Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Detention: Celestia's Paladin

Detention by: Celestia's Paladin

Sunset Shimmer sighs as stands in front of Principle Oliver’s office. She knows why she is here, and what she has done to deserve to have a one-on-one meeting Princess Celestia’s doppelgänger. She knew the moment she crawled out of that crater she help made that she would be in deep doo-doo, and despite what her new found friends may think there is no way in hell she will walk away from that much property damage with a slap on the wrist.

She raises a hand and knocks on the door, trying to ignore the brass nameplate reading “Dr. Celeste Oliver, Ed.D. Ph.D., Principle of Concordia Academy.”

“Come in Miss Shimmer.”

Sunset opens the door and steps in. The office is cozy with tall book shelves crammed with books and knick-knacks, and in the center is a large desk and behind the desk is a tanned woman with rainbow hair. While much younger than her pony counterpart the principle does carry herself the same as the princess.

“Please take a seat Miss Shimmer, you and I have much to discuss,” she waves a hand to the lone chair sitting in front of the desk.

Without question Sunset takes the seat though she feels very uneasy, this situation reminds her when she was expelled from the Royal Academy.

“Do you know why I called you here,” Celeste asks.

“My actions from the previous night Ma’am,” Sunset answers, “that and the giant crater in the front lawn.”

Any attempt at humor dies as Celeste frowns, Sunset kicks herself. Of course it’s not funny I blew up part of the school, I am damn lucky no one was killed.

“No, or at least not quite. Fortunately for you Miss Shimmer there are no witnesses to the incident that are willing to say anything, and I honestly don’t blame them.”

Sunset snorts, “neither do I, and I was the fire-breathing demon. So what am I here for then?”

Celeste taps a folder sitting on her desk, “I have here all the accounts of bullying and harassment that have been leveled against you.” She levels a hard look on the former unicorn. “I have every right to expel you from Concordia, but I won’t.”

Sunset’s eyes widen, that was not what she expected, “why not? I did all that!”

“You did but from all account we can chalk it up to mental issues,” Celeste retorts. “Your new friends out right claim that you weren’t in the right mind, and I am inclined to believe them.”

The young woman brightens up, “so I’m not being punished?”

Celeste grins, “oh I didn’t say that.” The grin vanishes. “You will have detention every weekday from now till your graduation, your grades will be audited by RIDE, you will not be allowed to join any extracurricular activities without permission, you will forfeit your grades for the past two semesters, and you will join the JROTC program.”

Sunset closes her eyes as she digests the information, in all honesty she would rather be expelled and sent back to Equestria. She quashes those thoughts, she deserve whatever punishment she gets.

“Of course Ma’am, is there anything else?”

“Just that this afternoon you will report to the groundskeeper and help in the repairs. You’re dismissed, oh and check with my secretary for your new schedule.”