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I am Korvas Terindar. I am a true MLP fan and am the creator of The Spilight, The Long Vacation. I hope to share my creations with the community and hope that MLP will continue being so popular.


Twilight Sparkle has been working herself into such a state of fatigue that Celestia has ordered her to take a five month vacation from her studies and has given Spike the assignment to ensure that Twilight relaxes. A lot can happen in five months.
This story, though labeled as number five, was actually the first MLP story I wrote. I greatly enjoyed writing it and I hope you enjoy it too.

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Comments ( 58 )

I remember reading this on fanfiction.net.

A must read.

Definietly one of the best Spilight stories in existance :twilightsmile:

3578521 Still, it seems somepony got butthurt and downvoted which makes me smile even more :twilightsmile:

3578523 A funny thing: On EVERY page that has some Spilight, there are always comments of people hating the pairing, but I have never seen a Spilight fan on a Sparity fic, picture... saying how much they think the pairing sucks. And most people who hate Spilight are also Sparity fans. Just saying.

3578539 It simply shows that Spilight is for more mature fans and not raging kids :twilightsmile:

At last one of the greatest spilights has arrived!

3578548 That's not nice, dood. There are other reasons why Spilight isn't a great pairing, dood. For me... it's because they are practically siblings, Spike is half Twilight's size, and the fact that Fictional Heterosexuality was ruined for me by video games, dood... also... I don't like Spike in general... he's only there to be Twilight's postal service and to make remarks, dood.

3578750 You misunderstood me, I was only saying that as far as I know Spilight group doesn't contain fans who down vote story before reading it. I mean, I can understand down voting something if it is really badly writen and mr. Grammar looks like he fell from the stairs and is all broken up, but down voting based on preferences? That's low and offending to the author who put a lot of work into his fic.:twilightsmile:

3578762 I totally agree on that, dood. Which is probably why I barely ever downvote stories, dood.

I'm just throwing my two bits about why there are people against Spilight as a avid Spilight hater, dood.

3578768 It's cool, we all have our preferences about stories and truthfully my only gripe is about portraying Spike and Twilight as Mother/Son when even L. Faust said that Celestia is his motherly figure. :twilightsmile:

3578750 The fact they behave almost like siblings is why many people like this pairing so much. Why? Because practically every couple of lifelong friends are almost like siblings. Breaking the almost-siblings bond is easy and quick as hell (personal experience). If there's a thing I've learned in my life about love, is that best friends make the best couples. And in this fic Spike is older and much taller. I only see something wrong with Spilight if Spike isn't at least a teenager. Because I think it's pedophilia.

3578762 I agree, though I'm not sure I should comment on my own story. I don't down vote Sparity stories on principal or due to preference. I don't have a problem with the pairing at all, But I feel that personally, Spilight is a more believable romance than Sparity, mostly because of the fact that Spike's attraction to Rarity is based almost entirely on her beauty and little more. This has been show cased several times in the show, from his instant attraction to her and his becoming dewy eyed over things that resembled rarity or matched her own beauty, especially show cased when Twilight was temporarily given Rarity's hairstyle. The sibling argument also has little basis, as Twilight and Spike are in no way related and Twilight often treats spike more of an assistant and friend than family. A good comparison is the way she acts towards and treats both cadence and Shining, Shining is her actual brother, and Cadence is very much like an older sister to her. I have given this a fair bit of thought and as Neizd said, Celestia is more a mother figure to Spike, meaning the mother/son argument is also non-applicable, as this was also stated By Lauren Faust, it is technically canon. That being said, I hope you read my story, because I did everything within my power to make it as believable and acceptable as possible, namely the fact that Twilight and Spike are of equal height and Spike is much older and more developed

3578800 It isn't that they behave like siblings... it's because they are practically siblings, dood. Twilight knew Spike since he was born for crying out loud and that's one of the lesser things I dislike about the pairing, dood... the Major reason why I dislike Spilight is more of a reason why I dislike all Fiction M/F pairings so THAT doesn't matter. And... I could label them as friends, but with how the show is going... they are either step-brother, step-sister... or just normal friends, since position of BEST friend is currently taken by five other ponies, dood.

3578866 If you don't like straight pairings, then why are you here?

3578900 A group that I'm in updated with this fic under the Twilight Shippings folder and the title gave me the impression that it'll be shipping among the Mane6, dood. Then I saw the comments and randomly decided to add a few bits for no real reason, dood.

3578913 Okay, well, we all are of varying opinions


they are practically siblings

To me, that's like saying they behave almost like siblings. And the fact that Spike's worst fear is Twilight sending him away makes me think Spike doesn't see her as a sister.
And when I said that thing about best friends, sorry, I was wrong. I meant lifelong friends (which Twilight and Spike are).

3578900 Because people want to attract attention (it's what I think).

Good to see this make it over to Fimfiction, I remember reading it on Deviant Art. I enjoyed it. ^^

Now it is in fimfiction where it truly belongs :twilightsmile:

That was good. Now to ruin the moment

The FFEEEEEELLLLLLLLLSSSSS!! have ten mustaches :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

3578488 Theirs alot of contenders man..... I may not be so sure....:rainbowwild:

3578971 Right is so why isn't Spike worst fear is Rarity rejecting his advances or the Goddeses banishing him, no! Spike's fear is being abandon by the mare he cares mostly.....derpicdn.net/img/2013/8/9/395523/thumb.png
3578866 So their you heard it.....

Awwwww, so cute! :twilightblush: :heart:
Lovely story, I enjoyed the whole thing! Though, I have just one minor thing to say: grammar. :applejackunsure: In all honesty, it was not the cleanest, but that did not seem to take away from the story at all. This isn't meant to be taken as an insult, but rather a small criticism. :pinkiesad2:

P.S.- If you would ever like an editor or the likes, I'd be more than happy to help! I'm no professional, and it is true that I have yet to post a story on here, but I would love to help someone who has to the best of my abilities. Let me know! :twilightsmile:

3618372 I am glad you enjoyed it. I have been meaning to give the story a look over for correcting of small errors as of late, mostly considering the improvements I've made in my writing recently, you can't really tell, but I wrote this story over a year ago. I hope you read my other stories too, they are also very good reads, and I don't mind a little constructive criticism, all it can do is help me improve. :twilightsmile:

First chapter and I'm really liking it already! Never thought I'd see Spike capable of magic.

Damn... I rarely say this, but this was one of those stories that when they end, you feel happy at the beauty of what you've just read, yet at the same time, sorrow for realizing the adventure is over. Truly a beautiful piece of art you have here. Also, THIS DESERVES FAR MORE THAN 45 LIKES!!! :flutterrage:

... Though one detail didn't set right with me... The light barrier. Even for MLP that still seemed a little out there. I mean, relativity states that going faster than light is impossible, yet if you were to do so, you would in fact be traveling backwards in time due to the fact that time has begun to curve in on itself to the point that it overlaps. To put it simply, traveling faster than light would cause you to no longer be traveling primarily in space, as we do when we think of movement, instead, you're mostly traveling in time. In fact, every time you get in a car you're time traveling to the future since time slows with speed. Though it's so tiny, I'm not sure if an atomic clock could count it.
Yeah, sorry about that... :twilightblush: I've kinda been trying to get every detail as accurate as possible in this time travel story I'm going to write. Well, obsessing might be a better way of putting it.

3715685 lol, well, thanks for the reviews, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :twilightsmile: Your actually not the first person to point out the traveling faster than light thing, I primarily did it that way to create someone with which RD would have absolutely no chance with competing with, to create interesting chemistry between the two of them. Other than that I am very glad and honored to have written something that has been enjoyed by so many, seeing these reviews makes me happy it all the more worth while.

3715836 Man, you deserve it! This was gold.
Honestly, now thinking about it, that conversation would be kind of interesting to say the least.
:rainbowkiss: Hi, back now.
Stormwing: Did you get the milk?
:rainbowderp: What?
Stormwing: I told you to get the milk.
:rainbowhuh: Did you go FTL afterwards?
Stormwing: Yes.
Stormwing: Oh, my bad...

... That'd actually be pretty horrible for her.

3715897 Lol, well, the story of their meeting hasn't been written yet, so there is still time to iron out the details :twilightsmile: I have four OC's to build, one for each of these individuals :pinkiehappy: :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss: :raritycry: Fluttershy's not in those smilies cause I've already ironed her OC partner out. :twilightblush: I love writing!

3715927 Meh, to them time travel accidents will be a normal topic of argument I guess. :derpytongue2: Well, I sure do hope you do more Spilight. I absolutely love that ship! :twilightblush: However, I'm sad to say, not many good Spilight writers are still active. :ajsleepy:

3715953 I don't have any other Spilight stories planned at the moment, but that's not to say that I won't seeing as I love the ship myself. At the moment, I'm working On Fluttershy's story and a book that I'm writing in hopes of getting it published. Also, take a look at The Passing of a Legacy, it effectively is a small continuance from this story. Though, to be fair, be prepared to :fluttercry:

I shall wait optimistically and patiently. :twilightsmile:
Man, if you saw what I was thinking of for this one Spilight fic I'm going to write, you'd bawl for a week.

3716050 Well, I won't reveal spoilers, but suffice to say, I did everything within my power to make it both heartrendingly sad and yet heartwarming at the same time. I do hope you give it a shot and good luck on your story, it sounds like you got a good idea. :twilightsmile:

3716613 Same here! And don't worry, I shall certainly give yours a read. :twilightsmile: Also, thank you for the well wishes for my story. :twilightblush:

lol this was an amazing story, absolutely loved it! :twilightsmile: a follow up story would be nice, maybe spike and twilight children, or are you as amazing as this story and already have that planned? a guy can dream! :twilightblush:

didnt notice that i totally copied the emotes of the comment below me xD

was when a particularly large spider, easily the size of a ponies head, fell from the tree that Rarity had been gathering from and landed on her face. Seeing her tear from the trees, wailing like a possessed banshee had been both nerve wrecking and hilarious.

hahaha i can so imagine this! hilarious!!!! :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

FEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!!! They are overtaking me!

A bit late to the party, but I have to comment on one thing.
Breaking the light speed barrier? Really? You have a good story going here, but that utterly broke my immersion and came off as more than a little ridiculous.

4843266 You aren't the only one who pointed that out, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm glad you enjoyed the story other than that.

And finished. I liked the story, it was cute and fuzzy slice of life romance with good characterization and pacing. A few repeating spelling errors and some awkward sentence structures in the beginning(it was your first story you said so this is to be expected) , but nothing too agregious beside the light speed thing. :P

Thanks for the ride, I might just have to give some of your later stories a look see. :)

4843779 I look forward to your future reviews then, :twilightsmile: Again, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

It's sappy but cute, I like this so far.

Spike and cadence are celestias kids calling it :ajsmug: wait.....spike was hatched by twilight........ Sombra celestial kid calling it part 2:trixieshiftright:

17 years? Seriously? That's a long-ass time. This is just a matter of preference, but I personally can't stand the idea of aging the characters up twenty years. Unless aging for characters in Equestria is a lot slower, it's kind of depressing. Couldn't have been five years, or seven? Had to be seventeen?

That one's a matter of personal preference though. I think this one's a bit more objective: Spike being better at Twilight in magic? Way to piss on one of Twilight's greatest attributes. That alone is unforgivable. You might as well had made Spike smarter and more organized than her too.

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