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Wither and wane

See my Bio on FFN for any info you might want. I'm Wither and wane there too.


Do you think it's ok to be gay? · 1:28am Mar 14th, 2014

Hey ponies, I'm Wither and wane. I was thinking about this today so I thought I'd ask, Do you support LGBTQ rights? This meaning all the rights we are fighting for.
If you do, please voice your opinion with a comment and a like. If you don't, do the same but with a dislike.

I don't want to see any fighting here, so please respect each others own beliefs and don't be a dick.

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appreciate the faves btw

Kindly thank you for favoring "A Date With My Assistant" I'm glad those few words were enjoyed by someone as it gives me purpose to continue writing. :twilightsmile:

846155 I only follow the best.:ajsmug:

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