And the Sun Shall Rise: A Protect Celestia Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Amnesia: TundraStanza

Amnesia, by: TundraStanza

She opens her eyes to a brightly lit room. She has to blink to clear the blurriness from her vision. Where is she? She doesn’t know.

A squaw interrupts her confusion. She turns to look for the source.

Immediately, she shuffles her hooves to back away from the fiery beast before her. With her back against the wall, she breathes heavily. For what feels like hours, she stares unblinkingly at the creature. In turn, the bird stares at her.

After her moment of panic, she notices that the red animal is behind the golden bars of a cage. She closes her eyes and sighs in relief.

Her momentary relief is shattered, however, by a wisp of purple and green smoke flowing in front of her. A stack of paper appears out of thin air with a popping noise before falling to the floor.

Ever so cautiously, she reaches a hoof toward the top page and reads the following.

“Dear Princess Celestia,

The following is a brief yet detailed summary of all my other reports to you.

Please let me know if I have missed anything by sending a reply using the notes section on page 40.”

She blinks. Who is this Princess Celestia? Why is this letter intended for some pony else sitting in front of her? She can’t fathom any answers to these questions.

“Wait a minute,” she mutters, “Who am I?”