Extra Credit: An Equestria Girls Group Collab

by Celestias Paladin

Music: The Princess Rarity

Music by: The Princess Rarity

"Well, I'm sorry," Principal Celestia declared. "but there can only be one music performer for the Spring Fling. Unless you two choose to pair up as a group then-"

"You must be joking." Octavia spat. "Me, work with her?"

Pretending not to hear the classical musician, Vinyl Scratch coolly leaned up against the principal's desk and raised an eyebrow in curiosity. "What's wrong with two?" she questioned. "Didn't they have some kinda guest performer at last year's Fall Formal?"

"Yes, we did, actually," Principal Celestia replied. "and unfortunately, the guest performer trashed the hallways of the school."

"Ms. Celestia, if I may state my opinion in this," Octavia said cautiously. "but Vincenza-"

"My name is Vinyl." the disk jockey / part-time punk rocker muttered, rolling her eyes underneath her outrageous sunglasses.

Nonetheless, Octavia paid no attention to the rude interruption and continued. "Have you heard her so-called 'music'?" she muttered. "It's like the offspring of a garbage truck and the screams of innocent children being murdered. And I've heard her and her supposed 'band' play in the music room - they're all terribly off-key and-"

"Now you're just going too far!" Vinyl accused. "I am not off-key, and my band, and my music, is awesome! Wake up and realize that dubstep and rock are the music of the future, unlike the boring lullaby crap you play! When was the last time Tchaikovsky released a record anyway, huh?"

Stiffening her lip, Octavia let out a huff, crossing her arms and her expression slightly melted into something a bit more ... softer. Kind, almost, rather than harsh and angry.

"I doubt you even know who that is," she muttered.

"He was the guy who wrote music for The Nutcracker, which is one of my favorite classic pieces, Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet, along with many others." Vinyl said simply, and managed a smirk as she noticed Octavia's slight shock and surprise. "What? You thought I didn't know anything about music? That I was nothing but a hardcore rocker?"

Octavia hesitated and stammered over her words, only before she was handed a card.

"Stop by the music room anytime you want - I'm almost always there," Vinyl offered. "We could some more strings, anyway, and seeing how we're all lazy, you look like you could help us get back in shape."

And with that, she gave a nod and a smile as she left.

Curious, Octavia flipped over the small card, slightly smiling to herself that Vinyl, as brash as she was, had taken the time to make faux business cards for her little high school band.

Lite Notes: Born Rockers

(we are a cover band)

Vinyl Scratch - Manager, Lead Singer, Disk Jockey
Lyra Heartstrings - Pianist, Guitarist
Neon Lights - Drummer, Pyrotechnics

"Octavia? Does that mean you alone will be taking the slot for performer of the dance?" Principal Celestia questioned, snapping the classical musician out of her temporary train of thought.

With a small smile, Octavia tucked the card in her dress pocket and gave a nonchalant shrug.

"On second thought, Principal, I do believe I need some more time to think about it." she replied.