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Coverart, which is what this fic was inspired by, from HERE

Note that this is set during and after Friendship Games, which means obvious spoilers for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

With The Dazzlings' defeat, things have returned to normal at CHS.

However, that doesn't last long. Trixie is being punished for what she did to the Rainbooms, despite her actions leading to the Sirens defeat.

She decides to forget about it whilst enjoying some tasty peanut butter and crackers. However, after just a bite she notices and odd flavour. Also, why is the hallway getting taller? And why are her clothes so big suddenly?

Now a five-year-old and with her family living all the way on the other side of the of the country, what will happen to the now Small and Adorable Trixie?

If you can't tell what the romance tag is for, watch the second movie and Sunset in the scene when they first might Human Twilight in the third.

Never mind. Thanks to Timber, the original plan for the romance tag is null en void. Maybe I'll change it for Flash. What do you think?

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nice! cant wait for more ^^

Very entertaining, hope to see more of The Small and Adorable Trixie :trixieshiftleft:!

It'd be a cute idea if the CMC's saw her in this form and wanted to play with her (Though I know the CMC's are a lot older than she would be :unsuresweetie:).

Its scary how you and Shadowmane are in sync, same idea at nearly the same time.

hell yeah i love these kinds of stories, solid plot and a lot yet to be learned, and still left with a fail safe in case it needs to be ended quickly

Hope you update this soon! :twilightsmile:

I'm sure we can turn this into a train-wreck of a pile-up of plot points involving 5-year-old Trixie ending up in Equestria as a filly Trixie and joining the CMC. Or something.

Applejack is being genre-savvy for once, or should I say Pinkie-savvy?

awww cute ^^ now since trixie never appear during friendship games i safetly assume her role to involved during the movie

6480480 She did appeared, she just didn't have any lines.

Awwww! The Scenes with sunset and Trixie were SO cute! :twilightsmile:

Sunset for best big sister ever

And this is why we need more Sunset/Trixie interactions.

stuck with water unhappy life

stuck with whatever unhappy life

or where glasses."

or wear glasses."

pep rallies and consume changes

pep rallies and costume changes

Trixie’s eyes as the she ran

Trixie's eyes as she ran

fifteen minutes from school and since

fifteen minutes from school, and since

gotten a kids’ meal

gotten a kid's meal

“Where did you get the money.

“Where did you get the money?

you’d have much

I think this is supposed to be "you'd have a lot" but it might be already correct...
Well, that's all I could find, but there might be more that I missed. I hope this helps!

6481060 So true. I wonder if, maybe she'll grow so attached to Trixie, that she decides to adopt her and keep her little.

6480822 ah i probally didnt focus during that time

Seeing some issues with this first chapter, but nothing big. I'll happily follow, though.

This is so cute. But I feel sorry for Trixie. :rainbowkiss:/:fluttershyouch:

Poor Trixie, awesome chapter

well good news is trixie you growing up as teenager again and they become adults

Can I just say I saw Trixie being stuck as a five year old coming?

well shit

“Well, Dead Cadance told me she’d find me a place for a few days, but that I’d have to find a more permanent place for myself

I look forward to the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

6487397 was there meant to be something more in this comment?

“Well, Dead Cadance told me she’d find me a place for a few days, but that I’d have to find a more permanent place for myself" I am pretty sure you meant to say Dean, and not Dead

Well dang. It seems I wasn't the only one to think of Sci-Twi moving in with Sunset. Although I had two other human (or human-ish) characters in mind as potential third roomies...

Ah well, no complaints. Please continue with the Trixie-related cuteness.

i'm surprised Trixie didnt have any reaction to having her clothes swapped and being given a bath, as she seems to still be mentally a teenager

6489647 well, she is pretty tired at that point

6489179 ah. well. would've been easier to spot had they highlighted that part of the text, not just the whole thing

Trixie gave a warm smile. “Aww. Sunset, that was really sweet of you.”

Sunset nodded, chuckling a little as Trixie reached out in her slip, gripping Sunset’s arm. “I guess she feels safe around me, is all.”

I think u ment Twilight.

I am pretty sure Flash figured it out, either that or he was told. Either way I enjoyed the new chapter and I look forward to more soon! :twilightsmile:

Aw, this is so sweet. :rainbowkiss:

Sunset nodded, chuckling a little as Trixie reached out in her slip, gripping Sunset’s arm. “I guess she feels safe around me, is all.” - I think you meant to type sleep here :twilightsmile:

She still couldn’t believe Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna were punishing her with early detention and chores for making The Rainbooms fall down that trapdoor so that she could take their place in the final of the Battle of the Bands a few days ago.

She was kinda under evil magic at the time.

I like this cute little Trixie. Hope Twilight doesn't hurt her with her Device, otherwise Sunset is gonna flip!:rainbowlaugh:

You'll also have to have Twilight deal with explaining to her parents and her brother what happened at the games.

Oh god, My heart!

DO NOT QUESTION ZE PINK!:trollestia: I am now very curious about this hearing. Methinks it's to verify what the other students said. And I forsee Trixie (and possibly others) laying into her parents before Sunset adopts her. :rainbowkiss:

Yay! Update! I love this story.

“I don’t that works either!” Twilight said,

miss a word?

I honestly didn't see Shining Armor being a dick in the film. And from what I understand, the plan was to make him a dick, and it got toned down significantly in the final product.

Still, dude loves his little sister. Once everything becomes clear, well, Cinch will have one less person in her corner.

Aw you skipped the best part of the movie, the entire midnight sparkle scene.:fluttercry:

Is it just me, or was the Princess Twilight scene moved here from Chapter 3?

Not that I think it is bad, I think it is better here. But I am feeling a whole lot of dejavu, hoping I am not paranoid.

For some reason I can imagine Big Mac actually punching Shining Armor in the jaw for how he treated Twilight.

I noticed that when I put this under my "tracking" library, it notified me that there were three chapters I did not read. Only issue...it shows five read chapters. Am I unable to read any chapters you published, or is my account falling apart, or is there a problem with the website, or is there a different explanation? Me=confused :derpyderp1::derpyderp2::rainbowhuh::applejackconfused:

6797717 :rainbowhuh: that's odd. You'd have to check with the fimfiction staff for that, because i don't have a clue

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