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A collection of of 100-500 word scenes based on prompts within the Equestria Girls group collaboration thread. The chapter titles reflect the prompt and author name. Please feel free to drop by the group and join us.

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Wow, that was depressing. :pinkiesad2:

Make sure to pass your sentiments to the actual writers, they deserve to hear it straight from you

Nice touch of using the surname 'Oliver' for Celestia's human counterpart.

Yeah, even without the 'let's try to take over the multiverse' thing, Sunset really had been digging her own academic grave for some time. The only thing that would save her is the very real possibility that her reformation is real and that, thus, an intelligent young woman can be salvage from what otherwise would be a very short road to a life of hopeless criminality.

Once you take the trip through the metaphorical looking glass, your sense of reality and normality will never really be the same again. How can AJ and Pinkie really trust the limits of the world that their teachers and elders have always proclaimed when they have just had it rammed in their faces that the universe is far bigger and far stranger than most people would dare imagine?

Trixie... Seriously, girl, you need to DT on those things. They're turning into a crutch! :rainbowlaugh:

Funny thing one of the hardest part of the story was picking the surname since I couldn't use the family name I use for her pony counterpart, after trying to find a name with some kind of symbolism, in the end I took Oliver for the reason you are thinking.

As for Sunset I went with two things, 1) Her "Evilness" was due to possession, 2) And she was a decent person when she crossed over. Of course she still is at fault but the Insanity Defense works. The whole point of her punishment is make sure she can be salvaged

Make sure to pass your comments onto the writer

I don't suppose there's any point telling Pinkie how stupid and life-shortening that was; she really doesn't think in those terms.

Poor Fluttershy! She's such a timid, frightened soul that just living in a social setting must be a nightmare for her!

I think that it must weird out Sunset in a way, how alike yet different Earth is to Equestria. Christmas isn't quite Hearth Warming Eve, Halloween ins't quite Nightmare Night, Valentine's Day isn't quite Hearts and Hooves Day, no matter how similar they are.

Gertrude would have been a better surname. Oh well. Also why would noone want to step up and speak out against her? I mean Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Pinkie all saw what she did and what she would have done. You can't tell me they instantly became her friends no questions asked.

Why Gertrude?

The other classmates had a nasty case of brainwashing and didn't see anything, and what they did see would have cause them to keep quiet since they would have rationalized the floating girl with flame hair away. As for the EqG5, as Celeste said Sunset wasn't in the right frame of mind when she went nutbars.

3474773 Mainly Gertrude because it's generally a funny name! Say it! Gertrude!

It makes her sound... well old, plus I'm trying to have some connection between the pony and human counterparts

I like that you(sorry, The Princess Rarity) said Pinkie was a sophomore. :pinkiehappy: 'cause that's the age-range I always thought them to be at.

I don't like the idea that Sunset was possessed. Other then that, I like it!

I know its not everyone's cup of tea, and unlike the possession theory for NMM I know its harder to justify. Using her school pictures as the basis is reaching quite a bit.

How come? I think it was great!:pinkiesmile:

They're in love!:heart:

Excuse me if I seem dumb for asking this, but what exactly are you if you are a sophomore? I don't really think we have that system here...:derpytongue2:

I'm sorry that I am always so useless!

4415610 that would be her second year, so...15-16. thereabouts.

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