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Hey everyone I'm a British Pegasister who loves cartoons and anime. My two favourite shippings are Twidash and Sunlight. If you have any questions or concerns just send me a PM


Twilight kissed Sunset under the mistletoe and now Sunset is developing feelings and it's FREAKING HER OUT!

With the help from her friends will Sunset be able to reveal her feelings to Twilight?

Chapters (6)
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This story i really cute btw amazing start

Okay, interesting enough start. I'll be keeping a eye on it. (And hopefully get a few tips for writing romance along the way.)

Better not leave out Spike.

Good start :pinkiesmile: Where did you find the cover art/who is the artist?

7191861 I think the artist is Tiger de Havilland because it was on his Pinterest page.

7192989 Oh yeah I read that story and its AWESOME!!! But I get why you would think they're similar the only difference is in Long Road to Friendship Sunset and Twilight were both broken hearted but in this its only Sunset.

Ok, 1 OC suddenly is... ok, no my cup of tea... but three at once? and what is worst, Sunset tell them her problem before her 5 friends? No...

JUST... NO :facehoof:

Yeah, I can understand about being nervous in introducing new OCs. If I can suggest something, make sure that before you introduce them their flaws are equal in number to their positive traits. Let me give a example. For one of the ocs in a upcoming story of mine, I made him smart and good in a chemistry lab, but on the down side he's not particulay self confident and somewhat sarcastic.

7193406 Weeeeeel I kinda made these three to be more closer to Sunset than the Mane 5. Mostly because they are being her friend because they genuinely like Sunset. The other 5 became her friend because Princess Twilight told them to.
Also Swift Breeze is like a younger sister to her.

7193410 Don't worry all three of them have flaws and they'll be shown in the upcoming chapters (as soon as I start writing them:facehoof:).

7192306 Seems to be an artist called wiedt6549 :pinkiecrazy: What a name - Link

Comment posted by Midnight Sparkle deleted Mar 25th, 2017

7194543 Same here, and that really sucks, cause I'm a SunLight shipper, but i'm not gonna read all of those fimfics just for that.


Well you might be pleased to know that they three have been removed because I started to realise that there wasn't any point for them to be there. And the entire chapter has been changed.

Is there gonna be more?

7236236 Yes there will be more I'm just a little slow at writing the next chapter

Good so far. Don't let all these comments slow down your writing. Many times, new writers get torn from an early experience of negative feedback. Don't you worry; any feedback is good feedback, whether or not it's positive or not to your liking. It'll help you improve as a writer. Keep up the good work and don't be discouraged!

Don't sweat it, sometimes I have to give chapters multiple redoes before they look right so you're not alone.

Hehehehe i love to see Sunset pull off a clumsy reaction, say she so busy looking at Twilight's ass she smacks into a door.

this story is great i hope more will be made. Keep up the great work


Hope to see more puppy moments.

"Are they?Hmm. Wait hold up whose that girl who has her arm around you?"Blublood asked pointing at the picture.

Just want to point out, there are some obvious issues on words that needs spacing between them, needs to have commas in some parts and Blueblood is missing a letter.

uh mr donkey i think you mean mr doodle for crankly doodle

7333206 Well donkey is his last name and most of the time you call teachers by their last name.

Yay! Please update! Sooo excited for the next one.

7373534 I did get the inspiration for this chapter from that but I didn't want it to end in tears.

7315962 HEY THAT'S MY LINE. But this is an interesting story. I can't wait to read more of it. I dislike blueblood i think because of the show and The Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

7419377 Don't worry I hate Blueblood as well but he does have a key role in the story. So I didn't create him just to get everyone angry.

7419729 i had found your story while i was looking for some shipping stories.

not read yet, but 'and it freaking her out' sorry,


7493223 Thanks for pointing that out. Don't worry I've fixed it.

You know, apart from being a homophobe, Blueblood isn't nearly as unpleasant as expected...

"Awesome sauce! Twilight apologise to Sunset for lashing out on her." Rainbow said putting her shoulder.


good story, and like how blueblood comment at the end about twilight have friends......

good chapter can blueblood get hit by a bus please

yea for update,
oh and blueblood, i feel sorry for you, any trouble u cause is going to come right back at you 50 fold if you mess with these ladys..... or so i hope

Knowing Spike, he's on Protective Mode

So this young lady has feelings for Twily eh? Ha, ha ha. I'm going to have lots of fun with this.

... Pinkamena? Sharpen the knives.:pinkiecrazy:

Must see more SunLight! Everypony who wants to mess with Blueblood if he causes trouble for Sunset and Twilight hit the thumbs-up on this comment... Now all we have to do is wait for an update from the author who's now my favorite and might make it possible for us to see Blueblood's punishment for messing with the S.S. SunLight.


Now all we have to do is wait for an update from the author who's now my favorite

Aww thank you! I promise that the update won't take as long as the last one did.

7651943 Thanks! I have a feeling that Blueblood's going to start talking about Sunset to Twilighy and I think Twilight's reaction would be like,'Hell nah... I... saywhatnow? Sunset likes me?!'

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