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Eight years has passed since the famous Phoenix Wright, cleared the name of the Pegasus Pony Rainbow Dash After being forced into Equestria... and gained nothing but old evidence, an embarrassing picture, and less respect from his friends... so much for that new sports car. Nevertheless, A lot has happened in those eight years, and Phoenix has made new friends on the way.

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Not a bad start. Looking forward to more! :twilightsmile:

If this is truly a sequel to the Turnabout: Storm videos that just finished up then you can answer this easily.......where's the next Chapter!?
*the jury mumbles a bit to themselves as they too wonder where the next chapter is*
Judge: "Hmm, it seems that the Defense has made a valid point. Witness, do you care to explai-!!" *WHA-PISH!*
Franzeska Von Karma: "You foolishly foolish fools, seem to be jumping to a foolishly foolish idea of what is happening."
Judge: "W-what do you mean? Also no more whippi-!!" *Wha-pish!* "Ah n-nevermind."
Franzeska Von Karma: "This story has just started and fortunately for you there will be more chapters to come."
RR: "What makes you say that?"
Franzeska Von Karma: "If you would look you'll see that at the beginning of the page is the title.....do you see it now?"
*Randomreader looks over the evidence (chapter 1) .....and then realizes his mistake*
RR: "...WHAAAT!?"
Franzeska: "That is correct Random.....this, is only the beginning." *she says as she snaps her whip together*

Needless to say, you've caught my interest and happily await the next chapters you have planned. :pinkiesmile:

Omigosh Omigos Omigosh!!! I can't believe there is a sequel! :pinkiegasp:INSTA FAV!!! :pinkiehappy:

i just watched the last part for the series and it was awesome and now there's a sequel :pinkiegasp: INSTA FAV!!! :pinkiecrazy:

It's got Athenia! OMG :pinkiehappy: You got yourself Favourite! I can't wait till She meets Twilight. ( I'll bet they will talk about psychology for hours.(

I've seen many things...... But this ....... IS AWESOME!!!!! You've had my curiosity..... now You have my attention.

I see another Novel start... I Hope the creator of the video approves this... But as for me, the Writer (But mostly my editor Kipaji~ :rainbowkiss: ) of the novel version of Turnabout Storm... I like it! :raritystarry:

BUT WAIT!!! My novel isn't finished yet... and the extra characters mentioned there which may be some key characters that helped out on the case might contradict there if not linked to what they're talking about... Don't get me wrong, I love it I really do, the concept and plot and all... all I'm saying is, If this is a Novel version too, it should mesh up with the 1st Novel... kind of like a connection to the two would be nice... Is the two mesh up together or linked to my Novel as well, wont that be good? but that's just my opinion... :rainbowlaugh:

*groans* :facehoof: Really? Really?! You had to use that lame kind of joke? That joke wasn't even funny in "Turnabout Storm"! :facehoof:
Random moustache! :moustache:

Author's Note:
That's "Wright" folks! the first sequel to the famous turnabout storm has begun! I really hope you enjoy this one as well as my other fics... and forgive me for not updating my stories for so long...

AAAAAAUGH!!!!! That pun! THAT pun! Why must it be so rampant!?
Anyways, you've caught my interest. Good job with the prologue. I'll be awaiting progress.

On a scale of ExandShadow to Dragon Quest, where would that pun fit?:duck:

That's "Wright" folks!

:ajbemused: That wasn't funny.
In all seriousness, though, this looks like an interesting read. I'll keep an eye on it.

That pun. i don't know why I chuckled, it's not even that funny to me.:facehoof:

You know Celestia and mane six could mention that his honor was in Equestria as well...

3426181 I was gonna mention that in the next chapter... :moustache:

MOAR PLZ!!! MUST HAVE MOAR!!! :pinkiegasp: Is cool you added sunset in this too. Too bad sentry is dead...:raritycry:

Wow! Great start on this.
"Sunset Shimmer murdered Flash Sentry!"
:twilightoops::rainbowderp::pinkiegasp::derpyderp1::applejackconfused: WHHAAAAATT!?!?!?
Wow, you killed Flash Sentry (human) in your story.....just wow. I didn't see that coming. NOW your REAAAALLLLY have my interest in this.
:pinkiehappy: "I'm so nervouscited!!! Please hurry up with the next chapter."
RR: "Pinkie, calm down. Your going to have to wait for the next chapter along with everybody else."
:duck: "Don't you mean 'everypony' else Random?"
RR: "hehe, no not this time Rarity, you guys are in the human world. So it's 'everybody', not 'everypony'."
:duck: "Really? Hmm....my mistake then, thank you for the correction." :raritywink:
RR: "Your welcome." ^_^

Ok! now its time to play the waiting game again. *Turns on the X-box and plays Batman Arkham City*
See you next chapter U.T. (UnleashedTwilight) :pinkiesmile:

You could do with some minor grammar fixes. Take for example:

“I know it’s hard to understand Apollo Justice…”

Unless you genuinely think that Apollo is hard to understand, you should have written it as

“I know it’s hard to understand, Apollo Justice.”

Also, lay off the ellipsis a little. There are other ways to direct the flow of conversation.

Other than those issues, you've got me hooked on the story. Expecting more soon!

Oh, I can't wait! I bet Phoenix is going to be so surprised when he funded out the the gang is in his world! And Twilight will be uber surprised about the whole Sunset Shimmer and Flash Sentry murder case! In the words of Pinkie: "I'm so nervouscited!!!"
Random moustache! :moustache:

Love this and the original story. Hope they make another YouTube cartoon of it.

The only thing it's missing is Trixie... :trixieshiftright:

This is a good story, something I will be keeping my eyes out for, though this chapter does seems a bit rushed. I could tell as the grammar is getting a bit more iffy than normal (a few part needed to be capitalized, for example). Slow down a bit, and don't worry, we can wait just fine. Other than the rush, I think you are doing a great job so far. Speaking of story, I feel sorry for poor Twilight, it must be tough on the poor girl...

Note: It should be 'Elements of Harmony'.

Wow... Pretty sad that Flash Sentry was killed off. :fluttercry: Looking forward to more.

hmm one thing I'd advice is to make it obiouse who the "I" is to the reader when you are changing perspective. When you changed perspective from Twilight to phoenix I was bit confused for a sec. I'd suggest at lest say something like "Twilight's P.O.V" when you change perspective.

That was a sneaky chapter my friend and an evil cliffhanger to boot... I LOVED IT

You incorporate the characters into the storyline and have at the utmost made me addicted to the story!

Some one had to make a sequel and I thank Celestia:trollestia: it was you!:pinkiehappy:

So let me get this straight... For some reason they were broadcasting an interrogation on TV, this detective suggested she call Phoenix as her lawer, Pheonix happened to be watching and his reaction was to just go "yeah that seems like a good idea."

I like the premise of this plot, but that seems like kind of a leap in logic to get Nick as the defence attorney.

Comment posted by Another Nopony deleted Nov 1st, 2013

He, Phoenix reacted just how I figured he would. With the way he was in "Turnabout Storm", and how he is here, I can easily see the transition. Awesome job!! :yay:
Random moustache! :moustache:

Might be a little strong to say that she loved him, she didn't really know him that well and he was just a nice guy who helped her out a few times. She definitely had a crush on him however. Then again, she might just be reacting to the fact that she just found out that her crush was murdered.

There are no half-measures in a phoenix wright game. They are made of feels. :fluttercry:

3429974 Heh, very true. I'm waiting for when Rainbow Dash finds out that a bunch of Wright's friends saw her blackmail photos.

im I the only one thinking that the owner of the original turnabout storm should see this and make a series sequel I think its a good idea :pinkiehappy::eeyup::yay:

I wonder. according to this story, the human Flash was killed, but is the pony Flash still alive?

3430099 yes he is... He doesn't have any baring on this story let alone this case.

Good chapter, though as someone here has already told you this one did feel a bit rushed. Still you kept the characters "in character". Twi's reaction did feel right, though her saying that she loved him does seem a bit too strong.......though now that I think about it, I do need to take in to consideration that there has been a time gap. Not just the time difference in Equestria and Phoenix's world, but also the time that passed since Twilight had her adventure in the human world, so its possible that her 'crush' for Flash Sentry (human) did develop a bit into something stronger. Though who knows, this is your story and so far everything is running pretty good for it. :pinkiesmile:

Either way, what I'm saying is that you put up a good chapter, felt short but still good. Take your time when writing the chapters so that way you can put down everything that you want to happen in the story. You have a solid set-up with what you've started and you have our (readers) attentions. So until next post.
See you next chapter U.T. :twilightsmile:

All I remember from the youtube video on the phenix write thing is you foolish fool foolishly foolish fool.

“Trucy, why exactly are we here again? Phoenix and Trucy are expecting me to be there by now.” Apollo said in a sort of annoyed tone.

Look an error

Autopsy report added to Court Record
Death at 2:00PM
Cause of death: Stab in the chest with a pocket knife

Come on, you can sound more pro.

Death between 2pm and 3pm
Cause of death: Blood lost due to stab wound of a 3inch knife in the chest. The victim also has serious injury by blow on the head and neck but not lethal.

Just a question... the portal in Equestria Girls gave Twi and Spike human and dog form. And in this fic, Celestia's spell give everypony a human form. So why, when Twilight summoned Phoenix in Equestria at Turnabout Storm's beginning, didn't he turn into a pony?

:trixieshiftleft: MAGIC! :trollestia:

Though I have to wonder... how are they going to get home without Celestia's horn, hope the portal is open? :trixieshiftright:

Hey, I thought Bobby Fulbright is dead. The real one anyway, since the one in the game was an imposter.

x_X You might want to avoid throwing out game spoilers in your author's notes there, Dual Destinies is still pretty new... :pinkiesad2:


Sorry... Just didn't want people to keep talking about Fulbright

x_X You might want to avoid throwing out game spoilers in your author's notes there, Dual Destinies is still pretty new... :pinkiesad2:

Too late. I was halfway through the 4th case and I just saw the authors note. Dammit

Just a little tip. You might want to cut down the uses of "he sighed", "she sighed", and "Twilight/Phoenix Sighed". Having them sigh a lot just get distracting after a while. I notice this in your first few chapters. Also the characters sighing every other sentence or so just makes them seem REAAAALLLY depressed. Its ok to use every now and again, just try not to use it too often. Try using words that show them how they feel or show that they're exasperated or sadden rather than telling with "sighed".

Besides that, I'm enjoying the story. I haven't played Dual Destinies at all yet but I've played the first three Phoenix Wright games completely enough to know that your doing a really good job with this format. I can't wait to see how you set-up the court room scenes. :pinkiesmile:

Ah, mentally repressed memories, usually trauma induced, though with training can be done and undone at a whim. Unfortunately, I think they're going to have to do this the difficult way.

Personally I would have put off revealing Twilight and company to the rest of the Attourney cast for a while, build up humor tension, but I can tell you're trying to get the plot moving.

Looks good, but if I had one problem, it's the formatting. You need to un-center the text, and be a little more consistent with the line spacing.

HAH!, I just finished watching the series that precedes this story on youtube! I was hoping to find something along the lines of 'sequel material'.

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