small balcony. The home was old and covered in small cracks and holes, and I was pretty sure the wooden floors on the balcony were going to snap from our combined weight. My assessment, it was a dump, but quaint. I smiled at Aria.

“Looks like a nice place to live.” It can’t be so bad. Aria and her sisters has been living here for a while. I can’t judge a book for its cover. The content is what’s important.

“I guess.” Aria shrugged and opened the door. I walked behind her and closed the door once I was in. Aria turned on the lights and lead me to the kitchen. “My sisters aren’t home for the moment. Do you want something to drink? Or a snack, maybe?”

“A drink will be fine.”

“Sure.” Aria opened the fridge. “I have water or orange juice. I also have Adagio’s wine, but she won’t let anyone near her cellar.”

I giggled. “It’s fine, I don’t drink alcohol. I’ll take the juice.” The hostess took the juice from the fridge and filled two glasses with it before putting it back. “Thank you.” I said when she gave me one of the glasses.

“Sure.” She took a sip. “The living room is over here.” I followed Aria to the living room, where she sat on the couch. Despite the outside looking in a bad shape, the inside of the house was not so bad. It was well taken cared of, and the furniture was in good conditions as well. The T.V. was an old model, but I knew the brand. It’s made to last. My eyes quickly found the device below it. A big grin appeared on my face as I walked towards it.

“So, this is the famous VCR, huh?” I knelt and placed my glass and purse aside.

“The one and only.” Aria took another sip of her drink.

“I know this model. It’s a SLV-N70! This model is special. It combines value and performance in a VCR. Good quality through and through. With a reality Regenerator Picture Enhancement Circuitry and uses advanced edge detection logic to improve the playback picture sharpness of every tape! Back in the day, this was the VCR you wanted to have.”

Aria chuckled and smirked. “You sure weren’t kidding when you said you’re good with technology.”

I glanced at Aria, still with my grin intact. “These are quite rare, you know? How did you get it?”

“It was here when we moved. I’m sorry if you were expecting a long story about how I ventured in a journey around the country looking for it.”

I giggled. “It’s fine. I can’t wait to watch a movie with it, but first…” I grabbed the book which lead Aria and I to meet and gave it to her. “I read a few more chapters. I would have read more, but I’ve made a few new friends.”

“Cool. Maybe I’ll catch up to you next time.” Aria smiled as she took the book. She had her legs on the seat, but there was still room for me to sit.

“I sure hope so. There’s so much to talk about! You have no idea how much I’m suffering for having to stay silent.”

“Well, I appreciate it. I almost punched Sonata in the face once after she spoiled the ending of a movie I was watching, but my other sister, Adagio, stopped me. There’s no one around to stop me this time.” Aria said, as she started to read. Was she serious…? It’s a good thing I hate spoiling things to people then. My life may depend on it with Aria. “Don’t worry, I wouldn’t hurt you. I might raise my voice, but I still enjoy your company.” I felt something inside me. Something warm. Aria Blaze wasn’t kind when we first met, but now she’s saying she enjoys my company? This is unexpected. Despite looking and sometimes acting like a bad girl, she’s a nice person on the inside. “Hey, everything alright?”

“Huh?” I blinked and shook my head. “What? Why?”

“You’re staring into nothing. Is there something in your mind?” Aria tilted her head.

“Oh!” I didn’t realize how long I was staring. I got distracted with my thoughts. My cheeks got warm. “It’s nothing. I’m sorry.” I took my purse and juice again and sat on the couch with Aria. She shrugged and continued to read. This time, I remained silent. I won’t test her patience again. I did, however, glance at her from time to time. Something about her intrigues me. But what? Why can’t I stop looking at her? Whenever I felt she’s about to gaze at me, I looked away and my heart rate increased.

“You were right. I love this Iris girl. I think she might become my favorite character.” Aria commented during her read.

“It’s only the second chapter. Isn’t it too soon to choose a favorite?” I felt relieved to have an excuse to look at her.

“Why wait? She’s so sassy and serious. She’s able to shut anyone’s mouth without cursing a single time. I doubt other characters can top that.”

“What about Hikari? She’s goofy and her lacks of magic skills, but she doesn’t give up. She also refuses to stop idolizing Amélie Delacour, despite everyone telling her she’s not that great.”

“I admire her. Don’t get me wrong, I like her too, but not as much as Iris. I wonder how often will these two interact.”

“Keep reading and you’ll find out.” Aria continued to read and I patiently waited for her. Again, I glanced at her once in a while. What I feel within me, the warmth in my stomach and chest… it’s like a chemical reaction. I had never felt something like this before. What is it? Whatever it is, the warmth I feel is light. I barely notice it. I won’t think much about it unless it persists.

When Aria finished another chapter, she closed the book and grinned. “This book only gets better.”

“I know, right?! Wasn’t it so nice of Hikari to help her roommate Johanna to sneak out of the school to go to a convention she really wanted to go?”

“Yeah, she’s quite friendly. Although, it was her fault that they were sent to detention.”

“Those tarts must really have been delicious in order for her wanted to want to go as far as to steal them.” I commented. “But sending Hikari’s friends to detention because they didn’t stop her? They didn’t know she was going to steal them. It’s… illogical.”

“I suppose the author wanted to go for humor there.” Aria said as she put the book aside.

“Strange humor, in my opinion. But, everything worked out in the end. Johanna could get the autograph she wanted and a gift from her favorite author.”

“At least in the end everything worked out.” Aria stretched her arms. “Looks like this book is focusing on friendship as much as magic.”

“It would probably have been dull if it only focused on how the school works.”

“I guess.” Aria crossed her arms. “I’m not saying that I don’t like it, but I have never been interested in that friendship thingy.” My heart sank. Is she not interested in being my friend? She’s only interested on the book? Am I wasting my time? I should probably just allow her to keep the book. But… we have had good conversations. Not to mention she has said that she enjoys my company. Maybe she can change her mind. “So…” Aria glanced at me. I looked at her. “I could read more, but I bet you would get bored of just watching me. I did say we could watch a movie, if you want…”

My eyes shined as I grinned. “Right! On your VCR!”

“Y-Yes…” she was probably dumbfounded by my reaction. I couldn’t help it. It might be the only chance I’ll have to watch a VHS in all its glory. “I have some movies by the device. Choose whichever you wan-”

I jumped off the couch and knelt by the T.V. before Aria finished speaking. Obviously, the movies she had were old, but that didn’t mean they were bad. To affirm myself, Aria had an 80’s gem. “I see you have Wraithbusters. I have heard it’s one of the best movies of its decade, but I never watched it.”

“Well, put it in the VCR then.” Aria placed her feet on the floor, sitting properly as she spoke. I opened the box and took the tape from within it.

“It’s… beautiful. Look at the cover, look at the logo. I wish I could open it to examine it closely.”

“Don’t you dare. It wasn’t cheap, you know?” Aria grumbled.

I giggled. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t going to actually do it. It would be a waste to destroy a movie just to see the inside of the tape.” I put the movie inside the device. Hearing all the noises of the VCR working was exciting! A loud clicking, whirring sound, it was like listening to a mechanical orchestra.

“I wouldn’t recommend you to sit so close the T.V.” I glanced at Aria, who smirked. “Sit with me. I don’t bite. Not anymore, at least.”

Again, I didn't know if she was joking or not, but I smiled and walked towards the couch to sit just as the movie started. Or rather the ending credits were rolling.

“Oh, damn it! I forgot to rewind it!” Aria approached to the VCR and knelt to push the button to make the tape go backwards. “I would avoid watching the movie until I reach the beginning of it. You know, spoilers.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll look away.” I diverted my attention to the floor just beside Aria.

The only sounds I was hearing was my own breathing and the VCR rewinding, until Aria spoke again. “So… how was your week?”

“Hmm?” I glanced at Aria. The question caught me by surprise.

“It’s going to take a little while to rewind to the beginning of the movie, so… yeah, tell me something about you.” Aria asked.

My cheeks felt slightly warm. “U-Umm… well, like I said earlier, I have made my first real friends this week. I transferred from my old school to Canterlot High School.”

“Canterlot High School?” Aria raised an eyebrow. I could swear I saw one of her eyes twitching. “I know that place. You sounded excited on the phone. You like it there?”

“I love it! Since Monday, my new friends were always asking me to spend time with them. To talk, to have fun. They’re caring and always smiling at me. I’m not used to people being friendly to me. They even wanted to hang out today with me, but I said I already had plans.”

“Oh, uhh… I’m sorry for taking away your free time with them.” Aria looked guilty.

“No, no. It’s okay.” I smiled at her. “I made plans with you first. You didn’t take away anything. We’ve made plans for Sunday instead.”

Aria smirked. “That’s a relief.” She looked back at the T.V. “Not much longer now.” She glanced at me. “You said that you’re not used to people being friendly to you. You had no friends in your previous school?”

“Only one. My dean.” I sighed and looked away, losing my smile. “The entire school was against me. Even the Principal. I was really unhappy.” My beam returned as I glanced back at Aria. “But that’s over. I have a social life now and I couldn’t be happier.”

”That’s… nice.” The hostess turned her attention to the T.V. “Well, here we are. The beginning of the movie.” She pressed the play button and returned to the couch just as the movie started. “I hope I don’t disappoint you.”

“Not at all. The quality might be different, but I’ll enjoy it regardless.” And I did. Just watching an actual VHS on an actual VCR allowed me to appreciate a movie just like people did decades ago. I even got startled at the wraith librarian scene. I gasped and scooted closer to Aria. It caught me by surprise.

“And there’s people who make fun of old movies because of its primitive special effects.” Aria said with a chuckle.

“They’re not bad if they manage to scare you.”

“It didn’t scare me when I first watched it. I’m not easy to shock.”

“So, you have never gasped in horror for anything? You never had problems to sleep after watching something terrifying?”

“Nope.” Aria crossed her legs. “If anything, I can find jump scares annoying. Filmmakers rely on them too much nowadays.”

“They get me every time. That’s why I don’t watch horror movies often. I thought this movie was supposed to be comedy.”

“It is. Just give it time. It mixes horror and comedy pretty well. If it makes you feel better, I can warn you when a scary scene is about to happen.” Aria said with a playful smirk.

“I would really appreciate that. Thank you.” I smiled and watched the rest of the movie. Like she promised, Aria warned me whenever a chilly scene was about to happen and I could get ready, thus, enjoining the film. “It was very entertaining. I can now see why it’s considered a classic.”

“Yeah. Too bad the sequel was a disaster.” Aria said as she headed towards the VCR.

“Why you say that?”

“They did the exact same thing with little variations and more kid friendly. The movie wasn’t supposed to be for children, but for some reason, they watched it and loved it. The cast was pretty much pressured to write a sequel for them. If you want to see it by yourself, I can rent it the next time you come. But you have been warned.”

“That’s… a wonderful idea!” I grinned. This was a good sign. There’s a possibility of making a new friend! I was about to speak again, when my phone started to ring. I checked who it was. “It’s my mom. I need to take this.”

“Go ahead.” Aria smirked again before rewinding the movie again. “I’ll just leave everything ready for the next time I want to watch it.” I nodded at her before answering the phone.

“Hi, mom!” my tone was lighthearted.

“Hello, Twily. I hope I’m not bothering you while you’re with your friend.”

“No, don’t worry. We just finished watching a movie. Is something up?”

“I just wanted to share some good news. We have a surprise for you.”

“A surprise? What surprise?” I was dumbfounded. Aria looked at me.

“Since you no longer have access to the lab at the Crystal Preparatory Academy, your father and I have made room in the basement for you to relocate your equipment there. We have been moving everything while you weren’t around. You’ll be able to use it this weekend.”

“R-Really? That’s… w-wow…” I was grinning by this point. “Thank you so much mom! Thank dad for me!”

My mother giggled. “You can thank him yourself when you return. You’re welcome, dear.”

“I’ll call Cadence later to tell her I have where to put all my equipment. I’ll see if I can go to Crystal Prep. tomorrow after school to bring the fragile stuff and the books I still have in my old locker. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“We knew you would be excited. We barely kept ourselves from reveal the surprise before time. Alright, dear, I’ll hang up now so you can continue to spend time with your friend.”

“Okay. See you later mom. Oh, and thank you!”

“Alright.” My mother laughed. “See you later.” I couldn’t remove the grin from my face after hanging up. Aria smirked at me.

“You look awfully happy. Good news?”

“Wonderful news, actually. Remember the lab I told you I used to have?”


“My parents made room in the basement for me to use it as my new lab. I can’t believe it!”

Aria chuckled. “Yeah, you really are in a great mood now. That lab of yours is important to you, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I feel like I’m losing my intelligence the longer I’m not in it. The first thing I’ll do is to look for a VCR to examine it!” I stood up, raising a fist with determination. However, my smile disappeared when I remembered what else I have to do before recovering my lab.

“What’s wrong?” Aria was confused by the sudden loss of my smile.

“It’s nothing, just-“ I sat back on the couch, crossing my arms on my belly. “I have to return to my former school tomorrow to pick up my stuff and I know for a fact the students will not give me a bright welcome… I’m not looking forward to it…” Sorrow filled my heart as I remembered all the awful things my former classmates did to me. My eyes were starting to feel wet when a shadow covered me. I looked up and saw Aria in front of me. She was frowning and had her arms crossed.

“You’re afraid that they will make you miserable again?”

I nodded. “It was terrible, Aria. For years, I had to put up with their pranks, verbal abuse and practical jokes. I was blackmailed by the principal to participate in an event I didn’t want to take part in. But at least that allowed me to meet my new friends.” A smile appeared on my face, but only briefly.

“Hold on, the principal blackmailed you?” Aria was visibly angry. I nodded before speaking again.

“Cinch threatened to revoke my application to an independent student program at a prestigious university if I didn’t do what she wanted.”

“That school is full of thugs. What made you stay there? Why didn’t you move of school before?”

“I didn’t want to let down my parents. It’s a prestigious school. Besides, I thought no school would be kind to me.”

“The bullying was so intense that they made you think no one would ever like you…” I nodded and Aria looked away. We remained silent for a few seconds, and then, she sighed. “I’ll go with you.”

“Wh-What?” I glanced at Aria, confused.

“I’ll go with you. They will target you again the moment you walk in. I won’t allow them to do that.”

My eyes widened. She’s really going to do that? “You… want to come with me? Why? You barely know me.”

“Because… I just want to, okay? Look, you said they won’t be awaiting for you with open arms. I know where the school you go is. Meet me at the bus station that’s two blocks from there.”

“I-I…” My heart rate increased and I had a warm feeling inside me, similar to the one I had before, while I was looking at Aria while she was reading. I can’t reject her offer. It would be unkind of my part, not to mention, I don’t want to go alone. “I’m… going to meet you then. Tomorrow, after school.”

“Good.” Aria smirked. “Don’t worry, I’ll have your back.”

I smiled and my cheeks got warm. I was about to touch my cheek when I looked at the time at the clock. “Oh, it’s that time already?! I-I’m sorry, Aria, but I have to go. I have to meet with my friends.”

“Okay. Have fun with that. Oh, your book…”

“Why don’t you keep it for the weekend? I’ll be busy setting up my lab and I won’t have time to read.”

“Cool! It will be good to kill the boredom.”

I giggled. “You’re welcome.” I took my purse and walked to the door. “Well, goodbye. I’ll call you, or you call me. Whatever happens first.”

Aria chuckled. “Mystery is part of the fun. See you.”

I giggled again and waved at her. She waved at me and I left the house. As I walked away, I was able to touch my cheek. It was still warm. Maybe it’s not a big deal. I tell myself that, but I’m starting to get really curious about this… reaction. I have never felt something like this before. My phone started to ring. Checking my caller, I saw it was one of my friends. “Hello?”

“Oh, Twilight, darling! Have you heard about Sunset?” Rarity went straight to the point.

“What’s up with Sunset? Is she okay?”

“She’s okay, dear. She might actually be better than okay if she takes the leap. Oh, she’s so lucky!”

“I’m sorry, Rarity, but you lost me. Why is Sunset lucky?”

“That’s right, we haven’t told you yet. I’m sorry, Twilight, with the excitement I forgot.”

“Don’t worry. You can explain it to me soon. We’re going to meet at Sugarcube Corner shortly.”

“But I can give you an advance. Long story short, Sunset has been receiving love letters for around several weeks now. Today she got another one. But this one was special. The secret admirer finally asked her out! Sunset is on a date right now!”

She’s… what?! Wow, I had no idea. I suppose the subject was never brought up. Which surprises me, considering how much my friend Rarity loves everything romance related. I’m happy for Sunset, but... love letters? “Romantic? Maybe, but why love letters? Isn’t it better to straight up confess your feelings?”

“For some, confessing is nearly impossible. We still don’t know who Sunset’s date is. It could be any student. Maybe someone we really don’t know. Whoever is crushing on her could be too nervous to even greet her. Leaving anonymous letters can often be helpful to relief the anxiousness. But, darling, I would hate to leave this debate between us. Share your opinion with all of us when we meet up.”

“Yes, okay. I need to stop by my home first. I’ll be there soon.”

“Adieu, dear.”

I hang up. Someone is crushing on Sunset? That’s… intriguing. I would love to examine the letters to see if I can discover the identity of her secret admirer, but with less than a week at Canterlot High, I won’t be able to unmask them. Still, I’ll support Sunset on the matter.

Author's Note:

Sci-Twi returning to CPA? A certain group of students will most likely try to mess with our poor Twily :fluttershysad:
Luckily, Aria will be there too :ajsmug:

Also, in case you’re worrying, Sunset’s date will be a background shipping. It will not steal the spotlight at all. I have already written a background shipping once and I believe I did a good job. I can do it again :raritywink:

I want to give zalla661 a big thanks for editing this chapter before its release and suggesting me ideas to improve it! :pinkiehappy:

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