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The exam for Celestia's school was postponed due to an incident, and gave Twilight more time to research the exam. Cadence took her to the Royal Archives to look for a spell after Twilight found a passage in a book that said seventy percent of the tests required the testee to hatch an egg. While looking she found a spell to make Cadence and her real family. Unfortunately while the exam was postponed, that didn't stop the Sonic Rainboom from happening and making Twilight surge as she cast the spell, placing her in Cadence's womb as her new daughter, as well as draining some magic from Princess Luna still trapped in the moon, making her the new father. How will this affect Equestria. And will the upcoming threats still be stopped.

This story was inspired by the story...Full of Love by Autum Breeze which gave me the idea for a story where a spell accident causes Cadence to be Twilight's new mother. though unlike the story that gave me the idea, Celestia, Shining Armor, and Twilight's parents wouldnt know what happened until Discord at the earliest. Though like the story it will start before Nightmare Moon.

Disclaimer for the whole story...I do not own My Little Pony.

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I think it's a good start for the story, I've always liked stories where the protagonist is reborn, I look forward to the next chapter ;)
I prefer that Twilight be reborn as an alicorn 100%, I love the idea that it is an alicorn from the beginning ;):heart::heart::twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

That was a interesting story. I wonder if Twilight will retain any memory's or if she was mindwiped. Goodluck with the rest of it. Also the Sunny path sounds more interesting than the regular Alicorn version.

I agree. Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

Alright Let's see where you take this story

to Question 1 i got no input there.

But to Question 2 the most use ones are always really good, but if you want a new one there can fit the Knowledge might be what you are looking for.

and Question 3 that's up to you if you want to use them, but if you feel like using them you can always give 2 to each of them.

Question 4 i got nothing.

I'm glad you like it. Also twilight will be reborn as an alicorn no matter what, what changes is how easy it is to hide. Just because an Alicorn's magic is so great that it transformed their wings and horn into magic and starlight that does not mean they are not an alicorn.

Both actually, she will forget at first, but when she dreams at night she will remember the memory from when she is the same age as before, for example on her first birthday of being reborn she will dream about her first birthday before being reborn.

In answer to question 4--you can't. You can either have it on the top, or the bottom, but not both simultaneously, so you really just have to pick which of the two is most effective for your specific purposes.

In fairness to FIMFiction though, the vast majority of fics have little to no need for an author's note in both spots, so there's never been a demand for it.

Thanks for letting me know.

Fortunately, Twilight, in her surge I instinctively realized she did not have enough power.
EDIT out the word I. Just pointing out the only typo I saw.

Hmm, my sugestions are:
1. roll a dice
2. Alicorn of Mysteri or Lore.
If Zipp, like Daring Doo going out salving the mysteris.
If Sunny, colector and keeper of lore
3. They should still have a part but colect them individualy as etch pony/creture proves to be a paragon,
This is litarly my bigest gripe whit sesson 1.
4. not a clue

Loving this so far, bookmarked and waiting for more. As for my suggestions

1. I am partial to the family aspect of luna joining the family, as such twi as sunny and cadence as pipp is my answer.
2. I love Dark Feather's suggestion of Lore, especially given Twilight's penchant for reading.
3. I am partial to no inclusion or light inclusion of the elements in the story. Considering, if I understand you correctly, Luna and NM would be seperate entities if Luna joined Cadence and Twilight as a family, their role would be almost entirely unnecessary for the plot the of the story.

No matter what direction you go I have a feeling I'm gonna like where the story goes. Feels like O&O or D&D the way you are including us. Kinda nice.


Alicorn of Lore works

Thanks, the votes so far, including emails have Luna joining, Twilight = Sunny, and Cadence = Pipp winning, and no inclusion is also in the lead. On top of that there is only one hour 10 minutes(6 o'clock pm local time) until I start on the next chapter. So that looks to be the case. I also enjoy asking readers for suggestions to make them have more involvement in my stories.

I think Twilight would be older than the crusaders.

About twilight's childhood how about something in the style of the lion king 3, when Timon says "Rescuing Simba was easy, then came the really dark part... Fatherhood" and then came scenes of how he took care of Simba.

So I thought "hey Cadence, having Twilight was the easy part, now comes the dark part... Motherhood" and then we'll see how Twilight won't let the two princesses sleep at night because of their nightly cries or because they accidentally let her sleep too soon. day and now she has energy at night (I imagine the creatures moving away because of the noise), now, Twilight is not a normal filly, she is a super alicorn filly, daughter of two alicorns, if Flurry was powerful and was the daughter of an alicorn and a unicorn, I imagine that Cadence and Luna will not have it easy. What if rumors began to circulate about mysterious cries in the dark castle?

That helps. I was planning on doing a chapter for each year until the summer sun celebration, with mentions of something that happened that year, and that would do well with the infant chapter.

Thinking over it, yes the CMC would have been born or soon to be.
At minimum AB is, she would be at most a year older but propably around 2-4 month older then Twi/Sunny.
As for the rest dont know, but whit in the year mark of Twi/Sunny.

Some meeting of the bearers chapters would be cool. Not all of them, and not for the purpose of finding the elements, but I could see Twilight stumbling upon Fluttershy while following Angel or some other woodland creature. Maybe she meets RD during a flying practice or AJ when she hears the sound of applebucking and goes to investigate. Heck, you could even run off the idea of Cadence getting a library card specifically for Twilight and meeting the librarian that preceeded her canonically. Though you'd probably need to make an OC for that position.

Or you can have Cadance and Luna become the librarian they do need a home to work with that Celestia might not just pop up in, For if Celestia goes to look for the elements she might just find them

Have not read this yet, buy it's going to be hilarious

At the point of the Rainboom Apple Bloom would likely be born, seeing as Applejack went to Manehattan to live with the oranges after her parents died. the crusaders are all around the same age so Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo would either be born or soon to be born.

living in the everfree, an introduction to the only zebra alchemist in the forest would be an interesting introduction.

Thanks, that's what the majority says, and that means I can put them in the same class in school. It is still Twilight afterall, she will want to go to school.

Thanks you two. Meeting Fluttershy and AJ that way could work. But meeting Rainbow Dash during flying practice will not, that would reveal Twilight is an alicorn, so her flying lessons will take place either in an area that Luna and Cadence used magic to protect from discovery, or in a large room in the castle itself. As for getting a job, Cadence/Pipp will get a job as a babysitter, but Luna/Zipp could be librarian the books in it would help her get more adjusted to modern Equestria, I wonder if I can get away with Luna becoming the librarian without meaning too. I could have them move in when the time for the 1000th sun celebration gets close. That way Twilight will be old enough to disguise herself.
Thanks. Meeting Zecora will work. I think I will do so after the crusaders find out Twilight lives in the everfree(by the way when they do, expect everfree shenanigans) so they can mention it when they find out like "you live in the everfree like Zecora?" Or something.

"Let me see the spell." Cadence said before reading it, and looking at Twilight's hopeful smile. "It should be safe. It's been a long time since you surged, and according to this, it is completely safe as long as you don't surge. And it looks like the only visible effect is our manes will gain a stripe in the color of the others mane. Which isn't bad. And I will admit, I would love to be real family to you as well."

first rule of life "if u say the only thing that can go wrong it will go wrong"

I have no idea how to write in Luna's old equestrian, so just pretend with Luna's accent, though she is trying to fix it, hence the library job.

you can also say that thanks to her proficiency in mid magic she just copied the information on modern speech from a random ponys mind, that is also a good explanation for why she is speaking "normally"

I will say around 4 to 5 years old for her to be able to hide her wings and horn and 6 to 7 for her to start school, sure with it being Twilight she might be able to start already when she start talking but if Twilight does that she might draw attention to herself

other important questions would be, how is explaining the disappearance of Cadence and Twilight in Canterlot? Also knowing when Rarity moved to Ponyville? Then she was wondering if she brought Sweetie when she moved out or her parents sent her after her? Will Scootaloo have her parents in this story or will she be an orphan? Cadence will come to see Luna as a loving couple? The same with Luna towards Cadence?

Thanks that helps. Now I just have to figure out what age is the thousandth sun.

You will see some of the reaction next chapter, it just takes a while for the news to reach them, especially since the information is overshadowed by the damage, which the news would think is more important. I will say Rarity moves to Ponyville when twilight is around 3, and Sweetie when Twilight is 5. Give Rarity a bit of time to settle in. I'm not sure about Scootaloo actually I think I will poll, and depending on the answer decide then. That might actually be what gets them out of the forest, and living in Ponyville if the adopt Scootaloo. As for Cadence and Luna becoming lovers, I am leaning that way.

Well, answering the first question, at the time of Twilight and Cadence's accident, she was what, 6 maybe? And when Celestia sent her to Ponyville, she had how much? 16 ? 18? plus? So let's say between 10 and 12, which is where I put the crusaders.

Answering your second question, I really don't like her "official" parents, I would have preferred her to be an orphan and be adopted. I think she has an aunt, I've read it in some stories, I don't know if she's official but I like her. I say both and that she survived the accident with damage to her wings that affects their growth, at the time of the accident she would end up in another place, something like she would end up in a lost cloud, until they found her very far from the accident , so her aunt (if you decide to put her) would think that she also died and would not bother looking for her, so Scootaloo ends up in the orphanage, then she meets Cadence or Luna or Twilight and over time she would become part of the family, having a sister and two moms who love her very much.

Answering the third one, well little kids are VERY curious, the question is if Twilight with her intelligence could resist that curiosity, I don't know, let's say explore the castle or outside the castle or the forest. Also, have you ever brought a pet home without your parents' permission? I've done it a few times, now imagine a super alicorn filly wanting to keep a chimera or timber wolf pup (which is smart enough to know that the little girl could turn it to ashes, so it's docile).

Now, Twilight is still the element of magic? Who will Celestia send to Ponyville so her plans don't fall apart? No doubt this chaos will be enjoying a certain lord of chaos.

I love that you lean on that side, because that way I think that Cadence will not suffer from losing her love for old age.

1) I belive officialy the CMC are somewhere in the 5-7 years range at the start of the series, pick an age ad twenty then give or take up too tre years and you have the ages for Zipp and Pipp.

2) Scoots offialy lives whit her two aunts in Ponyville as her parents travel allot as arcolagists or antroplegists (dont know witch). In sesson 7 their is an episode were they come home to Equestria whit plans to sattel down and ask Scoots too move in whit them making her have to chose between her parents and her friends as it would not be in Ponyville. We only see Scootaloos home once when CMC is preping for the Equestria games.
becous we saw so little os Scootaloos home is what lead too all the orphan/foster child theoris.

I say whit how little Scoots parents are in the series and in her life, I say foster care just dont make it bad becous bad that is just an insult to all the workers and foster parents that do their best to give those children a proper home. And if you feel like it include her parents, I'd say lovin but disconected do to how distant thier work is.

3) As they live out in the forest varius dengerus pets is a given, but this is Twilight we are talking about, even if she goes by Sunny now, she will moslikely try to get in to ponyville librery becous "BOOKS".

question 1, I think that around 8 to 9 years old might be a good start for that
question 2, I got no opinion on that
question 3, same as last one
else a Fine up date

Thanks, that helps. Both the age and what happens to Scootaloo. The Timberwolf pup is a good idea too.
Dont forget the elements were completely destroyed by crying filly alicorn Sunny during the first year, so no elements. Course Celestia doesn't know that, but considering the requirements she would be looking for, she would decide to use a different plan, and that the elements would not work this time.
Thanks for the Books idea. That gives me an idea.

Are you planning on adding Spike to the story? IF not then it would be interesting to name a puppy a Spike.
And yeah she should be able to understand puppy since she is her alpha. Maybe later she would have a whole pack under her command. Imagine it.:twilightoops:
And for crusaders, it should be Apple Bloom as she is a native of Ponyville while the rest not as much.

Twilight named her owl "Owlowiscious"... Hard to top... i am for "Hedera" its the scientific name for ivy.

For the CMC... With Scoots you get the story around her parents on the run. With SB and AB we have a run with Rarity or AJ... I like Scoots or AB. Scoots parents are always a good story and ABs parents are not so long dead at this point.

I think Apple Bloom might work really well for her First friend, And about the Timberwolf pup Name what about River or Ranni, else good update Cheers

Spike did hatch in the prologue, so maybe. I dont think a pack of Timberwolves will work. For one thing Twilight became the pups alpha after completely destroying every other member of the pack. Unless she goes through the forest destroying Timberwolf packs I donxt see her getting more, and I don't see her killing Timberwolves like that. I am thinking of having the crusaders join the pack though.
Thanks Hedera works.

Apple Bloom is in the lead, though River seems like a water name and while I don't know what Ranni means if it is similar then it won't work either. Still someone else mentioned Hedera so I think I will use that.

So Crusaders plus timberwolf and all this under command of Alicorn.
Didn't you have enough destruction normally?
Just wait until they will get Elements.
This is going to be glorious!
As for the name: Timber

River is a character from the game Armello who is a Wolf hunter, Ranni is form Elden Ring who i pick the name of do to her bodyguard Blaidd who is a half wolf man, they were the only ones think of at the point when it came to wolf stuff, else i do argee on the name Hedera being batter

Unintentional destruction will show up at times. But the elements were destroyed remember so no elements for them.

Luna is cured.
Nightmare is on the Moon.
Elements are destroyed.
Celestia is pissed.
Shining Armour is unknown.
Cadence is in relation with Luna?
Twilight(Sunny) Is the daughter of Cadence and Luna.
This is going to be epic!

3 years and they have not made contact with Celestia?
Can only imagine that Twilight family and Celestia most worried.
Cadance foalsitting Twilight and both of them gone with no trace for 3 years....

It's not like there was a accident that could have made it look like they where gone...

even with Luna back and they have not made contact?

Interesting story and looking forward to what's to come 😁

Mostly they haven't contacted others because they are terrified of what Celestia and Twilight's family will do to them. They did destroy the royal archives, which Celestia in the newspaper has said she will send the one responsible to Tartarus, plus Cadence basically stole Twilight Velvet's spot as Twilight Sparkle/Sunny's mother. When she finds out she will be furious. Plus Luna has the guilt from Nightmare Moon, that she wants her existence to remain secret even after being separated. She remembers what she did to Celestia as nightmare Moon, which is a lot of guilt.

So next update is when the cmc gets released, Let's hope Ponyville got good insurance, For they are going to need it

I'm not sure there's an insurance against primal chaos deities

Well with how much the Town gets destroyed and rebuilt there got to someone who is offering insurance:pinkiecrazy:

How about Both my moms didn't like being princesses so they hide from there family so we fond a place abandoned so we could keep our self safe an no pressure because we were redial an our family did not approve of my moms being to gether

Time to erase their memories.

so adorable and now i want more

Why isn't there a slice of life tag?

"Oh no." Sunny said looking worried. "This was supposed to be a secret. I'm going to be in so much trouble."

"You then got left behind there because I did not know you were there, and made your way home by foot." Zipp said.


"Next chapter is the thousandth sun celebration. And the reintroduction of Celestia briefly."

Hmm will we see sunset ala Seven of Six: The Longest Night , or will the cmc try for god/alicorn hunter/slayer cutie marks because if it's the second opinion i feel sorry for nightmare moon

If it is the second one, your not the onlyone that feels sorry for her.

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