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Just your average british lad. I write things for a living. It’s the strangest living you’ll ever find, second only to my inability to take myself off of the grid.


Trixie Lulamoon; your run-of-the-mill student at CHS. She has a great life going for her: Friends, good grades, acceptance, and her favourite; Peanut Butter Crackers.

Today was just another ordinary day in Trixie's eyes, but what she didn't know, was that today was no average day for her...

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Comments ( 9 )

an interesting start.... but i think i beat you to it, my friend.

Still, glad i could help give inspiration... somehow we BOTH thought of Sunset looking after her. Either that was too predictable an idea, or we've got some weird connection

The cover is kawaii, i just had to come here xD

Interesting start, can't wait to see how it goes.

Awesome start

Wee little Trixie? Works for me.

Yes! I love it when a character regress but it's mind doesn't.

Anyway. Our next period is in thirty minutes, so that gives us plenty of time to get something to eat



But what I am aware of is that the effects usually aren't permanent," then she hung her head. "Unless we can fix this, she'll have to go back through her childhood, her teenage life, and so on and so forth normally until she returns to her regular age."

This paragraph contradicts itself.

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