Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Status Quo: FanOfMostEverything

Status Quo by: FanOfMostEverything

Fluttershy stifled a sigh. Every day, it was the same routine. The same classes, the same bullies, the same struggle to make the uncaring masses... well, care. Care about some creatures other than themselves. Of course, that it was literally a struggle to make herself heard didn't help.

"Excuse me," she murmured, spending yet another lunch period timidly presenting fliers for the local animal shelter that no one would take (and poetically berating herself for trying.) "Would you..." The boy walked by without even looking at her, answering the question before she could finish it.

Sometimes, Fluttershy just wanted to scream at the sheer apathy, the utter heedlessness her peers had towards anything beyond their meaningless little world of popularity. Then she admitted that she was hardly any better. Even she surrounded herself with like minds, from the eco-kids to the animals she smuggled into the school via backpack. She was too much of a coward to reach out to others... though if they turned out like Pinkie Pie, then they weren't worth the effort.

"Help support the Canterlot Animal Shelter?" The sentence came out reflexively, a rote recitation with all the attention-demanding force of a gentle breeze. Even Fluttershy herself didn't pay attention to it.

She was powerless. An automaton, destined to carry out this same routine until the end of the year, only to repeat it again with ever-so-slight variations until graduation. And then what? College, the same, only more so. Oh, there were hints of parties and such, but Fluttershy had no illusions about whether she'd participate in such things. No, she'd just keep going through the motions until she ran into the brick wall of real life. Such was her fate, and nothing could—


Fluttershy stumbled to her feet. She couldn't help but notice that even now, no one seemed to be paying her any attention. Not even whoever had thrown that...


Golden crown? She bent to pick it up and gasped a bit as she felt the weight. This... this was different. This was important. This was... probably not for her.

Fluttershy slumped a little as she headed back inside to deliver her find to Principal Celestia. Well, if nothing else, at least she'd help whoever it belonged to.