And the Sun Shall Rise: A Protect Celestia Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Regret: Davesknd

Regret, by: Davesknd

"She must report to me her new findings from her new home in Ponyville!"

Cheers and laughter errupted around them and her new friends engulfed Twilight in a close and happy hug. "Oh, Thank you Princess! I will study harder than ever before!" The unicorn promised happily ans she was hugged from all sides.

The sun princess smiled at the happiness her well chosen words had brought. She stayed for the small festivities that followed Twilight's official reassignment and wrote the letters to the pupil's parents herself.

But as she was about to head for her chariot where the honour guards was already waiting, a small purple and green obstacle stood in her way.

"Do you need something, Spike?" Celestia asked gently.

"I... I guess I will be staying in Ponyville as well." the dragon said slowly while fiddling with his claws nervously.

"Twilight is going to need the best assistance available." the sun princess answered honestly.

"I know... she would be totally lost without me." he replied proudly, but deflated immidaitly "But... I haven't .... you know... I'm not quite used to..." he sightly forced himself "I'm gonna miss you."

And all of a sudden, Celestia's mask of calm serenity broke and a hint of sadness came into her eyes. "And I am going to miss you too!" she said forcing a brave smile onto her lips. She leaned down and gently nuzzled the little dragon's cheek "But I need you watching over her!"

Spike embraced the princess of the sun. "I will! I will take good care of her!"

"I know, my son." Celestia answered and gave the dragon a kiss on the cheek. "And please take good care of yourself as well! And please, don't just send Twilight's letters!"

"I promise!" Spike answered, trying to be brave as well. Still, there were tears in his eyes. "Have a good ride home!"

"Thank you! Try to enjoy the celebrations." the sun princess answered and the mask returned to her features as she made the way to the chariot.

She was ready to fly back to her palace.

A palace that would feel a lot quieter with her baby dragon gone.