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I am a professional writer, artist, musician, website builder, and app developer. I have a Tip Jar for those who might be interested.


Eldoea Ladisdia · 1:48am Dec 30th, 2018

Eldoea Ladisdia

"Eldoea ladisdia manfia delago. Dorsagi ileta matresa Delsadi. Yargon sitren ibela durgin."

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New Year Goals · 12:16pm Dec 28th, 2018

New Year Goals

I deleted a lot of old negative blog posts because they just remind me of a time I'd rather forget. I left some up as a reminder of what I faced.

I also thought it might be good to remove some for the reason that I'm trying not to focus too much on the past and move forward.

A goal of mine for the New Year is to actually work on getting new stuff done.

Hopefully I will able to do that and won't be stuck in the holding pattern I have been in.

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People I Am Grateful For This Holiday Season · 7:28pm Dec 27th, 2018

People I Am Grateful For This Holiday Season

Today is Christmas and in the spirit of the holiday season, I want to take some time to talk about people in my life who I am grateful for.

I am grateful to God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit who have seen me through many hardships and who have inspired me to have hope throughout the years.

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Shout-Out To e-tec · 10:37am Dec 24th, 2018

Shout-Out To e-tec

I just wanted to take some time to thank e-tec for this really lovey drawing he made me for my birthday yesterday.

This was the drawing he made.

I love the art a lot! He said to name the mermaid, so I decided to name it Solstice Tide.

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A Good Lesson About Making Music · 1:47pm Dec 20th, 2018

A Good Lesson About Making Music

I found a video on YouTube that shows how you don't need expensive equipment to create songs. It was inspiring to me as I am kind of limited in the equipment I have to make music at the moment.

I am going to think about this as I try to create new songs.

Here is the video if you want to check it out.

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Every Flaw and Positive Quality I Have · 1:13pm Dec 19th, 2018

Every Flaw and Positive Quality I Have

As humans we all have flaws. I think it is good to recognize what they are and balance them with a solution.

Here are some of my own flaws and the positive qualities that balance them.

1. Flaw: I worry too much what other people think.

Positive Quality: At the same time I'm bold and am not afraid to stand up for myself or others.

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On Moving Forward · 4:16pm Dec 17th, 2018

On Moving Forward

I realized lately that I was recycling the past a lot. If I posted something creative, like writing, art, or music, it was something I had uploaded a long time ago. For example, clips of my music. If I posted a picture, it was a picture of me from a long time ago. If I posted cosplay, it was cosplay from a long time ago. I haven't put a lot of effort into putting out anything new for a long time.

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Introduction To Alchemy · 12:26pm Dec 15th, 2018

Introduction To Alchemy

I found a really interesting video which talks about the history of alchemy and does a pretty good job describing how the ancient art was practiced and continues to be practiced today.

Here is the video, if you happen to be interested in watching it.

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I Posted A Fairy New Song · 5:19pm Dec 13th, 2018

I Posted A Fairy New Song

I want to be better about posting things I am working on. So here's a new song I made and posted on my music YouTube channel I guess.

Thank you for taking the time to give it a listen. It is very much appreciated.

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Random Musings #1: On Shadows And Reflections · 2:10pm Dec 13th, 2018

Random Thoughts #1: On Shadows And Reflections

Do you ever look at your shadow on a sunny day and think about its thoughts? Or your reflection in a pond and wonder if it lives happily beneath the waves?

Maybe your shadow is just another version of yourself staring up from an alternate reality. Would anyone notice if you switched places with your shadow?

The reflection in the mirror is another version of yourself.

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