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Being brought out of prison is one thing. But to be brought out after 1000 years and to find your body has aged 10 years but your mind hasn't is a completely different thing.

Such a thing happened to a boy shrouded in a dark forgotten past who at just eight years old was trapped inside the Crystal Heart for a reason he doesn't remember.

Armed with a shard of the Crystal Heart in place of his own and an underaged mind will he be able to find out why he was brought back into reality, why he was trapped in the first place and what's changed about his body and the world around him.

Featured: 19/06/2014 (We did it guys :D )

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11/10 Super intruigingly interesting! Can't wait for more.

:rainbowderp: woah. its actually really good. Can't wait for more.

Aw yeah, I don't like Cadence's or Twilight's reaction so it's time for some ass whoopin'.
You mess with the Crystal Heart and you get torn a new one, update soon! :D

No idea where this is going to go but I like it so far. :moustache:

I don't quite get it?

Wow, that was pretty harsh:ajbemused::fluttercry::twilightangry2:

nice story I'll be shore to stock it >:) ..... AAAHHH I HIT MY TOE ON THE TABLE what :| why am I STILL TYPEING??!!?!!?

My attention has been grabbed.

Operation Grab My Attention: successful

4568566 Initiate Operation Fire Pheonix Sargent Chapter 2 is a go

4568708 operation successful Corporal keep up the good work

The pony foster mother has a human name, that bugs me a little.
Second, who the hell is Jesse?
Third, even despite Chris's tears I'm surprised that Celestia didn't reveal Chrysalis immediately.
In fact, why hasn't any pony become wary of her, much less let her roam free?
Next, anyone else find it strange as to why Chrysalis was in Cadence's dungeon?
There are several grammar and spelling errors but that's always expected.

Other than just about everything I have listed, I find fine.
This story is rough, WAY rough, but it still looks interesting.
I await the next chapter.

Yes. Just like Celestia told you. :facehoof:

4569068 small mistake on my part, different story character, thanks for pulling it up even though I could've sworn I word checked for it. Also I'll try to provide more answers in upcoming chapters and not just leave random stuff out

Oooh! I like this! Good job sir! You've got my favorite. :raritywink:

Just a quick FYI: the possessive of the name Chris is simply Chris'. No additional "S" at the end :raritywink:

caught my attention, patiently waiting for more :twilightsmile:

Alright, I'm seeing a few problems so far.

Firstly, you constantly forget to add punctuation after dialogue.
Secondly, you make the wrong form of punctuation when you actually have it there.
Thirdly, you capitalize words for no apparent reason.
Fourthly, the emotions of the characters seemed a bit haphazard. Slightly rushed, and with no real transition.

The story has potential, though.

Great origanel story. Can't wait to see where this goes:pinkiehappy:

“When he appeared he summoned a weapon and was half naked,

Really, how is this a problem for ponies?:trixieshiftright: They're naked almost all the time.

4569696 there used to be humans in the crystal empire so there would be records that they usually wore clothing. So it would be awkward if the first human appeared half naked.

I do see your point however

well now....got a new story to look forward to now.

keep it up.

I'm going to keep my eye on this, it seem like it can go great.

I love it!!!!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::heart:

Must..... Have...... More.......

Actually, that's not entirely true. While you never put an S after the apostrophe with plural words (ponies' for example), you can do it either way with singular words that end in an S. So Chris' and Chris's are both correct, as long as the author is consistent.

As for the story, it's an interesting idea, but I'm really not enjoying it. The biggest problem is that most of the characters are acting like idiots for no clear reason. Chris can have a pass because of his age, but you have given no good reason for Cadance, the princess of love, to immediately attack him and toss him in jail. And then Chrysalis, when she had the opportunity to escape, just sat in the cell and waited for Chris to sleep. Speaking of Chrysalis, there is absolutely no way she could have been imprisoned in the Crystal empire for six months.
So I'm sorry, but this story is getting a definite downvote from me.

Awesome, if you can clear it up next chapter then things would be great. :)
And for some reason, it's starting to look like that Cadence is turning into a villain or something... I mean, she's starting do do a bit a mean stuff like during the Canterlot wedding and Chrysalis was impersonating her.
Just pointing it out, she has abnormal behavior.

Anyway, carry on.

4570224 Chris's is the proper way of writing it according to British English. Chris' is correct in US English. From what he's written, he's going for a more US version. Granted, he's mixed up the rules here and there, but the majority is US.

Must wait for more, at least I have things to do while I wait for the next chapter of this, and good job, I like this very much, really can't wait for more

this has got to be the most shitty cliche prologue/first chapter in the history of this webpage

Fav and liked, but please, please, use full stops or comma's!:ajbemused:

now THAT its a nice cliffhanger

My only complaint is his treatment at the end. The Crystal Ponies seemed happy or at least interested, whereas Cadenza turned into a bitch, Twilight doesn't understand personal space and the guards need to be court martialed. I don't understand why Cadenza seemed angry nor why the guards tossed him in the cell. If these are things that will be explained latter then okay, but having alil more context right then would have been nice.

I believe this picture accurately describes my feelings towards this story

Great introduction and development, cant wait to see what comes up next.:twilightsmile:

Are you sure about that? I've wondered if it's one of those British vs American things, but I've never seen any evidence for the idea or any source that confirms it.
But either way, I still say it's okay as long as it's consistent.

HOLY SWEET :trollestia:CELESTIA:trollestia: I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Plz continue this!


Alright! Critique time!

First off, Love how he can hear the voices of the Crystal Ponies. nice touch. At first I thought you were trying to simulate schizophrenia, but then I caught on.

I thought as a sombre look fell across my blackened face.

Heh, I see what you did there... But it is actually spelled 'Somber' It is a rather common mistake due to literature in an earlier time using it. *Shakes fist at William*

Now to get into what I have a problem with this. The characterization is just.... OOC to me. Instead of curiosity, Twilight is practically being a minor antagonist, and don't get me started on Cadence! Like it was stated before, you made her out to be a total bitch. Kind, loving, sweet Cadence isn't here. Instead, I wonder if it isn't Chrysalis back again.

Your protagonist seems a little odd, like you already have in mind how he is going to turn out in the end, and then decided to just make him like that as soon as he appears.

I'm still debating if I should waste my time on the second chapter...

SunButt becoming a SunBro,why not :rainbowlaugh:
Great story,but I want moar. :moustache:

They left him to die? Woah, now that's Cold.

4571181 I can see where he's coming from on why Cadance and and Twi were mad. If some creature that isn't even supposed to exist appeared and started making rude remarks about those you care for I don't think you would be just like "Okay, let's be friends!":twilightsmile:

4571663 If they left him to die, why would he care if she was alive and caring?

4572146 “When his human family left him on the side of the road to die" HUMAN the form that Chrysalis took was of the pony that raised him as his adoptive mother.

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