• Published 9th Oct 2013
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Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab - Celestias Paladin

A collection of 100-500 word mini-stories from members of the Equestria Girls group. The chapters are scenes based on a group collaboration thread prompt.

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Mirror: Scantrel

Mirror by: Scantrel

Applejack cocked her head with surprise as she watched Pinkie Pie press her nose up against her reflection. She hadn't planned on saying anything at first, in case Pinkie was just checking her makeup or something. But once Pinkie had cleaned up onto the counter and gone face-first against the glass, Applejack decided she could hold her tongue no longer.

"Pinkie Pie, what in tarnation are you doin'?" Applejack inquired.

Pinkie Pie jumped a bit at Applejack's question, smooshing her face against the mirror. Turning to look at the blond cowgirl,

Pinkie replied, "Oh hey Applejack! Just checking the mirrors to see if maybe they might be portals. You never know until you try!"

"Come again?" Applejack blinked.

"Well, you remember how Twilight said she stepped through a magical mirror they had hidden away in a castle to come to our world? I was thinking maybe someone put up a mirror like that here! And if we found it, we could all go see her again." Pinkie climbed back down off the lavatory counter and straightened her skirt.

Applejack had to fight to keep from burying her face in her palm. "An' how many mirrors have you checked out so far?" Applejack asked dryly.

"Well, there were two at home, then when I got to school I've been checking here. This was the last girl's restroom to check.

I sure hope they didn't put one in the boy's restroom. I'll have to sneak in there after school or something." Pinkie answered, her expression growing thoughtful.

"Pinkie, you know darn well that the portal to Equestria is in the base of the statue out front of the school." Applejack said with exasperation.

"Oooh, right." Pinkie nodded. "That will save me tons of time." Pinkie walked past Applejack to make her way out of the restroom, but then looked back over her shoulder. "You'll help me make a list of statues, so I can go check the rest after class, right?"

Applejack sighed and hung her head, admitting defeat. "Fine, I'll help you."

"Okie Dokie!" Pinkie Pie beamed as she sauntered off to class.

Applejack walked to the far lavatory and washed her hands. Tentatively, looking back to the door, she reached up and gingerly pressed a finger against the mirror above the sink. "Jus' this once, jus' in case." she told herself.

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