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the CMCs fail agan! · 7:55pm Nov 8th, 2013

"Apple Bloom, i don't get it, how the hey does a pony milk a cow!?", said a doubtful Sweetie Belle.

"It's okay y'all! Ya' just...ummm...pull?...well it ain't goin' ta' be so hard when we start getin' it goin'..." Apple Bloom said.

Scootaloo sighed, "Don't we like, need thumbs or something?"

*collective sigh*

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Thanks for the fav, much appreciated! :)

i just changed my username and stuff . . .

Thanks for the Watch! :pinkiesmile::pinkiesmile:

Comment posted by Shooting Starr deleted Nov 8th, 2013

i keep writing stories, but they are " creeply " diss-

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