And the Sun Shall Rise: A Protect Celestia Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Ruler: La Vallet1

Ruler, by: La Vallet1

Even after millennia ruling a large kingdom, she still finds it hard to believe that it happened, and still happening. But here she is. Celestia, once a warrior from an earth pony clan, has been ruling Equestria as a princess since the Reign of Chaos which was about 2,000 years ago. She was in her bedroom reading her favorite fantasy novel involving a group of friends on their quest against the Dark Lord Tirek when she closed her eyes and remembered the hard times after Discord's first defeat.

The Reign of Chaos had damaged the Equestrian culture so horribly that when the Reign ended, Equestria was only slightly bigger than Canterlot. Poverty, famine, plague, infant mortality, short life expectancy and frequent raids by beasts and savages were an everyday occurrence for a hundred years after the Reign of Chaos. But even then, with her and Luna's rule Equestria started expanding beyond its borders and prospered as an empire for centuries until Luna's descent to madness.

Celestia opened her eyes, looked outside her window and smiled. Yes, even with all the hardships they had to endure after the Reign of Chaos and the War of Day and Night, her being a ruler had brought peace and prosperity to Equestria.