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When Princess Luna receives news about a certain entity causing trouble for people's dreams in the Earth realm, she takes is upon herself to fix the problem.

This story has been read on YouTube by an awesome YouTuber named StraightToThePointStudio!

You can check out his reading of my story here: https://youtu.be/NwAu522-ggA

Thank you to StraightToThePointStudio for reading my fan fiction! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel here.

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Comment posted by Sdrawkcabsitxetsiht deleted Nov 12th, 2015

6531873 Broken crayons: the most evil thing there is. :o

Luna would Annihilate Freddy. #Luna VS Freddy

Good story.

6531989 That's kind of what this version of Freddy reminded me of.

6532027 Thank you kindly. I am glad that you liked it.

6532057 Well, it is a random comedy story so...:derpytongue2:

hop they make it a movie

6532089 That would be really awesome. ^0^

About that attorney: Since I'm mildly certain that was Phoenix Wright, I doubt Luna even messed with that dream. He's just that stupidly lucky/skilled.


The phone buzzed once more as Jason made his way into the dream of a beautician.

Um, Jason doesn't go through dreams....

6532468 Thank you for catching that error. I will fix it.

6534564 I completely agree! :0

“Loki'd!” ― Tom Hiddleston

Jason not having an address, not so sure about that, after all he lives in a lake near a camp. Both easily located on a map, and more than likely had a mailing route at one point, although the only villain I know to possibly not have an address is Michael Myers, at least not since he broke out of the asylum and his family home is by all technicality property of the city to do with as they please. But still a great story it was very entertaining to read. And I hate to be the one to defend Freddy there was a tv show centered around him a while back, and though he tormented his victims they more or less seemed to learn some kind of a lesson at the end. The show was called Freddy's Nightmares. And before anyone can ask Luna is my favorite and if these two where to clash there would be not doubt in my mind that Luna would have the advantage; and would mop the floor with him.

6557852 Thank you for the kind review. I am glad that you enjoyed reading the story.

6557871 You're welcome.

6531873 Not really... I mean. I got colored pens.

6627217 Colored pens are high tech. And I'm still over here with my crayons and finger paints. :derpytongue2:

While I think the ending feels a bit off, given Freddy's personality, I understand this is comedy,

I love this. It's FUN to see a sadistic dream demon get owned by a Dream Goddess turning everything Lighter and Softer around him to the point he can't actually HARM anyone.

Which MAKES SENSE. Freddy's power source is FEAR. If he can't actually SCARE anyone, he loses his power. With Luna derailing the nightmares before he can start them, he's literally powerless.

Though is it wrong I imagine she got Discord to do the prank phone calls? Feels more Discord's style.

And yeah, sorry Freddy, you're a Dream DEMON, Luna's a Goddess, she outranks you big time.

6627958 I am glad that you enjoyed reading the fan fiction, despite its randomness. And thank you kindly for the favorite as well. :twilightsmile:

6627968 Welcome, and yeah it is random.

Though it WAS clever that Luna stopped Freddy's nightmares before he could even START them. Since Freddy in canon draws all his power from fear, so without fear, he's literally powerless.

Though I do question why Freddy never made an attempt to attack Luna, even if it would be useless given the power gap. But then again, random.

6627974 My thoughts were that he didn't view her as a threat because she was a pony princess. Also, he didn't know she was involved with messing up his dream attacks. He was only aware of her prank phone calls. So he really had no reason to attack her.

6628014 Ah.

And likely since he knew she didn't know him well enough to fear him, going after her probably wouldn't turn out well.

Makes sense.

6628116 Yep, you've got it. ^_-

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

I am ashamed to say I conducted an experiment and got the answer: 325.

6628144 I commend you for your dedication. :) That's awesome.

For reference, there was a big huge debate on this subject on spacebattles.

Which one wins depends primarily on how much time Freddy has had to gather power; early on, he is highly dependent on the fear of the individual victim, so he's pretty easy to beat. However, as time goes on and he gathers souls, he starts getting the bulk of his power from the souls he's harvested. He eventually starts manipulating way more than a town's worth of dreams at once and warping reality on a large scale; at his height, he very much could overpower luna, who struggles to pull an entire town into one shared dream.

Of course, if Luna is truly desperate, she can always set a tantabus loose as it gains power much more quickly than Freddy.

6638222 This is a very good point. But in the fan fiction Luna always stopped him before he could pull power from a dream. Thus, he was rendered powerless and unable to reach his full potential.

Well you got the fear part kinda right, Freddy likes to operate on the Silent Hill kinda scale. Meaning that even if you know that something isn't there and your not afraid of it, it will still exist and it will still be watching you because it was someone else's fear that created this. This can be noticed by the male protagonist in A nightmare on elm street 2 when he's slowly possessed by Freddy. Despite have no contact with Freddy before and therefore no fear of him he could not be an actual target for Freddy at all. The reason why Freddy came back at all was not because of the fear that he placed in the female protagonist in the last movie but because of the fear he placed the group that survived his mental onslaught and the others around them that witnessed it during each night. That is why Freddy keeps coming back, that is why he was able to possess the male protagonist in A Nighmare on Elm Street 2 without having to go about in others peoples dreams. Freddy even states in the Freddy vs Jason movie that he keep coming back because of the multiple people who's dreams he haunted still fear him.

6752956 Yep, I tried to go off the fear aspect for my fan fiction. But at the end of the day, it is a comedy. It shouldn't be taken too seriously, even though I did try to stay true to the cannon of both franchises. :P

7013246 Thank you very much. :)

7014020 Funny, I thought Freddy's Nightmare would be more like...

7020355 That seems like the type of nightmare Freddy would have. :rainbowlaugh:

This fic makes me sad for only one reason: I CAN'T FAVORITE AND LIKE IT MORE THAN ONCE! :raritydespair:

7207783 Sorry about that. But I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. :)

7281391 Thank you kindly. I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. :)

Hahahaha, aww that was oddly adorable.

Nicely done! I approve!

7564742 I am glad that you enjoyed reading the story. :) Thank you so much for the kind comment. It is very much appreciated.

You're very welcome, keep up the fantastic work!

7565196 I will do my best. :)

I approve! :heart:

Frigging Genius!

7649826 Thank you so much for the kind comment and the favorite.

Both are very much appreciated. :)

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