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50 Headcanon Questions · 4:19pm Oct 12th, 2014

Remember the trend that bounced around this site for a little, with people answering questions regarding their headcanon of Equestria?

I'm pretty late to the game, but I decided to do the same. As I understand it those answers were outlawed from blogs or something, and I don't think my link system would work here, so you can access my answers to the questions in this Google Doc:

At first writing all this stuff was just a fun activity, but the more I did it the better I felt about it, myself and my abilities as a writer however amateur. I once said:

"Believe me when I say that [the thought of self-denial] is poison, nothing more. I urge you to take it out of your mind and destroy it."

"You can do it. You can write something great. It might not happen with the first story; it might not happen with the tenth – and the nine that preceded it might never be seen by the rest of the world. It might take a long time. The final draft might be completely unrecognizable from the first. You might have to throw out all those cute romance ideas you had because they're holding the piece back. If you take what you do seriously, if you open your mind to wisdom and learning (which you ought to do regardless), if you continue to work at it and if you never give up, it will happen. It won't be easy, but it will happen.

Don't allow yourself to think otherwise – this is of the utmost importance, because you are going to think otherwise. This poisonous thought is your Joker: no matter how many times you get rid of it you'll see it again sooner or later, but you have to keep fighting it."

Well, my Joker returned, stronger than ever. It's why I never...rather, why I haven't yet published that Tirek story I was working on. Writing these answers, seeing my ideas take shape--and coming out pretty well if I do say so myself--definitely helped me send him back to Arkham. It may not be a published story, though you could consider some of the answers mini-stories in themselves and the entire document is longer than plenty of fics, but regardless I needed to see it through. I had to do it, and now that it's finished I'm happy to share it with anyone willing to take a look.

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Comments ( 2 )

Do you think you will publish this Tirek story you speak of or is that a definite maybe? What would it be? Sort of an origin story within the FiM universe or incorporating the G1 story?


I want to say that it will be published but I'm not good with definite things that I can't back up with a logical foundation. I worked on it, stopped, will have to work on it again.

It's definitely not an origin story. Quite the opposite, to tell the truth. It has nothing to do with G1 because I've never seen G1 (and even if I did I highly doubt I'd ever want to merge past MLP universes with FIM's).

This story is about a scenario that never happened: the fate of the world after Tirek wins.

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