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As the Sun rises we honor our Princess with tales of her life.

100-500 word mini-fics based on prompts from Protect Celestia and the collaboration thread. Please feel free to join us in this undertaking.

-Celestia's Paladin, Admin and Founder of Protect Celestia of FiMFiction.net

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I enjoyed this. Great job.

(Also: Saw one typo)

“Is there something on you mind?” I asked, expecting the usual response.

Make sure to pass that along to the writer themselves. I'm just the poster for now. Though if you can show me where the typo is, what it is, and how to fix it, I'll gladly fix it

I didn't need to post five to get to the minimum 1000 words, I will be adding the other prompts later.

That was bittersweet.


Damn, another collab to follow! Sun and the Stars, Dark Paradise, The Sound of Thunder (again), This, and another one i can't quite remember off the top of my head.

I do wish they were slightly longer although they are still really great.
I'd really like to know more about the first chapter.

Chapter length will vary, and most will be short. As for knowing more about the first chapter, talk to the writer or join the group.

You call us to protect Celestia from who?:rainbowhuh:

The fandom in a way, from those who think that she is a...*clears throat* a trolling molesting tyranical sueific useless pony. But we are more of a fan group than anything

3817880 From the haters, probably.

I always liked the idea that Celestia and Luna were Earth Ponies.

3817904 I hate the fandom perception of her so much.

3825946 That headcanon came after I read Paradise. After that, I started to keep imagining them as Earth Ponies by birth during the time when they were more Celt-like. I also made them still worship the Earth and speaking in Old Earth Pony with each other in private.:twilightsheepish:

Celestia swore a long time ago that she would make all her little ponies' lives better. Sometimes it isn't that simple and sometimes it is such a hard task that it may be even an impossible one.

Sometimes she gets tired of having nightmares where her fur is splattered with innocent blood up to her shoulders.

Spike as being Celestia's son rather than Twilight's brother. A fair alternate way of looking at the character.

3825995 , Well, this is Twilight we're talking about. :twilightsheepish:

3893869 That's why we love her!

But Pinkie is still best pony :pinkiesmile:

What would you like to know? Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.

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