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With such a big event aproaching, Rarity can't help but feel inspired and full of energy. Just the perfect combination to make a dress. One that will be acompanied of a fond memory, just like the others. Her time with Sunset.

This story was written for the Sunset Shimmer Contest.

This story is a collaboration with andrizzi.
Special thanks to Krickis for editing the story.
Cover was done by Sazuko.

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Now I remembered why I follow you, stories like this. Here, have a mustache.:moustache:


So sweet!


I'm still convinced that the first storyboard was tearful, meaningful, and beautiful.
Still, this is something you can and should be proud of.

This story actually started with the idea of Sunset Shimmer dying before proposing, but I just couldn't do it. I like how things turned out.

Thats all kinds of f*cked up im really glad you didnt do it.
Great story though!

I'm sorry! I'm weak! I just wasn't feeling like killing her anymore!:raritydespair:
And thank you for the help. :pinkiehappy:

Shame, Elmago :ajbemused: You should know to credit your cover artist by now.

Cover was done by the talented Sazuko, who’s got a lot more amazing artwork worth taking a look at :twilightsmile:

I really like how this one was done, but ill admit i wonder what it would have felt like with the alternate idea.

I wonder that too.
I had such a massive block when going that route, nothing I thought seemed to be a good way to wrap things up. I might give it a try in the future with a diferent setting.

i was afraid sunset was going to die when she got weak at that 1 point

good story i loved it very sweet thoe 1 tiny nitpick rarity is strong enough to carry sunset as she can hold her own weight plus 2 other girls with 1 arm (see friendship games) but as i said nitpick

Originally, she was going to. That was the first sign that Sunset was getting sick.
And you are right, I forgot that part from the friendship games.

glad you changed your mind i prefer a happy ending

Oh God, the fucking feels i would have had to deal with for that one. I'm glad that it wasn't cause i didn't need to be crying at work.

This was extremely sweet. Warm fuzzies all around. Nice approach to the contest prompt, and I for one am glad you wrote it this way rather than your more tragic idea. Thank you!

That was beautiful

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