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Within a single instant, I found myself in equine fantasy land with my wits scattered about. Now armed with only my hooves, I'd find out how I got here ; and if I'm lucky find out where I can fit in the world. Now if only I wasn't a literal child, but at least I'm in Pinkie Pie's and Fluttershy's custody now. For better or for worse.

(Art drawn KanaTokisho on Youtube)

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Will this be anything like in A Flurry of Problems, where Twilight accidentally kills a friends child and tries to fix it, and the protagonist's soul gets put in the body instead?

TA Flurry of Problems
Human wakes up as Flurry Heart and tries to figure out how to either get home or adapt to Equestria
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Short answer is read and find out. :P

Bit of spoiler though but here's this Twilight's not as directly involved in this and Twilight didn't accidentally kill a friend's child.

and had my face torn off by wild animals.

If not I can totally carry you on my back. Nod if you can understand me.”

a hoof over the heart(——, a fluttering motion, and a hoof near the eyeball. Weird.

Who gave Pinkie the right to throw a party for a distressed child!?

Can you elaborate a little further please? Is Pinkie in character here?

And thank you for checking out my story. I'll take care of the typos as soon as humanly possible.

Usually one of the other mane 6 would tell Pinkie to not throw a party for a troubled child.

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