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Ever drank too much and woken up in a different place? I have several times. Ever woken up in a different body than your own? No, that one is new.

Hello, my name is Storm and I am a 24-year-old dude. Or I was yesterday, now I am some kind of filly and everyone is calling me 'Flurry Heart'. Everyone thinks I am 10 and that I am confused and traumatized. Probably doesn't help that I keep asking for a drink and am a bit lost with what's going on. I just hope that these ponies, frequent disasters and one scary pink pony don't kill me before I can go home.
Now translated into Chinese by Aeri: https://fimtale.com/en/t/31675
Credit for the Cover Image goes to SkyeyPony.
Link can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/skyeypony/art/Flurry-Heart-908403193

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Now let’s see how often this updates.

If Flurry is a filly in this story, then why is she an adult in the cover art?

lets hope such a good story with lots of potential like this doesn't die like most others with the similar concept, because of 'lack of inspiration' or 'I just gave up on it'

That would be because I forgot to change the placeholder image with an actual Filly Flurry image. Fixing that now lol.

Nice s for can't wait for the news chapter

Comment posted by AleximusPrime deleted Feb 3rd, 2022

And can you credit me for using my art and link to the original? It can be found here: https://www.deviantart.com/aleximusprime/art/Filly-Flurry-Heart-747642914

hope it won't be a simple oneshot.

Has this been submitted to the 'Human turned pony/other' section of the 'HIE' group?
Edit: Apparently it is. Neat.

...after almost a quarter of a decade of carrying it.

decade → century

i dont know if i wanna read this or not cause on one hand this is interesting and on the other its kinda messed up

that way twilights acting suggests she had something to do with flurrys condition. if it is a weird spell that she cast that hit flurry and caused this or just flurry visited and got hurt by twilight on accident it will be interesting to see

I'm glad to see this getting an update so soon. Hope to see more.

I wonder if it’s only me who thinks the guy shouldn’t Trust twilight .
The guy wakes up confuse Surrounded by complete strangers in his point of view The first thing she does after answering his question in Probably not completely honest way Is to drug him back to sleep After he was unconscious for a week If I was in this situation I would find this very suspicious

Now I wonder how will he play it? Trying to fake amnesia and hope for solution? Or... taking it "hard way" and be 120% honest, because f*** you I am human. XD

“My name is Fluttershy.” the pegasus said in her soft, warm voice, smiling down at me. “If you can’t remember me, I guess this is a new chance to get to know each other. Nice to meet you, Flurry Heart.”

That's a good attitude. :raritywink:

Uh-oh. Twilight, what did you do?

“You took a bit of a fall, but nothing too serious, don’t worry Flurry.” Twilight hummed, her horn lighting up before I felt my blanket pull over me and my pillow fluff under me. “Just rest now and everything will be okay.”

"If it was 'nothing too serious', then why am I in a fucking hospital?"

just pretend to be insane. that ways both paths will still open.

Alondro wakes up in Equestria! "Oh, I guess this could be coo-" As Flurryheart... "OH FIND ME IN THE ALPS!!" :twilightangry2:


Flurryhuman, "If it's not so serious... WHERE IS THE LOWER HALF OF MY BODY?!"

Twilight, "Ok, so, the long-distance teleportation spell didn't exactly work as I expected... your hindquarters are likely on the Moon." :twilightblush:

Flurryhuman, "You ARE Worst Princess."

Twilight, "I know..." :facehoof:

I believe the tittle of the worst princess has already two owners... non is named Twillight Sparkle XD

"i'm human and i know science and i am actually too smart for a normal filly"
And the ponies will be like: "no you filly, you dumb imagination and abuse and amnesia"

That happens in 50% of them, or human gets god powers or actually behaves like a child when he is like 30

some people dont need to pretend

Fuck me, I am too old to get ‘I am not mad at you, just disappointed’ grins. AHHHHHHHHHHH


“What about Mom and Dad?” I asked, seeing Spike grimace a bit behind his comic book. “Are they not going to visit or pick me up?”

“Don’t worry Flurry, I am sure somepony told them what happened and they’re super concerned.” Dash pushed into the conversation, waving a hoof to get my focus towards her. “But you’re being foalsat by Twilight, I and the rest of our awesome friends so don’t worry about it. If you need anything you could ask the six of us.”

I don't like how Spike and Dash responded like that. What happened to Cadance and Shining Armor?

“Now I know you must be used to more fancy food, but I am sure that some scrambled eggs with hay, some mashed taters, and a hayshake will do you some good.” Nurse Redheart smiled cheerfully before stepping away to speak to Dash.

Fancy food? Isn't he diagnosed with amnesia? The reason why he is in hospital in the first place?

mabey they are hopeing that letting flurry ask things will enable them to figure out what she still has and what she doesnt. they know that she has some kind of memory loss but for all they know she could have a few days of her life in her head that are still there but hazey.

Well that was good so far look forward to more ch

They don't know (s)he has amnesia, they think she does. You can't know something if it isn't true.

Fluttershy smiled and said something that I couldn’t really make out before petting my hair (mane?) and singing a soft lullaby.

Thank you for noticing that, have dyslexia (thank you autocorrect for letting me spell that) so sometimes miss little errors. Will fix now.

Loving the daily updates.

And you are a princess, and you are a princess! Check under your seat, you're all princesses!

I wouldn't mind being a princess.

Interesting conundrum he finds himself in.
I wonder if he's gonna end up sharing his mind with flurry, or if she's actually gone, either way holds some interesting implications

I blinked at her, the gears in my head spinning with the implications getting a cutie mark in this body would mean for me. Would it be Flurry’s destined mark, or mine or both? If I managed to go home and Flurry got her body back would she keep the cutie mark and have a weird destiny or would it change? What would a cutie mark for being a princess even be? Heck, if I got a bad cutie mark would I just be screwed for life?

The answer to most of these... Is yes.

Oh yeah. Twiggles is probably firing up her anti changeling spells.

Same! near-immortality and great power! I wouldn't even care that my gender become flipped, It will be worth it.

I just occurred to me, shouldn't it be Queens and Kings instead of princes and princesses 🤔

What if the gender flip happened but without the power and privilege of being an alicorn princess?

Don't care about the privilege but having magic is a must or it wont be worth it.


I feel like less of a man for admitting this, but I would trade my dangle for a hoohaa if it came with those perks.

Sorry Jolly Lumpkin, but a wo/man has to have his/her priorities.

should really be Emperor and Empress since it's an Empire.

Nah, look at it this way. Magic in mlp is pretty versatile, gaining your dangle is only a matter of time.
they change species in the show, changing the gender shouldn't be that difficult.

Shouldn't Queen Elizabeth be Empress Elizabeth? 🤔



To be fair, I always assumed that they kept the Prince/Princess Title due to the bad PR with the King/Queen title due to King Sombra.

Admittedly it’s something I’ve put much thought in and not really something that Storm/Flurry is gonna worry about since what the title is matters less than the fact that (s)he’s being stuck with one against her will. Or well, has yet to worry about since there are bigger problems, like getting home, butt tattoos and pony body.

That is a Cheerilee promise.

"Cross my heart, hope to learn, stick some knowledge in my brain!"
"That's a Cheerilee promise!"
Right. That doesn't have the same ring as Pinkie’s
"Aww, poo..."

Huh, I thought people usually associate griffons with the term 'somegriff', I guess 'someone' is plausible too.

I remember a long time ago Gilda using the term ‘someone’ instead of ‘somepony’. Admittedly I could be misremembering but I prefer the thought vs no one using someone and just using some(insert name of race).

As for other races like changelings and kirins…..eh, don’t worry about it lol.

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