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TwiShy, AppleDash and Rarixie lover and writer. Also a gamer. Something else you need to know is that I'm strongly against Alicorn Twilight.



This story and its sequel now takes place in the same Universe as My Chemical Reaction.

Sunset Shimmer is still not so popular in Canterlot High due to her past actions, so she's surprised when she starts receiving love notes from a secret admirer. What's odd is that the admirer is using a method to reach her no one uses anymore. Who is this misterious person?

This story is a gift to my proofreader, zalla661, as a thanks for all his help! :pinkiehappy:
The cover image was created by him :moustache:

Note: I know the cover looks scary, but I swear, it's a romance one-shot! The problem is the small size :twilightblush:

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This story is a gift to my proofreader, zalla661, as a thanks for all his help!
The cover image was created by him

In that case, please inform him he messed up Sunset's eyes.

LOL, of Nova obviously I didn't mess up her eyes. Who else would be worthy of Sunset's eyes? :scootangel:

Aww, that was so cute! Love letters never cease to amaze me. How did you know I liked those?:heart: :pinkiegasp: :heart:Seriously, I love the use of love letters! Call me a simpleton, but I personally like it when someone sends a letter of love or admiration to another.:raritystarry: It adds an air of mystery and suspense when you wonder who it's from. For some reason shy Sunset makes me smile.

And of course, you get bonus points for tsundere Trixie as always. :trixieshiftright: tsundere Trixie IS best Trixie after all. Not that I'm admitting I like your story or anything. Baka. Thanks for the story!
I knew you had it in you !! derpicdn.net/img/view/2014/7/4/667328__safe_artist-colon-stencilknight_trixie_baka_decal_female_japanese_magic_mare_pony_solo_unicorn.png

8647728 Thanks! I'm glad you like it. And sorry for it being too short :twilightblush:

This is one of my favorite ships and one I find to be very underrated. I'm very happy you wrote this

8649157 I don't ship it, but I'm glad you enjoyed it! :twilightsmile:

Can you point out any more good stories with this ship?

Well there's Shimmer of Magic by Hakuno. That the best and most well know fic involving these two. There also a sequel to it as well

A very good choice. :scootangel: Hakuno is the one who got me into this ship.

Oh yeah, I remember it. Never got to finish it though.
Thanks for reminding. :twilightsmile:


Gonna have to agree here. The color situation made me think it was a horror story due to how small the images in her eyes are.

Had I been looking at the image alone it would have seemed much better but in the small size for the story that it is, I keep thinking it's a horror.

8652118 What about this version? :rainbowderp:

Sorry, but the small size of the cover makes it look scary :ajsleepy:

That one wasn't very well done honestly. It was my own fault. :facehoof: Sorry if the cover art seemed misleading.


Nah. I knew it was you writing so I figured it wasn't going to be horror XD

And it's still an adorable little story. I just wish there was more. It reminded me a lot of my Experiments story and actually makes me wanna write something in this vein. Maybe. We'll see.

But yeah. It's just the black eyes mostly.

Still, when large both pictures are adorable. It's just the small versions X3

8652736 Thanks! And maybe writting something new will be fun for you :twilightsmile:
I'm not happy that it's short either, but it's not easy to write a story with a shipping you don't support. At least for me. But it might be a shipping you could enjoy writting. You inspired me to write Rarixe. It's only fair I return the favor :pinkiesmile:

Soooo... the issue isn’t the small size it’s the fact that the eyes are blacked out. Also nice story. Thanks for posting it.

8748620 Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

I approve of this :moustache:

Aww this story was utterly cute! I really liked it and enjoyed it a lot. It's really surprising seeing that my OW friend writes such wonderful stories. You did a remarkable job. And even if you don't particularly like this couple, it still was adorable. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful piece of art. <3

8907818 You're most welcome, my friend! I'm a person of many talents. I'm... Mysterious :trollestia:

Adorable, thank you for giving me diabetes with how sweet this is.

Now it's my time to go to the doctor

10196917 I'll give you the number of a doctor I know. I have sent a lot of patients with diabetes :trollestia:

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