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Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab - Celestias Paladin

A collection of 100-500 word mini-stories from members of the Equestria Girls group. The chapters are scenes based on a group collaboration thread prompt.

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Christmas: Scantrel

Christmas by: Scantrel


Sunset Shimmer glared at the sky, pulling her jacket tighter around her slender frame. Even after two winters in this new world, she had never gotten used to the cold. Worse yet, the gathering clouds overhead threatened to snow and that would just make her errands more miserable.

The sidewalks were unusually crowded, what with everyone hustling and bustling with their last minute holiday shopping. Sunset still didn't understand why everyone pretended to be so nice this time of year, fussing about presents and banquets and the like when the rest of the year it was the status-quo. Everyone looking out for number one.

A large, portly man dressed in a red velvet suit with a false beard stood by a little cauldron next to the grocery store entrance. As Sunset Shimmer walked up, he smiled at her. His gaze flicked to the cauldron and Sunset realized he wanted her bits...coins...for "charity". As if anyone had bothered to show her any charity ever since turning over a new leaf.

With a dismissive wave, Sunset entered the store and went about her shopping. What should have been a ten minute task dragged on for thirty, thanks to waiting behind the overloaded baskets at the checkout stands. Sunset simply gritted her teeth to endure it, along with the repetitive holiday music blaring over the loudspeakers.

Satisfied that she had enough supplies to last the weekend, Sunset set out again for her apartment. It had started to snow, making navigating the sidewalk even more treacherous. At least twice, Sunset nearly fell from the ice starting to glaze over the sidewalks and by the time she made it to her place her mood was as dark as the clouds above.

To Sunset's surprise, someone had placed a box with a green envelope taped to it at her doorstep. Setting down her grocery sacks with a grumble, Sunset tore the envelope from the box and ripped it open, pulling out the letter within.

Dear Sunset,

I'm guessing you haven't been able to enjoy Christmas before and I know it's not your thing. I'm inviting you for dinner on Christmas Eve with my family and Scootaloo, then later the girls are coming over to watch movies. It would mean a lot to me if you came too, you're one of the gang now! Call or text me when you get this so I know you're coming. Oh, and inside the box is your present. Not the most creative gift, but one you'll like.



Sunset Shimmer read the letter a second time, and then knelt down and opened the box. Inside was a soccer ball with a note on top that read "You are so on my team this spring!"

Sunset blinked, surely the wind had stung her eyes to form the tears there. Pulling out her cellphone, she sent a quick message to Rainbow Dash: See you for dinner, Happy Hearth's Warming Eve. Thanks for the ball and everything.

Maybe there was something to this "Christmas spirit" after all, Sunset decided.

Author's Note:

Paladin's Notes: Sorry for wait, I had classwork to do and kept forgetting that I had this to update.

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Comments ( 9 )

So sweet... :rainbowkiss:

Make sure to pass your sentiments to the actual writers, they deserve to hear it straight from you

Make sure to pass your comments onto the writer

I think that it must weird out Sunset in a way, how alike yet different Earth is to Equestria. Christmas isn't quite Hearth Warming Eve, Halloween ins't quite Nightmare Night, Valentine's Day isn't quite Hearts and Hooves Day, no matter how similar they are.

3474773 Mainly Gertrude because it's generally a funny name! Say it! Gertrude!

It makes her sound... well old, plus I'm trying to have some connection between the pony and human counterparts

I know its not everyone's cup of tea, and unlike the possession theory for NMM I know its harder to justify. Using her school pictures as the basis is reaching quite a bit.

4415610 that would be her second year, so...15-16. thereabouts.

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