• Published 29th Aug 2018
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Those Forty Years - Spell Writer

After being trapped in the past by politics and new responsibilities, Twilight finds herself as the adopted mother of Luna and Celestia. This story is about those 40 years she took care of them. Sequel to My Faithful Student by me and FadFreaky

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Radiant 1 - The Radiant Empire of Frost and Lonely Memories

“THIS IS UNNECESSARY. CEASE!” Twilight yells at her assaulter. Preventing the pony that attempted to attack her from using the single bladed dagger that they brought. In this past year alone, thanks to her reforms to law, many ponies love Twilight for what she has done. Breaking the barrier between the nobility and the commoners through reforms and meticulous planning had led to nearly every pony in Equestria having some degree of wealth and stature. Granted this wasn’t quite a great accomplishment for such a small country. However, it was enough to cause the royalists to have an intense dislike of the queen. While she couldn’t prove anything, she is almost sure that they are the ones doing this to her. The assassination attempts reaching to a nearly bi-monthly level. At first, Twilight did actually have very close calls, but every time something seemed to just click in her head allowing her to pull off a defense. Much to the surprise of her fillies the first time.

However, Twilight still refuses to kill even those that try to kill her. Although the new reformation prison has quite a few ponies living in it. “Sorry Queen, but it’s just business, besides we both know how this ends. I'm the best at my job, better than all those that came before me to get you-” The assassin then takes quite a big hit in the middle of his monologue that knocks him down. Twilight sighing as she takes the dagger from the staggered pony.

“Look, I appreciate that you’d be willing to help ponies even if they’re completely misjudging me. I’ve told your employers several times that the nobility will get their powers in due time. Once Equestria becomes larger they'll have plenty of work to do so I have to prioritize. Guards! Another one for you all!” Twilight says, the guards coming in and taking the would-be assassin away. Twilight’s sky blue eyes were shining for a moment before settling back down to their natural, purple color. Luna walking into the room and looking at the guards drag out the cloaked pony.

“You really should make the castle more restricted.” She sighs before continuing, “this only happens because you allow ponies to come and go as they please. Although, the title you’ve gotten from surviving so many attempts mighta been worth it.” Luna finishes saying to Twilight before looking at her with a mischievous smile

“Eternal Queen, how many assassination attempts does that make in only the first year you've been Queen? Even the best of the best can’t touch you.” Luna says matter of factly. Twilight blushing a bit from the praise

“I still don’t quite get it. I wasn’t nearly this good at fighting back in new Equestria.” She sits down, sweating from the adrenaline wearing off. “At least I am here though, gotta protect my home somehow,” Twilight says while smiling, pulling her daughter over with her nearly invisible magic aura. Nuzzling her and giving her a massive hug.

“Honestly, it's a miracle I’ve come out of it unscathed these couple last times. I have to figure out something that doesn’t involve breaching everything I believe in. Unity’s reform center can only last so long and work for an even shorter time. While I can’t deny it’s effectiveness, it’s a bit strange to me that it’s even necessary.” Twilight says as she releases her daughter, who takes her place by the throne.

“Perhaps in the future ponies will be much more peaceful, but for now you’re doing very well mother. Even with Celestia.” Luna giggles a small amount sighing “I think she still has that doll you gave her last year. Even with her going through this phase of hers.”

Twilight sighs awkwardly “If I told anypony in new Equestria that Celestia had a rebellious phase they would probably have me instituted. Speaking of which, what is she rebelling against today?”

“Apparently she’s decided your curfew rule is stupid, so she’s planning on going to a party tonight at midnight. Although, you haven’t told her yet about your vision have you?” Luna smiles knowingly.

“I don’t even think I’ve told her that I learned divination magic. While being able to control time and space is fun and all, it’s still a bit too advanced for me right now. I Gotta start somewhere, and since magic is about as developed as a paper bag at this time period, I had to choose something that actually exists right now. Seriously, how do ponies get anything done without long-range teleportation? Sure it’s an advanced spell even in new Equestria, but it’s so convenient that at least one pony in a group of friends can cast it.” Looking at a book while she says this, Twilight rants a small amount about her new life. Casting spells left and right and making quite the light show. Showing off spells that don’t even exist yet in Equestria. At Least not in that time period. She continues her rant for a moment, not particularly looking for an answer from Luna. However, she still gets one.

“You could always begin with magic research. We’ll be okay you know.” Luna says solemnly. Looking Twilight in the eyes.

A mild silence overtakes the throne room Twilight visibly tensing up as she sits back. “Luna, there's a reason why only princesses know about that horrible event in Equestrian history. Even then, we don’t know all the details. But, what we do know is that it was directly related to science and magic. Ponies will push those things forward themselves, but I don’t want to be responsible for the “greatest most horrible event in Equestrian History.” At least, not yet. Eventually, I’m sure my curiosity will get to the better of me, and I’ll cave to some sort of research done by the government. But, that's AFTER and only after Equestria is secure and we’ve finished everything with what’s going to happen these next few years. Even with all my magic, I can’t see everything ya know. So let’s just take this one hoof forward at a time.” Twilight says as she stares at a blank piece of paper, almost willing it to defy her decision. Luna fidgeting in place as she says.

“The Radiant Empire then? Mom and Dad could never get along with their Queen. She was too idealistic they said. Like she always had her head in the clouds and her face in the skies.” Luna sighs a bit.

“Radiant empire? You mean Crystal Empire right? I don’t think I’ve heard anypony call the Crystal Empire, “the Radiant Empire” before. Also, who’s their ruler? The only pony I’ve heard of that’s been a ruler of the Empire is Princess Amore.” Twilight says as she writes on the paper in front of her. Making a list of things she needs to bring up with the northern country. Namely land acquisition as most of the area north of Canterlot future location is owned by the Empire or the Griffons at the moment.

“That's the Queen. Queen Amore de Concerto, one of the most aloof and odd ponies on the planet. She's a fairly nice unicorn when you can actually get her attention.” Luna says as Twilight stands up and exits the room. Luna following her mom closely as the pair head to Celestia’s room. The room’s door being bright and cheery.

“Then I’ll just have to get her attention. Hm. Luna, does the name “Crystal Heart” mean anything to you?” Twilight asks as she enters Celestia’s room unannounced, much to the teenager’s anger

“Mo- Twilight! You can’t barge into my room like that!” Celestia says, wearing reasonably regular clothes for modern times. But, for the time period they’re in, they are considered too revealing.

Luna says to Twilight. “She’s really gonna do this again? Mom, can’t you just, I dunno, scold her or something? You scold me all the time!” Luna not reacting to her sister as this event has been a good constant over the last year or so. She then backtracks to what Twilight said, Luna doing a mood switch and looking more excited at the mention of the Crystal Heart. “No, not really. Why? Is it going to be something important? OOH, does it make it warm up there? It’s so cold in the Empire. That's why they always have to get food from the griffons or us.”

Twilight sighs, talking to Celestia first in a calm, motherly tone. “Get yourself in working order my sweet sun.” She smiles brightly before continuing. “We’re heading to the Crystal Empire. Er. That is, the Radiant Empire.” Twilight taps her hoof to her own chin.

“Aw, but I was going to go to a party later! All my friends are gonna be there.” Celestia says as she reluctantly gets packing to go to the Empire. Knowing she won’t win this conversation.

Twilight helps her, packing Celestia’s bag in a blink of an eye. “Now now, you know you aren’t allowed out past curfew anyway, Celestia. Besides, you and your sister are going to participate this time. C'mon, let’s see what you might do, you two.” Twilight smiles tiredly as she exits the room. Thinking to herself.

‘That spell is way not ready yet.’ Twilight thinks to herself as she holds a small clock in her hoof. The object ticking normally, except it is a minute too slow.

After some time, Twilight and the two sisters begin their flight to the Crystal Empire. The trio flying on their own. This causing Celestia to complain a small amount. “Why are we flying there? We have a really nice chariot that we could take. It’s much faster even! This is gonna take days!”

Twilight giggles and responds. “Patience, Celestia. Once we get to the central mountain, I’ll teleport us the rest of the way. I just want to stop by there and do something is all.”

Luna looks at her mother questioningly. “But that’s griffon territory, I mean, we’re at peace right now but… Why would we start anything if we can avoid it- oh, it’s one of those meddling things you like to do isn’t it?” Luna grins knowingly, sticking her tongue out halfway before giggling.

“I suppose that means we’re waiting at the landing site then?” Luna asks comfortably.

Twilight responds with a giggle. “Nope! You two get to go into town with a friendship lesson!” This response causes both Luna and Celestia to groan. Even the normally optimistic filly Luna unable to find anything to be grateful about in this situation.

“Nooooo, come on mom! Those things are always so hard! Harder than even our studies!” Celestia complains as Twilight gives each of them a small notecard. Celestia looking hers over.

“Learn humility? What does this even mean?!” Celestia pouts at her mom, an eyebrow twitching as she tries to wrap her mind around the lesson.

“Celestia, you’ve already passed all the easier lessons. So… I’m giving you an open-ended lesson. Yours doesn’t have a due date. Just tell me when you learn it.” Twilight says as she flies around in a small maneuver. Having taken to flying very gracefully without abusing speed, she has become a slow, yet beautiful flier.

Luna reads hers next “mine’s blank…?” Luna looks up at Twilight who sighs.

“Normally if you were actually one of my students Luna, I’d have sent you somewhere to continue your studies. You’ve really taken to them.” Twilight smiles brightly with a small tear. “So your friendship lesson is easy. Just keep being you.” The notecard suddenly has “You” Written on it. Twilight continuing to fly ahead with very silent tears. Staying ahead of the two confused alicorns.

‘I’m sorry Luna, you may fail that in the future but… I have to try something.’ Twilight thinks to herself before rubbing her eyes to clear them up. Flying to the mountain.

Twilight creates a small and fairly hidden landing site for them. It’s at this time that Twilight separates from Celestia and Luna. Going to the location that will one day become Canterlot. A shade of her memories of the town appearing in her vision as she accurately remembers every building, pony and essential location. The mare walking through the imaginary town as she searches for something. Going to where the Fountain of Celestia will be in the future. Burying something there.

“It’s at this point where something. Unexpected happens, says a voice behind Mrs. “Eternal”’

Twilight blinks and turns around on a dime. Facing the voice. Only to be greeted by Discord. But, considering she isn’t standing in a massive amount of unrelenting chaos yet, she stays silent and bides her time.

“Look, I don’t frankly know if we’ve met yet, although you’ll be meeting me soon I’m sure. I’m Discord the Lord of all chaos and reformed friend of an Alicorn known as Twilight Sparkle. I was hoping you would be kind enough to point me to her so I can bring her home.” Discord says with a visible distrust, dislike, and disdain. Punctuating every word and sounding quite like a stuttering record. “Point me in the right direction, and I’ll be on my way.” He says with gritted teeth, holding up a pair of dentures that he is forcing to grit in his lion paw.

Suddenly, the picture vanishes in front of the cloaked pony. Leaving her entirely in the dark about the following events.

“Discord? Er. Is that really you?” Twilight says, having lowered her guard a small amount. The alicorn tearing up slightly, even though it’s Discord. It’s still something from home.

“... Oh, this is just rich. Who wrote this script! I want a rewrite!” Discord says, yelling at the sky with no effect to anyone or anything.

Discord then looks back at Twilight. Looking quite firmly at her. “Twilight, if that’s you then you know I can’t take you home. Not that I want to now.” The creature frowns at her. Twilight was taken aback by the sudden aggressiveness.

“Discord? What? What are you saying? I mean yes I wouldn’t go back anyway. But, why are you so mean?” Twilight says as she steps forward to him. However, Discord turns away and says.

“I have no intention of repeating the past.” The creature snaps his fingers. Slowly vanishing. “I’ll tell the others you’re okay.” He coldly says as his figure turns transparent and vanishes altogether. “Enjoy your life, Eternal.”

Twilight sits there stunned. Looking down at the grass. “What… What did I? no what am I going to do to him? UGGGH! The plot of this book is getting really convoluted, and it’s like the author actually expects me to figure things out the first time around when all the hints are in another book that hasn’t even been completed yet!” Twilight stomps the ground angrily. Over time though. That anger turns into sorrow, and then a pit of loneliness forms in her heart.

The picture returns after a moment. The cloaked pony shaking the book intensely to get it to work again.

“I’m so sorry.” She says to where Discord was before heading back to her foals. Composing herself along the way. Putting on a smiling face for the pair. Getting much more profound respect for her ex-teacher, who probably had one on almost all the time. ‘I suppose that friendship lesson is on hold for now.’ Twilight thinks to herself as she returns far more early than she intended.

Meanwhile, Celestia and Luna were enjoying the moment alone together. Enjoying possibly being too strong of a word for one of the siblings.

“Mom loves you more than me,” Celestia says frankly after a moment looking at her sister in jealousy. A small spark of fire coming off of her mane. “Why does she like you more than me? We used to be best friends, but ever since she became mom… All she does is hang out with you!”

Luna tilts her own head, “I’m sure she would if you’d ask Celestia. She loves you! More than almost anypony in the world! I think that’s why she's giving you so much space. I mean you always got the hard friendship lessons. Remember when you had to bake that cake with Marble Pie? Or when you and Radiant Rainbow got ta race all across Canterlot? You even got some tough ones like doing day court yourself! I’ve never even been allowed near day court yet.” Luna says with a smile, mumbling the last one.

Celestia responds with disbelief. Shaking her head and looking towards the sky. “I think that last one was just her not wanting to work. It was a slow day anyway. I don’t see the point in all these friendship lessons and stuff. Sure I got some… Excellent friends that I’m gonna miss, but the rest were just wastes of time and effort. I could be doing so much more! So much! I mean c'mon Luna. We’re gonna rule one day, and only one of us is gonna get to be Queen ya know.” Celestia sighs and sits down, looking at the note card she was given. “Right now, I honestly think you’re higher up in the running for that. I really do.” Celestia says, punching the earth beneath her.

Luna walks over to her sister and gives her a nuzzle. “Sister. Don’t be so upset, please. I’m sure momma has a plan for that. Maybe when she leaves, she’ll keep the title, and we can just be princesses together! Equals in everything!” The blue filly jumps in place with a bright smile. Accidentally jumping into Celestia’s pink mane and getting some in her mouth. This causing her to begin spitting out loose hairs as they got caught in her mouth. Celestia starting giggling and then full on laughing at her. Luna following shortly as the two roll around and eventually sit up next to each other. Celestia resting a wing over her little sister.

“I’ll think about it, Luna.” She simply says. Luna craning her neck, resting her head on her sister’s shoulder.

“Good. I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion I did. Now we should probably head into town so we can do these lessons!” Luna says with a bright smile. Earning her a playful wing thwap to her back from her sister. Luna returning the affection with a playful shove with a single hoof.

At this point, Twilight returns. She smiles and collects the sisters before leaving on the flight again. “We’re gonna let you two do the lessons in the Crystal Kingdom instead!” Twilight says to the two as they fly up into the air. The two sisters are confused, as their mother rarely changes plans, however in the end they think nothing of it. Mid-flight, Twilight stops and begins flying in a circle around her daughters. The two stop and try to keep up with the larger alicorn as she starts moving extremely fast. Celestia and Luna get grabbed by their mother who nuzzles them intensely on all their most ticklish areas as the teleport spell sets off.

They arrive at the Crystal Kingdom in a bright flash. The nation wholly covered in snow. From the fields outside of the town to the town itself. The familiar warmth of the crystal heart that Twilight had been accustomed to was glaringly missing. Bundling up warmly in thick clothing or, in Twilight’s case, a single scarf, the three alicorns enter the city. The city of Frost opens up to them, the town cold and yet still full of very lively ponies. Twilight carrying her smaller daughter, while her older daughter walks alongside her.

The book locks up again. The Quiz question appearing. “What was the name of the Crystal Empire before it was called the Crystal Empire?” The pony thinks for a moment. Remembering that Twilight and Luna said the name she unlocks the next chapter. Excited to continue on.

Author's Note:

Ya know, a young kid that's more mature than their older sibling may be a trope. But this was just too good of a chance to pass up.


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