• Published 9th Oct 2013
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Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab - Celestias Paladin

A collection of 100-500 word mini-stories from members of the Equestria Girls group. The chapters are scenes based on a group collaboration thread prompt.

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Explosion: The Princess Rarity

Explosion by: The Princess Rarity

"And so, the volume of the density in this beaker will calculate the mass of this weight that will, in turn, help us figure out the Standard Notation of-"

Blah, blah, blah.

According to Pinkie Pie, Science class might as well have been Spanish, because she didn't understand a word that the teacher was saying. What did adding and subtracting have to do with Elements like carbon and oxygen? And why were they called Elements anyway? Why was everything made out of cells - why couldn't they be made out of something else? Or was she getting cells confused with atoms?

...She wasn't sure. She never was.

While she might have had a positive attitude about most things, one thing Pinkie Pie absolutely dreaded was indeed Science.

It was just so boring!

However... on the other side of the room, with the chemical lab, and all of it's colorful liquids and bubbling, fizzy potions (or whatever they were). That was what intrigued Pinkie, but sadly, that equipment was for Seniors Only, and she was only a Sophomore.

...Still, as Dr. Whooves had his back turned to the board, a small twinge inside of Pinkie summoned her to sneak over to the lab, which got no looks from her fellow students, who were all either texting or sleeping, much to her delight.

Maybe, just maybe, she could get away with this ... after all, it'd make the class less drab and dreary.

Sliding across the tile floor and ducking under the desk, Pinkie stifled a giggle as she was noticed that not a single soul had seen her escape from her seat.

And with that, the hyperactive girl reached up and grabbed two random bottles - one, full of gunky green goo, and the other half empty, but it still contained some sort of steaming, sparkling blue liquid.

Then... without even thinking twice... Pinkie let just one drop of the sky-colored substance fall into the gunk and then...

The entire back of the room exploded into black smoke, causing everyone to burst into a fit of coughing and look back to see Pinkie standing back there, with a nervous smile.

"Miss Pie," Dr. Whooves declared, grabbing the notepad off of his desk. "That's two days detention for you."

'Totally worth it.' Pinkie thought, as she held back a smile.

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