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Icicle drop

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812106 with patience, care and I use an app called sketch book pro( and a stylist helps too). Its alot more difficult but this makes it so I can work on my art no matter where I am and I can transfer it over to another device using the icloud. But I drew my avatar while I was on vacation soo... Yea. Theres a free version of the app if you want to try it.

808275 How can you draw something like this on an iphone? That doesn't seem possible.

795501 It took me alot of practice and I'm still pretty bad, but alot of people respect my work because I do it all on my Iphone. If you want to be a good drawler I suggest start practicing. I started drawling eyes and body stucture and it helped alot.

791186 You drew this?! That's awesome! I wish I could do that kinda stuff.

791118 Thank you, I drew it myself. I honestly though no one would care. I'm still working on my free-hand drawling though... :/ thanks for the compliment you brightened up my day!

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