And the Sun Shall Rise: A Protect Celestia Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Daughter: TundraStanza

Daughter, by: TundraStanza

Title: “Stars In Their Own Right”
(An excerpt from an Equestrian history book)

Artemisia and Solaris were entities that held control over the darkness and the light. This control was given to them, yet even they do not fully remember who the giver was. Regardless, it mattered very little. All that mattered was that the order of separate power be maintained.

In darkness, Artemisia created shadows, large bodies of water, and the winter snow. In light, Solaris brought forth stars, great landscapes, and the rejuvenation of natural plants. They each saw that their work was good.

However, just as light and dark co-existed in balance, so too did the powers of order with its opposite: chaos. Unlike light and darkness, chaos sought to remove any sense of balance. Invading on the creation of Artemisia and Solaris, chaos brought about fire, mammalian life, and lust.

Though the chaos was easy to soothe, the things that it sowed from the universe were lost and confused. The only solution was an impossible union. Light and shadow would have to unite to create a new power strong enough to walk the path with the lost beings of pony kind.

In this united light and shadow, Artemisia and Solaris bore two children. These were the first daughters of the Elders. They would act as the guides for the world as it stood. Tasked with the moon, night, and dreams, the younger daughter’s name was Luna. To govern the sun, light, and fire, the first daughter was called Celestia.